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Let us say it again so that perhaps by repetition the knowledge may acquire some permanent place in your memory in order to reflect upon it enough to want to act against the prevailing exploitations:

Welcome To America! The land of indentured servitude cast into many guises of modernized indulgences. Where its majority of inhabitants are so inebriated by the illusions and delusions of a purported democracy they aren't able to recognize their own slavery.

Welcome To America! all you self-ingratiating opportunists who will eagerly come to sell the soul of humanity just to make a presumed profit once you too are subjected to the dog-eat-dog social circumstances of day to day living in which a higher standard of living comes well-equipped with a higher standard of poverty requiring you to make the necessary adjustments to your personal philosophy or find yourself amongst the growing population of impoverished and defined public degenerates who are often without basic necessities because they don't meet the lofted requirements of a socialized "means-test" that is not meant to include, but exclude... yet provide an accepted "equality" rationale based on various bureaucratic hoop-jumping criteria developed by those who have never known deep and protracted poverty.

You have come to the right place where you will find that the U.S. Government is the culture of a bureaucracy which attempts to either conceal the presence of so many whose skills exhibit either a profound mediocrity within its internalized aristocratic midst, or a dire incompetency it goes out of its way to support and provide excuses for... thus revealing a village of idiots who are given "official" credentials to work in lucrative... non-term limit positions with inequitable entitlements denied to most citizens; that are used to self-enable the entire cadre of politicians and other government employees to define themselves as a role-model standard their own family, friends, relatives and like-minded ignorant public should try to emulate... thus rendering the on-going presence of a cyclical social deterioration into an abyss of artificiality... adopted as a means to subvert truth into the illusion of a neurotically practiced democracy— becoming a psychotic representation of itself in the form of a labyrinthine journalism of mirrored distortions where reality is lost in a cesspool of commercialized black-holes to sell in a marketplace of vulture Capitalism. You are in America now. Be proud that you too can become one of the politically disenfranchised Peasant-Citizens that is not permitted to own the personal property known as themselves, because in this so-called land of Inalienable Rights, the majority are not entitled to collectively Represent themselves without a go-between, much less practice a collective Self-determination.

To be an American Citizen is to be a peasant... to be a serf attached to a political guild whose full measurement is disallowed and thereby permits only a negligible means of political participation in the creation of laws which you are nonetheless forced to abide by and be subjected to a triple standard practice of justice in that there is one for the wealthy, one for the politically connected, and one for the rest of the people who must suffer the indulgence of court-appointed legal assistance ill-equipped to properly navigate the murky and wave rolling waters of a politically-originated judicial system the people are not permitted to adjudicate for the well-being of their Collective Will...and thus those who get caught up on the legal system find themselves in a labyrinthine chamber of hypocritical horrors where evidence can be legally suppressed or altered to fit the State's motivations for indulging in self interests such as a personal career move. No less, to be an American citizen means to be subjected to a small claims court system whose fees for filing a claim do not entitle the winner of a court ruling to the added assistance nor protection of the court into seeing that a judgment is carried out... because it is left up to the winner of a case to try to get their due compensation which can be denied, and there is no further recourse that a person may take except to take the law-of-a-personal-right into their own hands which invariable describes their actions as assault and battery instead of a legally defined action of self-defense against someone perpetrating the crime of theft against them.

To be an American Citizen in America is to find oneself exposed to a political culture in which you are forced to indulge in protectionist schemes called insurance that are supported by a political leadership that is a guild-like fellowship of Capitalist adventurers seeking yet one or another means by which the public can be fleeced of its every dollar; be it by nickel-and-dime exploitation or otherwise. It is a leadership whose ranks live within a cultural atmosphere that is akin to a mansion bought and paid for— as well as constructed by... the peasant-citizenry, and is thus far removed from the reality in which the larger public inhabits and attempts to survive in the squalor of a diminished equality defined by a disenfranchised ownership of political property in order to be able to vote... since the old idea of not letting a property-less person vote remains a forthright practice of the government... and is yet another old idea cast into modernized garments, language, and technologically-philosophized political embellishments. It is a government that practices a political guild system in which the public is cast into a perpetual apprenticeship of playing a lip-service game of musical chair politics but never being quite able to gain a seat, though the practice of a rigged voting and corrupt elections system is the cadence of music that has been transitioned into a tradition of frivolity and the nonsensical hypocrisy of voting for the lesser of two or more evils because such a condition helps perpetuate the current practices of the political guild system who wants to maintain a monopoly of control to service the interests of a few at the expense of the many.

