Rap Can't Solve Social Problems
( Language and Solving Social Problems)

Cenocracy: On the path of a New Government —

Unless you are someone who has figured out how to solve our many social problems with mathematics, mime, or some other non-verbal symbolism and illustration, we have to rely on language... despite its many flaws. As such, a discussion amongst those interested in developing a New Form of Government (or new formula of Economics, Constitution, Justice, Equality, or solving a singular social issue, etc...); requires that we examine language as a tool for dissection, interpretation, evaluation and implementation of ideas. If you are someone who has some better tool with which we can create a better social functionality which permits maintenance and growth, including definitions thereof, please let all of us know. Otherwise, we are stuck with using language, though it presents us with many impediments. However, it is well known that the problem with identifying and solving (and not merely managing) a given social issue is that it is used as a tool by which one or more politicians barter, intimidate, bribe or even sacrifice for some other motive... and those who might be helped by solving the issue are seen as collateral damage. If it is not the motivations of Politicians that get in the way, than it is the process of government itself. Because there are so many issues in question, we note that it is both that the people must contend with, and the language being adopted to address the situation is embodied by the singularly emphasized term "Revolution!".

If we all woke up tomorrow morning and found half the world speaking ancient Akkadian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Mesopotamian, or Sumerian, and we then got past the initial stages of communication in terms of identifying expressions related to basic ideas such as food, water, clothing, friendliness, etc...; we might eventually determine that such languages could not effectively be used to solve social problems because they do not even contain words that acknowledge various concepts such as cellular phone usage, the internet, rocket engines, DNA, Communism, Democracy, Socialism, economics, biology, equality, Constitution, etc... In other words, like Rap and Modern Music... for the most part, the expressions being used is the illustration of a primitive language, though the vocalizers behind such primitive languages may indulge in complex issues in a private setting. But such intelligence is of little usage if it is not used to either convey or discuss topics such as social issues that are causing needless problems. While we might imagine such primitive language usage conceals some unrecognized genius existing in the background, such assumptions are fairy tales without evidence to the contrary.

As such, we must at present conclude that Rap and much of modern songs are primitive languages and are being used by primitive thinkers. Whereas such primitive languages might be able to be used one day to enable some people to grasp many of the concepts we have today, they are ill-equipped to be used in solving present day social problems. In fact, the distant languages of old might be inclined to be used by their respective speakers to describe us as being insane or gods, or insane gods... particularly if we were to take a time machine back a few thousand years and attempt to convey the ideas of radio, automobiles, television or even Democracy... particularly since we of today do not have any real experience with a fully fledged and functioning Democracy. If you were to randomly ask any number of people to define democracy, you might well discover some superficial description. The old movie "the gods must be crazy" might well fit our description in the eyes of ancient peoples, just as many Rappers and modern singers appear as primitive speakers to some of us. They use a primitive language that is dressed up with music and varying rhymes/rhythms to give the impression of complexity that is to be interpreted as intelligence, but is little more than coloring and scent used by insects and animals as differing techniques of camouflage (in other words, deception).

Languages of old, despite the fact of having a lack of— or only a rudimentary form of illustrative writing, would be too crude in our present day context. Imagine trying to teach modern day children to write in cuneiform or ancient Greek. One of the reasons that old languages disappear is that they may reach a point of having less utility than another language that is preferred by a population segment which controls the main needs of everyday social usage. The language(s) used by those in Commerce frequently dictate the adoption of a given language to be used in order to be able to get the goods one wants. But it is not that a given commercially-used language is superior to all other languages, it is simply a requirement for doing business... and one should not be led astray in thinking that such users are necessarily the most intelligent people a given society has to offer. In other words, if a particular merchant is selling milk, meat, produce and bread, everyone will have to speak the language of this particular grocer in order to begin the exchange of money (or sex, or property, or labor, or armament, etc.,) for the desired goods.

