Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
We Need More, Not Less, Government


Let us note, first off, that when we speak of a need for More Government, it is being expressed in terms of a Cenocracy (New Government) with a Cenocratic Formula. We are not in any way promoting the perpetuation of a government structure which presently permits so many government abuses by individuals or groups who are either elected, chosen by the elected, or gain entry by way of filling some position through typified employment channels. There is no doubt that some positions are held by those who have no qualms about engaging in deformation, destruction or death against our public or the public of any nation... and will do so if given the opportunity. The government has many faults, one of which is the severe limitation of an Actual Democracy being practiced, and another is a court system that is not answerable to the public... with a third being the active presence and means of the public to fully participate as the dominant Checks and Balances provision. Yet, without government, life would indeed be more miserable, with sufferings much deeper and widespread than they exist. Yes, we need more government, that is, a greater practice of an Actual Democracy, involving the dire need for a formula of restructuring of its fundamental architecture. This will involve the writing of a New Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Like many people, I have voiced the opinion that government sucks and politicians have their heads so deep in their back pocket that they can't see the light of day. Yet, experience has forced upon me a deeper moment of reflection... mainly because I got my grounded axe stuck in a log and broke the handle trying to remove it. Without the axe in hand, my mind not only began to seek out a means to remove the axe head, but venture into areas of alternative consideration because I did not have a spare axe handle to replace the broken one, and thus return to a former habit of chopping away... with or without a sharpened edge, because without it, without a government, most of us would needlessly suffer. Anyway, I came to admit that government is good, or at least can be of great service to all of us, but did not regularly voice this opinion. I had to face the fact that everywhere I looked I saw good deeds being administered by the government. I also had to admit that the convention of grinding my axe at the government only helped to relieve frustration, but did not actually produce any better results and might well be contributing to the inclinations of those who attempt to instill a public mood towards some self-fulfilling prophesy of doom. In other words, my sincere desire to make some contribution to improving society needed a new strategy.

I put my conspiracy theories aside by playing a chess match with my own dichotomously aligned black and white (checkered) logic and found that there is a lot of government good to be thankful for. Despite my occasional interruptive and interjected commentative sojourns towards disparaging the government and/or politicians, it is of need to admit that the government and our political leadership does much good. While we should be mindful of the many instances of government assistance we perceive to be unfair, focusing solely or predominantly on such circumstances is very often so distracting, we can not think in a positive enough manner in order to find solutions.Necessarily so, it is of need to rethink why there are failures in social programs and that such failures do not constitute a reason that an alternative government-sponsored approach would not work... at a far distant pace from the characteristic form of superficiality denoted by politicians spouting a reference to "change" by way of electing them... just so they can play a role in perpetuating the same nonsense so many of us clamor against in our protestations. And it is of need to point out that when speaking of the "government" in such a frame of mind, I am thinking about all of us as a national community being supportive of one another. When we look at the "government" as a large group of people pooling their resources and talents together in a communal effort to increase the well-being of everyone; we must contend that if it is not the leadership that is at fault, then it must be the organizational methodology being applied which is obstructing our efforts.

For example, from a page 2 of Professor Douglas J. Amy's Government is Good website...:

Government is Good(29K)

...Let us take an extracted comment with respect to an article entitled "Why We Need More, Not Less, Government":

...Conservatives consider our failure to reduce poverty as evidence of the inherent limitations of government. They conclude (wrongly) that since our current anti-poverty policies have failed, that there is nothing the government can do and that it should get out of the business of trying to eliminate poverty. It is this attitude that has animated Republican attempts to cut back on programs for the poor, such as welfare and job training. For them, our failures in poverty policy only contribute to the case they are making for a more limited government...

The first line needs to be reframed as:

"Our failure to reduce poverty is evidence of the inherent limitations incorporated in the structure of the present formula of Democracy being used."