It is a political guild system with the internalized practice of trades with the names Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Socialist, Social-Democrat, Democratic-Socialist, Communist, Anarchist and several others... though only the Democrat and Republican trade-merchants have garnered the largest clout for implementing laws, rules, regulations, policies and the like. All the others are wannabe (want to be) dominant guild members, so they too can inflict the populace with their own models of public disfranchisement since none of them are calling for a Peoples Legislative Branch, because the too are steeped in the traditions of antiquated political thought and are thus immune to the consideration of expanding the horizons of their basic philosophies. As it stands, all of them find it difficult to look beyond their inculcated belief systems which prevents them from considering their ideas may be wrong... wrong in the sense that they are too juvenile, too immature to tackle the needs of a growing population whose growth of spirit and mind have exceeded the growth of heart and body many fold... and find such socio-political philosophies a hindrance, an obstacle, and as much a chain around their neck as much as, if not more than the present outdated system of governance... yet all of them want the populace to see the world through a vision of such strict narrowness that enables their ideas and idealisms to have the merit of promise... but is a retinue of hope that never manages to surface into a functional reality, because it is little more than a utopian scheme labeled paradise, nirvana, Shangri-la, heaven, Valhalla, golden age, Eden, promised land, etc., as if humanity were a pupating caterpillar destined to emerge from a cacoon... only to live out a short life span and indulge itself with the preoccupations of multiple lives, reincarnation, and purposive evolutionary birth as some sort of cyclical imperative awaiting the right conditions to be fostered by the practice of one or another socio-political ideologies that can only speak of growth in terms of a shallow existence involving one form or another economic situation which rationalizes the necessity of their own kind of unequalized resources redistribution.

The present government is merely a refashioned model of the old guild system mentality headed by a self-entitled few who allot themselves privileges bought and paid for by the public's taxes that they are forced to submit so that the guild system can be maintained as a mechanism by which the people are subjugated and exploited to living out their lives in an enculturated peasantry deprived of the necessary political capital endowed with a representative level of political property that they can collectively invest into the governing system to effect changes on their own behalf... instead of having changes dolled out in a piece-meal fashion through a system of a bureaucratic administration whose enforcements are labeled equality and fairness but are in the main, a means by which the actual degree of inequality exists under various legalities having nothing whatsoever to do with the Collective Will of the People, and are instead... the actions of a few exerted on and over the many with spurious justifications... and it matters not what race, gender, socio-economic, religious or other background a person may have once they have acquired a politically-aligned position, because they frequently become like-wise entrenched in the established guild mentality in order to be viewed as a team player and accepted as a colleague... even though they may lose their position come the next election... because they will have gained the advantage of being included in a political system of networking that enables them to proceed in their career of self-indulgence.

The citizenry of America become subjected to a rigged voting and corrupt elections system reminiscent of a medieval carnival and circus atmosphere used as a type of distraction, drug, or other mentally deforming currency of activity that only a long-practiced sobriety has any immunity against... and where many try to escape from by excluding themselves from participating in to the point of excusing themselves from their own family or social group if one or another member has been caught up in the narcosis and neurosis of the moment. Whereas before they may have found themselves caught up in the stuporous effects of the carnival and circus atmosphere as a welcomed distraction of their day to day monotony and mediocrity, they came to realize that it too is but an extension of the same monotony and mediocrity fostered on the public by a Conservativism which controls the tenor of expressed emotions along a channel of compliance to maintain a system of guild politicalism that effectively disenfranchises the majority from having any real participation in the overall political process, since so many government functions are carried out by those hired by elected officials and are therefore not subject to any public administration through a voting or more indentured process of supervision (such as can be wrought by a full-time Peoples Legislative Branch), much less those whose tenure in a government position provides for the security of extended employment because there are no employment term limits... if not life-time employment like those of the Supreme Court... and the general public is cut off from making any changes to such an unequal system of employment... but are investigating their options for instituting direly needed government reforms and restructuring.