If one does not have the appropriate item required for bartering an exchange, one has to identify what it is and learn how to secure it. In some cases, a person does not have an opportunity nor ability to get the required form of payment or must either steal the desired good(s) or wither away... unless there exists some nearby social organization which supplies the good(s) through charity. Because basic living needs are easily recognized, there is no need for an extensive usage of language. But problems often occur because the circumstance of basic needs is overlooked, or ignored... and thus we have a society, such as today, that refuses to take charge of ensuring that every single person is provided with the necessary basic needs of food, beverage, housing (heat, cooling, dryness, sturdiness, clean), toilet and toiletries, bathing facility, medical treatment, training and education. If a person were to refuse such basic needs or abuse them, then this would be a reason for more determinant social interventions in order to prevent the person from engaging in behavior that could be characterized as sub-civilized human... unless they were identified with some other mental, emotional or physical issue that would then require some other determinant social issue and not be permitted to live in a manner that creates the situation in which an enclave of degeneracy can develop into a type of social class in and of itself with an identifiable pecking order that may be persuasive enough to encourage others to join them in their world perspective because they exist between social fringes and thus fall victim to any who are perceptive enough to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Clearly, it doesn't take a genius to recognize that the languages used in ancient cultures are readily seen, in hindsight, as being too primitive to adequately address social problems of the past, much less the present. Although the amount of language which historians have discovered in a given situation may be too sparse to provide us with an honest appraisal of a particular language's fullness, even the bit and pieces which survived, represent mundane and mediocre mentalities... though to the speakers of old, such ideas may have been interpreted to be "leading edge" insights and articulations that were described as the expression of a genius, though some reference to a "god-like" perspective was more likely the typical public refrain. Imagine, if you will, someone uttering a different sound than everyone else and being described as a great vocalist or orator! Whereas even today the public is amazed at the articulation of a given singer or speaker as if they were a child uttering their first word or first sentence to which we are all captivated by.

From the New Testament biblical tradition [John {1:1}] we find a unique description:

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was (a) God."

In other words, the "word" as a type of God is a perspective that is alive and well in the present day... in various respects. In short, many of us are captivated by articulation... whether we think a person speaks good or bad... and whether or not they make any sense, such as the comments made by many a Politician and even more and more Journalists. The latter group becoming associated with the disparaging references attributed to used car salesmen. While some speak as we think we think, or sing as we might like to, the expressions of others do not necessarily reflect how we may actually feel... but they may be assumed to reflect a close proximity thereof and claim it as our own, like many a person who claims the songs of a particular person in a formula of ownership such as describing it as "my music".

To interject a related example of how humans might think they are in touch with (a) god:

"After the Bible was translated into English, complained Hobbes,
every man, nay, every boy and wench that could read English,
thought they spoke with God Almighty."

page 264, "The Uses of the Past, Profiles of Former Societies" ©1952, Herbert J. Muller

Source: I hear voices page B

No less, let us reference the topics of "voice, words and god" as phenomena experienced by people such as the ancient Greeks as described by Julian Jaynes in his "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" which discusses (in the context of the Iliad and Odyssey) the connection between the voices heard by portrayed characters and their reference to the voices as being a type of communication from one or more gods; though we of today might well want to describe such behavior in disparaging terms by calling the people mentally ill. However, many people living today may hear one or more sounds that are collectively as a voice that frequently is falsely described in the plural as "voices" and used by the current psychiatric community as a means to get someone under their controlling dominion for psychotropic drug experimentation or some other defined interventionist practice. However, the experience of "hearing voices" is very much present today except that it has taken on various acceptable forms called television, music, radio, movies, etc... If people living today were not suffused with varying forms of electronically dispensed "voices", such as being subjected to music in elevators, turning on a radio or television, talking on a phone, being in a talkative crowd or listening to one or more talkative speakers (such as actors/actresses), etc., the "hearing voices" phenomena would be more widely recognized. In other words, by being bombarded by numerous instances of electronically delivered "voices" that produce auditory compilations or "visual voices" which cause one to produce internalized forms of "voice thoughts", the experience of "hearing voices" like those of ancient peoples or at any time in history prior to the advent of the public being exposed to multiple electronically conveyed varying forms (or pre-written kinds such as books, pamphlets, engravings or news papers...); would be more prevalent.