Those calling for a reduced government footprint in our lives, thus appealing to some anti-government perspectives, fail to consider that it is the present structure of government which is at fault and needs to be corrected. Calling for a need to increase government should be noted as a reference to increasing the role of Democracy. America, like the British government and others, does not practice an Actual Democracy. The majority of peoples in the world are subjected to governing practices of extremely limited Democracy. Increasing the presence of government in our lives requires is the proposition for a new formula of government. This "New Government" approach is called a Cenocracy.

A call for more Government involvement means a greater involvement of the public. This, even if it is not being pointed out by its proponents, is the call for a type of government we do not have. An alteration in government functioning is the adoption of a New Government... a Cenocracy. To name it as such— increases the public's consciousness that we do indeed need to reformulate our orientation and practices of social self-governance. Using the word "Cenocracy" forces us to think differently.

Since we have witnessed the recurrence of social problems that are being dealt with more effectively by other countries, it is obvious that our current system of governance is not up to the task. For example, Switzerland practices a type of governance called Direct Democracy. In short, it is a greater expression of Democracy, defined as a "Peoples Government". However, because it must strive to co-exist in a global environment like a law-abiding family living in a neighborhood with con-artists, thieves, rapists, child molestors, pick pockets, murders and the like, their attempts to practice an enhanced form of Democracy is nonetheless contoured with the frame of mind that must adopt varying types of security and protection measures, and guidelines for social interaction amongst those who may be crooks, but own certain resources that are needed, and must be garnered on terms drawn up by those whose notions of government are largely focused on personal control of the many by a few. For all its strivings to perfect a greater formula of Democracy, their efforts are greatly truncated by having to keep its head down in a global environment of low flying predators seeking to advantage themselves at anyone's cost.

We need a New Government... a Cenocracy. And because Americans tend to think of themselves as second-to-none trail blazers, we are reluctant to adopt the governing strategies of others, for fear of being called a copy-cat, and thus lose our self-respect developed by the image of being a world leader. Hence, we need to adopt a formula of governance which exhibits a type of originality that can be defined as a "first". It is particularly desirable to develop a new formula since the present one is a sham... despite all the good it does. It is absurd to think that none of us aren't dependent on the government for something. Without a government there would be more social problems. And because there isn't enough, there are those like the insurance and medical industries which practice their own forms of robbery on the public because there are either too few or the wrong sort of controls on them. They are permitted to bully the public into participating with their protectionist scams, because the present government doesn't permit the public to collectively protect itself. It wants to play Big Brother, and does so like a couch potato preoccupied with its own contrived reality show while stuffing their face and wanting the public to fetch whatever it calls for. The present government is a Big Brother who doesn't want their siblings to gain greater independence. They want the public to play the role of someone that is retarded, so they can claim the need for varying types of assistance from which they garner the lion's share, but do not share with the public.

Governments create social dynamics meant to keep the government in control. In our desire to improve social conditions, we can not expect, and must in fact be prepared to identify a contrary nature being practiced, even though all outward appearances indicate that a government encourages a transformation to take place. Governments, viewed as individuals, are extremely egotistical. Those in charge of its processes exhibit a requirement to prop up this personality, even when a deliberate expression of humility is conveyed either publicly or privately. It will sometime exhibit the antics of a Drama Queen, the histrionics of an attention-starved entertainer, a psychopath, a saint, and various other characters as are needed for a particular scene, whether artificially staged or not. It will at times play the part of ignorance or attempt to convey unlimited knowledge tied to secrecy and some rare resource, even though many of its members dedicated to a life-like embrace of its many esotericisms, are totally oblivious of such traits and their own contributions to such expressions.

