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The fact that the millionaire Obama is rearing his head again during this onslaught of millionaire or million/billionaire-sponsored US Presidential candidates provides the public with the testament that the Democratic party is not only desperate to use whatever tactic it can to dethrone the Trump-as-a-naked-king whose nakedness is his crude behaviors and stark idiocy; but the Democratic party is being perceived by the general public as being desperate... with no viable candidate to represent the majority of democrats, but to represent the people as a whole nation.

The fact that it requires someone to have a lot of money to even run for a political office deligitimizes the notion of having a Democracy. Clearly, the United States is on a path where the deligitimzation of the entire government is taking place. In fact, there are lots of citizens who have recognize this for several decades and have been conveying it to generations of youth who did not at first believe because they held on to the illusions being presented to them in history and civics courses, but have been increasingly forced to conclude their elders as being correct about the need for a new model of government... just not another brand of phonyism presented by Communism, Socialism, Libertarianism, Religion and some other stupidly organized practice of a supposed Democracy that is anything but. Because like their households, their classrooms, their places of employment, sports groups and military occupation, there is no democracy being practiced. They don't get to choose their parents, their teachers, their bosses, their coaches, or their military leaders, much less their political leaders (despite the illusions and practiced delusions to the contrary).

The fact that so very many journalists have their heads in some surrealist sands of a diminishing hourglass while attempting to secure funding for their writing efforts through various antics which are synonymous with a pick-pocketing effort by way of providing suppositional orientations they want the public to be swayed by, only serves to undermine the overall social legitimacy of their self-ordained position of thinking themselves the primary voice of truth, justice and morality.

Here is the rather laughable perspective of Obama being supported by yet another journalist— both of whom are clearly out of touch with the reality under which so many of us have come to realize that the US is in desperate need of a New Government, a New Constitution, a New Vision of Commerce, Education, and Collective resource orientation being promoted herein as a Cenocracy, because the widespread practice of a phony Democracy in an out of the US demands that the people seek a world Revolution in order to provide for a Renaissance of Global Enlightenment devoid of the present exploitations promoted and practiced by business, government and religion.

The Obamaian World View of the supposed Average American

Where in the world does he get the idea he somehow has cornered the market on what the supposed "Average American" thinks? Whom... or more to the question: What is this so-called "Average American"? Someone who supports yet another millionaire to become seated in a political position so that they can get even more wealthier? Or those that promote the usage of an electronic based system such as the internet so that every keystroke is monitored and used as a means of business oriented manipulation introduced by a barrage of advertisements that amount to harassment? Or those who support the current idiot in the White House? Or those that want to perpetuate all the so many inequalities that aren't being addressed by a Congress because the majority of its members are little more than glorified office workers without vision, courage and learn to use underhanded machinations to get a simple legislative bill to even be discussed, much less passed for the benefit of the people?

While it is difficult to ascertain what Obama means when he says "Average American" since this implies that some sort of equation has been undertaken, yet he does not "show his work" as so many elementary school teachers have instructed thousands of students to do; an effort by way of the internet customarily yields a disposition towards equating this "average" in terms of income. Then again, what sort of sampling of income is Obama supposedly speaking about? We don't know. If he were to claim some government statistic, many of us would have to disagree because the government routinely gives false, or misleading, or inaccurate information. Take for example the government's account on poverty. In order to assess how very badly the account figures are, here is a sampling of items not included:

25 Facts of Life the (U.S. Government's) Federal Poverty Rate Completely Ignores:

(However, please note that despite the good intentions of the following, it too uses "estimates" that border are guesstimations, which includes the absence of where the values came from to make the asserted tabulations, and thus depreciates the value just a bit... Not to mention the last item on the list which is highly instigative of argument.)

  1. Differences in cost of living- The official federal poverty rate does not take into account where people live, which means that families living in Hawaii and Mississippi are assessed the same, despite the large difference in the cost of living in the two states – goods and services are 18% more expensive in Hawaii than national average prices and 14% less expensive in Mississippi.

  2. Financial support from family members_ Because the official poverty rate only looks at pre-tax annual income, it does not take into account whether an individual has a safety net should unexpected costs occur. Individuals who can borrow or rely on gifts from their parents or family members if the need arises do not face the same economic risk as those who cannot.