Because we of today do not live in the same type of "voices absent" social environment, since ours is filled with multiple kinds of sustained "voices" bombardment through electronic and printed media; it is difficult for overall society to recognize how very prevalent the ancient Greek experience of "hearing the voices of (presumed) gods", remains to this day. There is far too much distraction and alternative "voice of god" substitutions If we were to somehow either remove all such forms of "voices" or remove a society away from all electronic and printed "voice" experiences, the so-called "voices of gods" would crop up in one form or another. The reason for this is that the brain of humanity has not actually progressed in a collective sense. We frequently misinterpret commercialized technological advances as a representation of an overall human increase in intelligence if we learn how to use one or more products, when it is only the originator of the technology who has experienced any real step forward in human consciousness. And nor does mimicking someone else's technology to create a variation thereof necessarily describe a developmental brain difference, regardless of how much or how often we vocalize such a presumption in internalized echoes.

However, let us note an objection to the thesis of Julian Jaynes:

According to a Wikipedia citation about --- Bicameralism ---, the psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist, in his book The Master and His Emissary (ISBN 0300168925, paperback), says that Jayne's hypothesis was "the precise inverse of what happened" and that rather than a shift from bicameralism there evolved a separation of the hemispheres. This may then suggest a rudimentary form of Corpus Callosum and a brain that began with a "Monocameralism." While casts of skulls do not today readily provide any indication of this, an understanding of how present research in the Corpus Callosum's role as an intermediary between present day brain hemispheres may be of value in helping us to unravel some glimpse as to how a developing brain may have produced a whole different world view to people in past ages. In order to do so, it is necessary to appreciate that early human brains, even just a few thousand years ago may have been internally structured different than what we of today consider "normal."

The Role of the Corpus Callosum in Inter-hemispheric Transfer of Information:
Excitation or Inhibition?
Juliana S. Bloom and George W. Hynd

The corpus callosum is the major neural pathway that connects homologous cortical areas of the two cerebral hemispheres. The nature of how that inter-hemispheric connection is manifested is the topic of this review; specifically, does the corpus callosum serve to communicate an inhibitory or excitatory influence on the contralateral hemisphere? Several studies take the position that the corpus callosum provides the pathway through which a hemisphere or cortical area can inhibit the other hemisphere or homologous cortical area in order to facilitate optimal functional capacity. Other studies suggest that the corpus callosum integrates information across cerebral hemispheres and thus serves an excitatory function in inter-hemispheric communication. This review examines these two contrasting theories of inter-hemispheric communication. Studies of callosotomies, callosal agenesis, language disorders, theories of lateralization and hemispheric asymmetry, and comparative research are critically considered. The available research, no matter how limited, primarily supports the notion that the corpus callosum serves a predominantly excitatory function. There is evidence, however, to support both theories and the possibility remains that the corpus callosum can serve both an inhibitory and excitatory influence on the contralateral hemisphere.

--- Source Link ---

Source: I hear voices page A

As pointed out by Julian Jaynes, the presence of "voices" does not necessarily represent consciousness, (or at least conscious thinking), since (as the current 2016 U.S. Presidential election has pointed out)... that the so-called "choices" of President being offered by the establishment amongst whom the public is supposed to select one over others, does not suggest the presence of nor requirement of much consciousness... especially when the so-called "choice" is between two or or more evils. The 2016 Presidential election nonsense shows the world that the U.S. can not be taken seriously because of all the flaws in the political and election system (not to mention letting the crooks Bush and Cheney get away with murder of American and Iraqi citizens just so Bush Jr. could exact revenge on Saddam's supposed role in trying to assassinate Bush Sr., and Cheney could provide contracts to his former campaign contributing employer Haliburton). Because the U.S. government shows itself to be a silly enterprise, the American people are viewed due to "guilt by association". Nobody in their right mind should be doing business with an insane government as the U.S. monstrosity. If every country cut all business ties with America until it straightened out its internal political and election mess, then perhaps America would manage to develop an Actual Democracy instead of phony one it now has.