America has an enormous EGO that we protestors, we Revolutionists, need to contend with in our efforts to bring about positive social reform. In some instances, those who protest for some change, express this inclination towards scaffolding an ego construction by displaying a noted social figure in their ranks... be it a person from some Entertainment sector, a medical professional, an Academian, or otherwise. Whereas it is accepted by many of us that an Equal Rights Amendment is long overdue, it should rightly be understood that it shouldn't be an amendment... but actually a foremost model in a new Constitution and Bill of Rights that need to be written as part of a New Government. It is rather disheartening to note that Feminists, male or female variations, have swelled their ranks with cowards... and try to offset this cowardice by playing a game of dress-up by using social personalities as garments to profess some appearance of worthiness. Whereas it is obvious the current formula of government does not afford them nor the rest of us with:

  1. An adequate means of redressing grievances.
  2. A national forum for discussion of social issues that all of us need to confront.
  3. The ability to collectively vote our Will into law.

... And instead of asserting themselves in an effort to force desperately needed social changes in governance... what we find is an intellectual cowardice. For all their insights, understanding and claims of having some answer to correct this or that social problem, they all stand back waiting for someone to be persuaded with their ideas to hold up the banner so that another might sound a bugle. The public is tired of rationalized excuses used to keep you on the sidelines. It's time to cheer yourselves on. The conventional game plans for effecting social reform only work for piece-meal efforts and not on the scale which is required at this point in history. If We The People want to play a different game of social self-governance, we are going to have to force such changes. We can not expect established forms of arbitration to express a legitimate fairness when it too must abide to live within a system that dictates the times, places, manners and expected results. The game is rigged against the public, and though this is recognized and spoken of in various ways, no comprehensive concertive move is being made to alter it.

Intellectual cowards are easy to spot because they assert their views by way of entitling a perspective as a question, which affords them a quick means of retreat should someone point a finger at them and set them up as a spokesperson for a given point of view. They cower behind assertions formatted in the frame-work of a question and may take on a patched cloak appearance intended to convey the presence of a meek suggestion that threatens no one; in order to provide them a means of retreat as a defense against someone who might want to challenge them. There is a frequency of consideration that making a statement means it expresses a belief that another may interpret to be a potential challenge enabling them an opportunity to linguistically spar against; whereas the same comment(s) framed in the format of a question is interpreted to be a comment akin to being offered in a group's brain-storming session and is thus afforded some latitude of accessibility without being regarded as a threat or challenge.

The point to be made with the previous digression is that a context of bad government design can set into play entire institutions of social conflict that prevent those involved from making advances beyond their consideration because they become entangled in considerations of sociability and interaction which are felt to be of prime importance, but act as personal obstacles to collective unity. Feminists can not make the strides that are needed by being preoccupied with looking pretty while trying to engage in an effort of protest that is made grubby and dirty by a form of social governance whose organization is designed to be recalcitrant to giving up its 'king of the hill' position. It is a formula that was unknowingly adopted by colonial American Revolutionists when they were confronted by an English government that did the very same thing to them. Whereas the pre-Americans did away with the King and his Parliament, it retained many of its underlying components of arrogance because the colonists had not only felt themselves to be British subjects, some of them viewed themselves as an extension of the ruling gentry... through the prevailing fashions of dress and thought... some of which continue to linger as basic components to this day.

Even though the colonists formulated the structure of a different type of government, they were influenced by some of the then existing government frameworks about them... both European and Native American. In other words, the structure of government was not explicitly original in form and function. Politicians of the day participated in some role playing, as they perceived and understood it. Nonetheless, a New Government... a Cenocracy, was adopted... just as we of today must strive to do again. An inadequate-to-the-task form of government only exacerbates problems if political leadership is constrained to work within a framework which inhibits, obstructs, ambushes or out-right sabotages efforts at addressing social ills, no matter how well-meaning a person is. A bad governing structure can make a saint look and act like a devil in their attempts to navigate the waterways infested experiential requirements demanding changes in one's personal character in order to reach an accessible landing spot.

A structure of government architectured in the past by way of a scaffolding unable to reach the height from which the vistas of today are measured- to some extent, even by the very young, presents us with an edifice that is inadequate to the tasks set before it in the present, is prone to error, waste and dissatisfaction. There is a desirous requirement to adopt a new construction formula that will serve our needs much better.