Welcome to the code of the American Citizenry. Where the carnival and circus-like medievalism exhibited in the elections and voting system practices create a mental fog which enables the current political guild system to put blinders on the public so that they will look away from the direction of the many social iniquities and come to agree with the practiced system as some sort of duty... an obligated patriotism. Yes! Come one, Come All... to a country where you can be politically disenfranchised and have little to no say so in terms of a Collective Self-Representation and Self-Determination because you become enfranchised to a culture of laboring for a guild system of politics that renounces your membership into its inner circle, like the peasants of old were not permitted to interact with the gentry or Aristocracy, unless it was in the performance of some deferred indulgence and servitude... like the present day system of voting in which you are provided with one type of ballot and not permitted to have a ballot which can be used to effect a greater and enlarged political voice such as the two generic ballots illustrate. The one on the left is the generalized standard one in practice, while the one on the right exhibits a formula of expanded knowledge and ability to use the ballot system as a means of protest when accepted forms of protestation (petitions, letters to Representatives, street marches with banners and sing-a-long chants) have become worthless exercises meant only to indulge the public with a means of venting emotions without politicians actually having to do anything on behalf of the public.

Typical conservative ballot
Conservative Ballot
Progressive ballot enabling the public another means of protest
Progressive Ballot

Yes! Come to America so that you too can become a citizen and have your value as an individual subjected to a diminishment of being valued for little more than a means by which the government has yet another laborer to pay for the maintenance of a political guild system of government which is enabled to spend the pool of money as a few see fit, without having to ask the permission of those who supply them with the funds... as if the funds were an allowance without restrictions because the child who gets the allowance argues they are able to tell the parent not to interfere though they may want to purchase a gun, drugs, bomb making materials, pay for sex, or other wasteful commodities that one or another will rationalize as a necessity based on a traditionalized perversion, addiction, cultural ceremony, or emotionalized insecurity developing into an unrecognized fear against which one must acquire some available protection. It is a system which wants you to believe that the label of "American Citizen" is this great and wonderful attribute which entitles you to a world of wonder and make-believe rags-to-riches theme will be yours for the taking so long as you purchase the necessary lottery ticket by way of paying taxes, complying with a system of often hypocritical laws, and indulging in the recurring theatrics of a falsified democracy conveyed in a rigged voting and corrupt elections system.

Yes! as a citizen you are privileged... and in so thinking that you are, you are therefore required to defend the underlying hypocrisy as if it were some extraordinary personification of democracy's greater profile and personality that is never actually achieve, much less practiced... because in so doing, is a direct threat to the present guild system of politics which has a monopoly of control in their favour that the public would necessarily wrest from their grasp upon acknowledging the truth of their disparagement and annulled membership that can only be acquired if one kowtow's to the prevailing orthodoxy of superficial Republicanism and/or Democratism as differentiated forms of the current era's Conservativism. Yes! you are privileged to support a political guild system to which you may not fully enter into... like peasants made to live outside a castle's walls... yet whose leadership wants you to believe that being recognized with the name of "citizen", you are somehow endowed with a greater level of proprietary relevant circumspection because in being known by someone claiming to be your better... and having you believe they are... you are somehow elevated in social status and thus an importance to be envied by others who retain a general commonness from not being known. In other words, by being named, you are thus recognized as a someone of especial social standing that by wave of some unseen magic wand provides you with an aura of respectability— whose currency is only valid so long as others share in this same frame of fairytale mentality. Like a common person having garnered an old aristocratic title of "sir" or "milady" to describe some sort of endowed nobility for which they are to be distinguished and thus provided with social entitlements consistent with title, be it the masculine Duke, Marquess, Earl/Count, Viscount, Baron,... or their female counter-parts... Duchess, Marchioness, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness, while the terms "prince" and "king" are solely reserved for the self-indulging assumptions of the aristocratically-styled political guild members and their aristocratically ordered military counter-parts... both of which are types of social clubs with much wealth and social empowerment held over the heads of the public.

With respect to the gentry and their relationship to politics as well as economics, the following excerpt may be of interest to some readers. (Notice that the common people are not mentioned and that the rights and privileges granted to the Gentry are those the people themselves asked for, just like we of Cenocracy.org are seeking for an increased Wage of our Inalienable Rights and a benefits package of Self-Representation and Self-Determination with a Peoples Legislative Branch):

The Charter to the Gentry: (1785) also called Charter to the Nobility, formally Charter for the Rights, Freedoms, and Privileges of the Noble Russian Gentry, Russian Zhalovannaya Gramota Dvoryanstvu ("Given Charter for the Gentry"), or Gramota Na Prava, Volnosty, y Preimushchestva Blagorodnogo Rossiyskogo Dvoryanstva, was...