When the voice of reason or assumed reason departs from us, we depart from the voice(s), such as the words of career politicians, and seek a different voice that does not sound the same... such as Trump versus those candidates who sound like the voices of politicians who have not served to deliver the expected results, such as getting rid of so much political and election nonsense which are viewed as social problems. It's not that Trump expresses some vast intellect or leadership qualities, he simply sounds different, and in that difference is the hope for a better government than the lies, deceits and criminality being exercised time and again by the American government. The so-called old voice of reason being practiced by politicians is no longer the rationality it once was thought to be. The people have been abandoned by the former voices of (political and journalistic) reason and left us in a void where nonsense survives as an echo. From the biblical tradition we may note that Jesus implored God with the question of abandonment:

Why hast thou forsaken me?

Yet, this event was preceded earlier in time by a more wide-spread social occurrence describing a developmental change in the brain of humanity that affected perceptions involving human relationships with their presumed God:

...But in Mesopotamia, which was the most stable civilization in the world, there does not seem to have been a breakdown until around 1400 B.C. In the graphics of the period, gods are no longer depicted. In some instances kings beg in front of empty gods’ thrones — nothing like that had ever occurred before. Another line of evidence is in the cuneiform literature. There is an epic called the Epic of Tikulti-Ninurta where for the first time in history, gods are spoken of as forsaking human beings. The greatest literature of the period, which is possibly the origin of the Book of Job, is the Ludlul Bel Nemequi, the first readable lines of which translate as:

My god has forsaken me and disappeared,
My goddess has failed me and keeps at a distance,
The good angel who walked beside me has departed.

Source: Julian Jaynes: Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind

But varying forms of articulation exist and take on a respective language culture, so to speak. Take for example the situation in which we alter the foregoing initial idea at the opening of this essay and say that half of the world will wake up tomorrow morning and speak the language called "Rap". When such an illustration is fully realized, it can be quickly acknowledged that "Rap" is a language that does not have the present capacity to solve social problems because it is extremely limited. The ideas being expressed and the manner in which the same ideas are being repeated over and over again like a scratched (old phonographic) record creates the situation in which a (Rap speaking) culture not only views the world in a degenerate way, but can't perceive the world outside the articulations provided for in the language culture being used. The usage of Rap is like using an ancient language in trying to not only decipher events in society, but attempt to see things more clearly... even though the language being used prevents any of the speakers from perceiving a greater clarity.

If we were to examine any and all language communities, whether they be in a given sports venue, religious venue, economic venue, or some characteristic occupation defined as no collar, blue collar, or white collar; the enculturated language instigates a given type of world-view perception. Each has their own words to describe many of the same social experiences, and many different occupational venues share the same words... like different sellers at a world marketplace. The visualized scene is reminiscent of a classroom in which different ideas are like different languages that may or may not be altered to reach some semblance of equitable communication so that some measure of a common ground of understanding can be reached. While some refuse to adopt anyone else's language or definition, many do arrive at an approximation in an attempt to further communicating different ideas. However, the adopted language of accepting a given type of word usage and definition then establishes the situation we can identify in those who adopt a given "Rap speech". In other words, though the class may be filled with PhD candidates, the commonality of language and ideas also conveys an expectation that all share the same form of communication and associated ideas. This is what happens in the Culture of government Legislatures. They can't speak nor think outside the parameters of their adopted language environment and are unable to recognize how much mimicry as well as repetition in articulation as well as concept formation is taking place.

When the public comes to recognize the idiocy of the language and ideas being articulated by career politicians, they are inclined to seek improvement in government from those candidates who are viewed as having a different language and represent a different mentality... suggesting that they can think outside the box of nonsense that career politicians and other government agencies have forged for themselves... and keeps us all from being able to solve social problems which can not be solved by the same type of thinking which created the situations in which the problems arose in the first place. It doesn't matter how smart, sophisticated and persuasive a culture of speakers in government sound, the sounds being emitted do not solve problems which require a different frequency. Whereas those in government think they are articulating a valuable sound, it is the squawking of an animal headed for extinction because its environment is being eroded away by the very government policies which think make their type of (political) animal more viable. The type of political "Rap" being articulated by politicians is being heard as Crap by more and more people... just like many young who come to put aside the childishness of ideas being espoused by so-called Rap "artists".