  3. Savings_ While the federal poverty rate considers income from investments, dividends, and interest, it does not take into account other forms of wealth, such as funds available through savings. Two individuals with incomes below the poverty threshold would each count as poor, even if one has $100,000 in savings and the other has no savings.

  4. Child support payments made_ When it comes to child support, it seems the official measure neglects one party. While the measure factors in income received from child support payments, it does not consider the child support payments a parent makes, nor does it account for alimony payments made.

  5. . Income and payroll taxes_ The official poverty rate does not account for taxes of any kind, including income taxes and payroll taxes. While some Americans pay a substantial amount of their annual income in income taxes, others live in states that have no personal income tax and pay much less in taxes.

  6. Work expenses_ Some other necessary expenses that the official poverty rate does not take into account can be grouped under work expenses, including flights, hotels, public transportation costs, materials used by artists and freelancers, and more. These costs can be compensated by employers, but often they are not.

  7. The degree of poverty_ The poverty rate does not tell us the severity of the conditions of the people living in poverty. A family of four with an annual income of $25,000 and another family of the same size with an income of $10,000 are both considered as being in poverty, but they likely have very different experiences.

  8. Differences in clothing costs_ The official federal poverty rate is meant to take into account the cost of food but ignores changes to costs of other basic necessities, including clothing, home costs, and utilities.

  9. Differences in home costs_ Monthly housing costs in San Francisco for a family of four total, on average, $2,666, or about $2,000 more than in Jefferson City, Montana. The differences in these expenses are not taken into account in the poverty rate.

  10. Differences in utility costs_ According to one estimate, the total annual cost of utilities – electricity, natural gas, internet access, cable and water – ranges from more than $700 in Hawaii to less than $350 in Idaho. These costs, too, are not factored into the official poverty rate.

  11. Incarceration_ There are over 1.5 million Americans currently incarcerated in state or federal prisons, but they are not counted as part of the official poverty estimate.

  12. . Military servicemen and women_ There are over 1.3 million members of the U.S. military in active duty. Anyone residing in military barracks is not accounted for in the official poverty estimate.

  13. . College dorm residents_ There are almost 20 million Americans attending colleges and universities in 2019, a large share of them living in college dorms, but those are not counted in the official poverty rate.

  14. . Nursing home residents_ People living in group living facilities of any kind, including nursing homes, are not counted in the federal poverty measurement.

  15. Homeless people_ The single group facing the most economic distress, the nation's homeless population, is not counted as part of the poverty rate. According to one estimate, over 500,000 Americans are homeless.

  16. Foster children_ While they represent a financial burden to a family as much as any other children, foster children are not counted in the official poverty measure.

  17. Noncash benefits like SNAP, WIC_ While the official poverty rate factors in cash-based financial assistance, such as Social Security and unemployment compensation, it does not account for a number of other needs-based assistance programs that are not based on cash, such as SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps). SNAP, WIC, EBT — What’s the Difference?

  18. Car ownership_ For many, owning a car is a basic requirement for living, and the cost of car payments, upkeep, insurance, and gas are not considered when determining poverty rates. The vast majority of U.S. households have at least one car. (Note: there was a time when unemployment offices counted the ownership of a vehicle an item to be used to deduct benefits from people... even though people needed their vehicle for work at jobs that routinely paid lousy wages and no benefits.)

  19. Refundable tax credits_ Just as tax payments are not considered in the official poverty measure, tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit – received by over 20 million Americans families and individuals every year – are not considered when calculating the poverty rate.

  20. Out-of-pocket medical expenses_ Those millions of Americans who live without health insurance know that an unexpected health emergency can be enough to plunge someone into effective poverty. But out-of-pocket medical expenses are not counted as part of the official federal poverty rate.

  21. Accumulated debt_ Because the official poverty rate only counts gross income, a major financial concern like debt is not considered. The total U.S. household debt was estimated at over $13 trillion as of 2018.

  22. Housing subsidies_ Millions of low-income Americans every year receive assistance paying for their housing, including over 10 million who benefit from federal rental assistance. Housing subsidies are not included in the official poverty measure.

  23. Childcare expenses_ For working parents, paying for child daycare can be a significant expense, particularly for low-income single parents who must work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Childcare costs are measured as part of the supplemental poverty rate but are not measured in the official federal poverty rate.