..An edict issued by the Russian empress Catherine II the Great that recognized the corps of nobles in each province as a legal corporate body and stated the rights and privileges bestowed upon its members. The charter accorded to the gentry of each province and county in Russia (excluding those of northern European Russia and Siberia) the right to meet every three years in a general assembly that could discuss and take action on the nobles' local affairs, elect a marshal of the nobility, and directly petition the autocrat on matters of importance to the gentry.

The charter also confirmed the nobles' exemption from compulsory service to the state and from payment of taxes. It granted them the rights of free speech and assembly, as well as the right to a trial by their peers. Members of the gentry exclusively were allowed to own estates populated by serfs; estates owned by nobles were made hereditary property, and the power to revoke title to an estate (as well as to revoke a nobleman's rank) was entrusted to the courts. The charter gave the gentry extensive power over its serfs; the nobles gained judicial authority over all crimes committed by serfs except robbery and murder and were empowered to sentence a serf to penal servitude in Siberia and also to recall him.

The charter, however, by accentuating distinctions among certain elements of the nobility, actually fostered enmity between the old aristocracy (descendants of princes and boyars) and the new gentry (which acquired its status as reward for service to the state). Nonetheless, by its recognition of the nobility as an elite class, the charter ensured that the gentry would support and maintain the autocratic form of government in Russia.

Source: "Gentry, Charter to the." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

  1. Duke: a European title of nobility, having ordinarily the highest rank below a prince or king (except in countries having such titles as archduke or grand duke).
    • The title of dux, given by the Romans to high military commanders with territorial responsibilities, was assumed by the barbarian invaders of the Roman Empire and was used in their kingdoms and also in France and Germany for rulers of very large areas. The early Carolingian sovereigns in France and in Germany continued to appoint dukes, but their weaker successors found themselves increasingly constrained to free the dukes from royal control in the areas that they had to defend.
  2. Marquess: a European title of nobility, ranking in modern times immediately below a duke and above a count, or earl. Etymologically the word marquess or margrave denoted a count or earl holding a march, or mark, that is, a frontier district; but this original significance has long been lost.
    • In western Europe the Carolingian marchiones or margraves had been royal officials whose duty of defending a frontier might justify an exception being made to the normal rule that no count should hold more than one countship, or county. Their authority was thus not much less than that of a duke; indeed the term Markherzog ("mark duke") is occasionally found instead of Markgraf ("mark count"). But as conditions on the frontiers or the frontiers themselves were changed, the special importance of the old marches diminished.
  3. Earl (or Count) (Merriam-Webster dictionary) n [{Middle English: erl}, from {Old English: eorl warrior, nobleman}; akin to {Old Norse jarl warrior, nobleman}] (12c): a member of the British peerage ranking below a marquess and above a viscount.
    • Count: European title of nobility, equivalent to a British earl, ranking in modern times after a marquess or, in countries without marquesses, a duke. The Roman comes was originally a household companion of the emperor, while under the Franks he was a local commander and judge. The counts were later slowly incorporated into the feudal structure, some becoming subordinate to dukes, although a few counties (or countships), such as those of Flanders, Toulouse, and Barcelona, were as great as duchies. The reassertion of royal authority over the feudatories, which took place at different times in the different kingdoms and led to the formation of centralized states of the modern type, meant that most counts lost their political authority, though they retained their privileges as members of the nobility.
  4. Viscount: a European title of nobility, ranking immediately below a count, or earl.
    • In the Carolingian period of European history, the vicecomites, or missi comitis, were deputies, vicars, or lieutenants of the counts, whose official powers they exercised by delegation. As the countships eventually became hereditary, the lieutenancies did as well: for instance, in France the viscounts in Narbonne, in N îmes, and in Albi appear to have made their office hereditary by the beginning of the 10th century. Even so, viscounts remained for some time with no other status than that of the count's officers, either styling themselves simply vicecomites or qualifying their title with the name of the countship whence they derived their powers.
  5. Baron: In the feudal system of Europe, a baron was a “man” who pledged his loyalty and service to his superior in return for land that he could pass to his heirs. The superior, sovereign in his principality, held his lands “of no one”—i.e., independently—and the baron was his tenant-in-chief. In early feudal times the baron in turn, in a process of subinfeudation, might have had his own subordinate barons. This practice was discontinued in England when King Edward I recognized the political and fiscal dangers it posed.
Source: (separate articles) "duke, marquess, count, viscount, baron." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.
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And in contrast to the Russian Charter of Nobility, let us make reference to the Nobility Law of Norway which effectively did away with the practice of Nobility based on the assumptions of a Democratic perspective, and simply confiscated the rights of the Nobility to provide the government with a monopoly thereof (without competition), and gave the people an illusion of self-government.