But let us not apologize for having a structure of government that no longer fulfills the needs of a growing nation which needs to mature beyond its present "selfie" (egotistical) preoccupations. We needn't feel shame nor disgust, but we should move forward by acknowledging the limitations of the government as it is presently designed. We do need more government in terms of getting all of us collectively involved in our well-being. The present structure of government does not permit a collective involvement which would provide for a Peoples Legislative Branch as a separate entity that is in addition to the present Legislative Branch design. The people must become a directly-involved part of the Checks and Balances provision as a corner stone asset. We need to exercise a formula of Actual Democracy because a Democracy is the largest "peoples government" in existence. The people must acquire a greater form of self-Representation through the adoption of a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic formula.

Yes, the adoption of a Cenocracy will be the adoption of a New Structure of Government accompanied with formulas to ensure the viability and enculturation (sustainability) of its practice. Policies, rules, regulations, laws and the like are protections for both the general public and businesses (including charities). But they do not always effect a nurturing environment. When they do not, as the present governing system is being practiced and promoted by otherwise well-meaning individuals and groups; what we become subjected to is a social environment which forces the public to remain largely dependent on a model of governance which denies the encouragement needed for a developmental maturation... that is accompanied by increasing levels of collective independence to make its own decisions. The present formula of practiced government keeps the public in an over-sheltered frame of mind that stunts its development, and might well be wrongly used by those seeking to relax, rescind, or entirely remove some governing control as a sure-all fix, but that typically advances the Cause of a personal motive at the expense of others. We need to look elsewhere at how to address this anti-government appeal born of selfishness, in order to more effectively resolve this shortcoming of logic which reflexively reacts with some action of dichotomously-oriented reversal.

Let us be forthright about the trail along which a Cenocracy pursues... though in so doing, that is in moving away from current governing practices being used by various individuals and groups to further their sincere aims by working within the labyrinthine structure of a system utilizing a diminished form of an actual "demo" (peoples) government; they become a card-carrying member of the traditionalists club. As such, members may come to the fore and advocate some unequaled righteousness in their particular model for obtaining corrective social reform on behalf of us all, whereby they vociferously and adamantly opinion the need to retain that which best suits their developed talents and sensibilities; but in actuality does little for blazing a trail of National growth for all people, in all walks of life... despite what claims may be made to the contrary. Using an analogy based on human development, we can suggest that the initial trials of enhanced Independence by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch, just as it is for those engaged in the initial stages of any venture— may well be like a child's first attempts at walking, self-toileting, self-dressing & tying one's shoes, learning colors and the alphabet, writing one's name, ball catching, riding a bike without training wheels, etc... In short, we may falter in our pace from time to time and can either pull ourselves up, or exclaim the clamorings of bloody murder because of fears brought about by the unknown and unsuspected... as we take it in stride in our adventure to pursue a future for a greater level of Democracy far too many have not even considered, much less attempted a definition thereof.

There is indeed a deficit of Democracy being experienced in America that is being exploited because the people are set up to live within such a culture promoted by a political environment nurtured by a formula of governance having created an habituation enshrined by various sentimentalities. Such a deficit is in part discussed by Professor Douglas J. Amy in his How to Fix American Government and Revive Democracy. He is stressing the need for a Cenocracy (New Government) that can easily be written as a Ceno-Democracy, though the fore-shortening to the word "Cenocracy" illustrates both a revision and renewal, but also a reinvention. We do need more government but it must be of a design that can advantage all of us as invested participants that are neither marginalized nor disenfranchised by political processes attendant with an underlying attitude developed in centuries past. We The People must Demand A Cenocracy. As a nation, as a people noted for its progressiveness, we deserve a Cenocracy of our own making.

Date of Origination and initial posting: Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Updated Posting:Monday, October 5, 2015