No doubt there are those who think Rap is very sophisticated, intelligent, creative, insightful, imaginative, and perhaps even genius. But the fact remains that it is not solving social problems and only describe one or another circumstance in very crude ways... like someone with an ancient mentality struggling to develop words and word associations to describe mundane and mediocre perceptions. The same thing is occurring in government circles and the circles of those would-be social reformers and Revolutionists struggling to come up with a plan to promote and produce the climate for staging a Revolution and the development of a New Government... which generally evolves from applying a New government program to address a needed social issue.

What all of the foregoing amounts to is that we may not presently have the necessary language... or at least word associations to solve current problems which have arisen by a given type of language culture being practiced in various government circles. No matter how intelligent and sophisticated some government officials may consider their language to be as an alternative means of describing their thoughts and thought processing, they are stuck in a rut that wants to keep the entire society bogged down in as well. It is like listening to the articulations of the most learned people of an ancient culture and realize how terribly ignorant they are. However, in attempting to suggest or make corrections that would necessarily lead to solving the experienced social problems, not only might the officials be obstinate in allowing new ideas... articulated with a different language be used, but so might many of the general public whose self-identity is a measure of their efforts in dealing with given social problems that might very well create confusion of who they are and their place in society, if the society were somehow cleansed of its problems. Though there would be those to quickly adapt to the changes, others would not, and we would find that their inability to quickly adapt makes them a candidate for opposing needed social changes supplied with a different language whose basic articulations is the expression of unfamiliar concepts, perspectives, and orientations to alternative social goals.

If we view Capitalism as a type of marketplace atmosphere in which different language communities meet with their respective personalized interests, some might want to describe the atmosphere as a type of carnival. At this carnival we have different language cultures called Communism, Democracy, Socialism, Theology, and different variants thereof, both small and large representations; as well as other, lesser known languages. Whereas the dominant conversation for some may be to espouse the philosophy of making money, others see it as an opportunity to use the mood of the setting to introduce specific ideas which can be benefited by and benefit those with a primary economic-based social interest that measures the importance of a given government activity to address social problems by how much money is generated (or whatever currency is used to barter with). And though Capitalism can be used to generate a climate of well-being for everyone, it typically is used to convey the mood of the dominant mindset in attendance. Whereas some blame Capitalism for social ills, because it is claimed to be the instigator for social ills, it actually is an innocent by-stander being duped into participating in the selfish interests of a few whose resources allow them to dominate the type of language and associated ideas being expressed.

Like many a criminal wanting to effect some crime, they look for situations which make their abilities most expressive in a given formula of articulation... or mode of operation (modus operandi). For example, many a pick-pocket likes crowded venues so that bumping into a victim is not seen as deliberate or unexpected. And those who used date-rape drugs, seek to entertain in those venues where drinks are customarily provided and may go unattended for a time so that a drug could be administered. And governments like to keep control of public by effecting social atmospheres where dependency is guaranteed... either for food, pensions, protection, or whatever. Some types of language usage works for extended periods of time to convince a public that those in charge of the government, or a particular type of government, or a given government policy, are the expression of the best idea(s). Yet, when a government suffers from being unable to recognize the faults of its own logic or persists in denying that there are serious governmental design and philosophy issues going unaddressed, such attitudes undermine the very intent of promoting the best social self-governing ideas available. Government Representatives become viewed as silly Rappers of the same mind-numbing nonsense... even though there may be thousands who believe in the articulations, just as there were thousands in past cultures who believed in the practice of witch hunting, human sacrifice and various other superstition.

We of today are subjected to a situation in which the government (such as the U.S. Government) is both run by and Represented by those whose language and associated ideas are like listening to Rappers trying to both explain a mathematical equation in story-book form and solve it by using expressions that lack the sophistication of basic symbols due to a lack of knowledge as well as language primivity. And no matter how Rappers ("Rappists") and their followers may argue otherwise, like those who believe in some esoteric religion because they are convinced of its validity and offer the thousands of believers as a measure of authenticity like so many past and now dead cults once did... the present culture of politics in the U.S. government has created its own dying culture... by conveying concepts and language interest that isolates it from the larger populace. It has become an enclave unto itself, and makes many in the public suspect that their suspicions that the stench of its ideas which can not solve social problems, is an indication that it is the odor of an animal engaging in the practices of preparing for its demise.