  24. National school lunch program_ Close to 22 million low-income children benefit from the national school lunch program, which is not factored into the official poverty rate calculation.

  25. Personal happiness_ Whether leisure time goods and services – gyms, museums, movies, vacations – should be included in the official poverty rate is up for debate, but would life be worth living without these expenses?

  26. Obama's undisclosed equation of what he claims to be some representative "Average American" no doubt excludes many factors. No doubt he sees "average" from the penthouse of his millions and his rich life-style experiences (metaphorically speaking).

    The people do not need another millionaire or billionaire telling them what world view they should have, in order to assist the rich people in sustaining the status quo which enables them to persist in their own luxurious lifestyle... Of course rich people don't want the public to upset the social balance that favors them more so than others. They don't want a level playing field. They don't want the apple cart upset because they have stocks in the enterprise of over-charging the public or own the company. As such, we don't need millionaires or billionaires or those who are not but are supported by them anyway, to tell us what is right from wrong. Nor do we need some journalist subscribing a list from some supposed source telling us what the presumed important political issues are, when they don't even begin to address the ones which continue to go untouched. For example, in the same vein of discussion from which the above Obamaian perspective came, a list was presented supposedly highlighting what the public perceives as key political issues:

    Omarian perspective of supposed key political issues
    Obama warned he would intervene to stop Bernie, had cutting words for Biden: report by Ronn Blitzer, 11/26/2019

    These issues, although needing to be resolved, do not address fundamental flaws in the government itself, and reek of maternalism and a pixilated feminine perspective of what is perceived as desirable practicalities in terms of what can be metaphorically described as putting desirable condiments on the food table of social reform. And here is a short list of a Cenocratian perspective which addresses more fundamental to-the-core issues which are festering sores at the marrow of the social organism that cause the recurrence of such desired condiments accompanying the widely recognized bread, meat, cheese, vegetables and beverages of necessity:

    Cencratian Perspective on social issues

    And one should not help but notice the resemblance between the name characterizations of "Obama" and "Omar", though not identical, yet nonetheless are used as a black male/female duo representationalism that far too many readers may overlook as having an internalized "ma" signature... whereby we have a "ma-ma" or "mama" collectivity.

    While the maternalistic ("mothering") perspective is appreciated, it is one which is focused on perpetuating home-life (government) styled dependencies and curtailing the development of a collective social Independence to be shared with a level of equality not practiced by any current system of (phony) Democracy, Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, Libertarianism, etc., mix and match as you will. Women in Congress do no want to address the inadequacies of the form of government now being practiced because it has been fashion, over multiple decades, into that which broods a public dependence that can not be abruptly cut off from social welfare, nor allowed to persist in retaining a mentality of co-dependence like a drug, drink or (phony) democracy addict. The collective individuality of the people must be encouraged to unfold and begin its first baby steps into a new era of social self-governance by casting off the present formula of vicarious "Representation" through the initial stages of developing a Peoples Legislative Branch.

    When the majority of the public is neither a millionaire nor billionaire, millionaire and billionaire supported politicians can not speak nor legislated on behalf of the "Average American", much less the Average citizen throughout the world. It is an erroneous fallacy to think otherwise. A global era in a New formula of government needs to unfold. Obama can not speak of this because he does not have the vision for it. Nor do most journalists. And neither do any of the present candidates for the U.S. presidency, regardless of political persuasion. They do not see, they do not grasp that humanity stands at the threshold of venturing out of the current jungle of politics onto a Savannah of hopeful consciousness expansion that is practically applied with constructive designs for a more promising future that can be perceived by all races, both genders, regardless of age, in order to dramatically offset the effects a dead end focused society with its strangling political system which disenfranchises, ostracizes and creates perceptions of hopelessness that contributes to the alarming increases of youthful citizens to engage in lifestyle practices that either maim or kill them, adding more and more needless grief to a social order being faced with increasing events of death and destruction amongst the innocent.

    Date of Origination: Wednesday, 27th November 2019... 2:08 AM
    Date of Initial Posting: Wednesday, 27th November 2019... 4:51 AM
    Updated Posting: Wednesday, 27th November 2019... 5:07 PM