It is a situation played out different times, in different places, in different ways by many a nation. It is not that the present formula of governance in the United States won't exhibit, from time to time, some of the old energy and youthfulness it once had, like many an old person does as they continue to age. And it is not that it won't run its course in due time. But we can not allow the whole of the nation to be dragged into the same grave as the present language culture of politicians are voicing. For example, the government wants the public to continue believing there is a wide-spread practice of Democracy. This is a joke and many of not only know this, we except it as a fact giving evidence that the philosophy of illusion, and deceit used to initiate and sustain the government, will not serve us well for a better future. Nor can we adopt an attitude for accepting such a realization to be used by those who would use such an articulation to gain our confidence whereby they would be selected for a leadership position in order to maintain much of the old nonsense incorporated into present government functionality.

Both 2016 Presidential candidates in the U.S. have little to offer both the nation or the world. Whereas Clinton is the articulate voice of the old regime attempting to use a Journalistic megaphone to give the impression of old ideas as having strength and character the people can have faith in and be proud of; Trump has been the fumbled articulation of a New Voice with an as yet un-established government vernacular. Many people want a new voice, despite the crude and rather illogicality being displayed by Trump. A new voice represents the beginning development of a different language offering the promise of a different world view that portrays growth instead of the death reeking from the volumes of nonsense expressions espoused by career politicians who will no doubt try to appear to have a new language by employing stand-in speakers for themselves... sometimes in the form of some representative expert in one or another field. However, the people remain unconvinced. And many find both candidates the expression of a government headed for a demise... a demise some want to assist in by participating in a Revolution.

Many Americans are both ashamed and embarrassed by the nonsense portrayed in the 2016 Presidential election because it reflects the mindset of a stupid government... and a populace that goes along with it instead of demanding that a new formula of government become practiced... all because the same antiquated mindset is kept alive by relying on a form of political language now being loudly articulated by a state of Journalism which helps to perpetrate such nonsense. If we could get every single journalist to speak loudly and only about developing a New Government, the topic of conversation in the public would like-wise reflect this. But the people don't have enough forward looking Journalists. Far too many have got their heads stuck in the sandpit of various antiquities. They are Rappers with the refrain of a mediocrity which causes the public to either become obsessed with their views, or turn away from the mind-numbing genre.

This is why Revolutionists have altered their mindset away from using old forms of protest, to seeking new ways in which to pursue governmental improvement for everyone, by considering the philosophical need to make a protest statement by way of killing many prominent Journalists at the same time... or one at a time in a publicized serial fashion, so as to establish a very large and loud banner of protest to stir the development of a social-wide dialogue for developing a New Government. In this particular thought experiment, as a philosophical exercise of strategy deployment; killing one Journalist may not be enough, but killing many might well have a greater impact on forcing a change in the social consciousness because the clan of Journalism is like an old Priestly class such as the druids. If we can create enough of a change in this very visible class, the presently practiced "religion" of government may well be seen more clearly as a repository of rite, ritual and ceremonial thinking that keeps society bound to a given and persistent social problem base.

While the execution of politicians might seem to be a tried and true method for bringing about government change, there are others who are quick to fill the void and there is no representative change in conceptualization in the political culture. On the other hand, the clan of Journalists is a group that can be forced to sit on the precipice for promoting social change, if an attack against the present culture of Journalism can be forced to alter its language and accompanying rationale for developing given conceptualizations. While no actual killings are planned, it is an alternative that some Revolutionists are contemplating. Yet they want to have not only a manifesto in place, but the design of a better government to be implemented. They do not want to be like those of the past who enlist the aid of different protest groups only to find themselves at odds with them when the established government is forced to vacate. They do not want to appear to be unnecessarily violent, destructive nor disruptive of basic social services. And the public must be convinced that the New Government idea will be able to establish an articulate mode of operation to pursue and achieve goals which are promoted as being better than current practices. There must be practicality and not mere hoped-for idealism.

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