However, in being named, there comes into play another old practice in which by being named, one has a degree of power over that which is named. The idea of having power over that which is named... or at least some measure of believed in potential advantage due to a type of foreknowledge and familiarity that may provide some position of future influence. Instead of a person being viewed as a 'nobody' (without a body or substance.. a commoner, a common person, a common instead of unique thing)... though anonymity is desired by those who want to hide, to have a name, particularly if it is known by someone whom one considers important, is an entitlement of distinction... of power or empowerment such as are magic words, and in the Christian Biblical tradition. The idea of naming and empowerment is illustrated in such ideas as the Wikipedia: True Name and the Rumpelstiltskin Principle: the magic of the right word

In other words, we might say: "Within a psychodynamic perspective, bringing the unconscious to light is the majority of the “cure” of talk therapy." Rumpelstiltskin, a fairytale analysis. While there are other sources, let us not forget to add a source for the Rumpelstiltskin story itself.

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was (a) God."

To me, this phrase represents:

  • An historical reference to the beginning of language in "modern" humans of ancient times, (or at least an indication of a cognitive change in interpreting language as something more than mere sounds);
  • That its appearance was intermittent and happened gradually amongst a very few people;
  • And that its emergence in a social setting where there existed a dominant right hemisphere brain whose attributes were already interpreted as representing the presence of one or more gods, influenced the people to define the "word" (spoken language) as a (greater?) god, much in the same manner as some are awe-struck upon hearing someone with a beautiful voice sing a song, giving an excellent speech, or dramatize a few lines of a script that others may imitate.

Source: Threesology Research Journal: In the beginning was the (magic) word.

Though it appears that I ventured off the initial topic of the present page by diverging into a short discussion of naming-by-language as contrasted to naming by non-language gestures, pictures, unlabeled memories, etc..., the point is that the word "citizen" is a name that is not only used to apply distinction, but categories one in a social slot which subjects them to certain practices of expectation, one of which is to defer to those who assume they are the betters of common citizens. However, in order to be named a 'citizen', one of the expectations for this privilege is to owe allegiance to a given State (sovereign or government), yet they do not necessarily have to swear the same level nor type of allegiance to citizens, as denoted by the actions of governments who don't try to do everything they can for citizens taken hostage in other countries or make sure that the people have the same level of equality that political leaderships give to themselves... such as when it comes to making and voting on laws.

In addition to ancient peoples describing language ("the word") as a god, the placement of god-the-language with varying types of symbols onto a rock, parchment (animal skin), and later paper, is merely a reinforcing extension of the ancient notion that:

god = language ("the written word") = god

Such an interpretation suggests that the brains of the earliest so-called modern humans were not fully developed in the sense that we know today (and many would argue that we, in our present state, in our own way, are just as primitive as were ancient peoples, though some might claim there are exceptions.) It was an immature brain in comparison to today's standards. However, it must be considered that not everyone born today has a brain that develops in a similar sequence to what might be termed a majority standard. There are those whose brains may mature faster, and there are those whose brains may mature slower (and I am not describing those individuals that are labeled as having brain damage). Not only with respect to individual age- appropriately expressed behavior, but also in terms of decade and century appropriate developmental behavior.

For example, we might have one 13- year old with the mental maturity of a 13 year old, another with the maturity of a 10- year old, and another with the maturity of a 17 year old. No less, we might have one 30 year old with the mental maturity (world view) of a 30 year old in their day and age, another 30- year old with the maturity of a 20 year old of a decade ago, and still another 30- year old with the maturity of a 60- year old of a century ago.

Some of us have observed the behavior of one or more others who seems to be more suited for some age in the past, such as a man or woman who moves to Alaska because it affords them an environment which they feel is more appropriate to the (rustic) person they perceive themselves to be. Others may have even thought of themselves as having been born too late or too early, because they feel they would be more happier living in a time that they seem better suited for. Such examples are representative of a type of brain maturation that person has. Indeed, it has often been thought that criminals are those who are better suited to live in a primitive past because of the way their brain functions measured by a standard of behavior that is defined as criminal. This view is called atavism. To give another example, such a connection to a past age has also been made between the (assumed) behavior of ancient Vikings, pirates, or nomads, and some motorcycle gang members.

Since adults mature from infants, it is of value to cite a short reference regarding brain hemisphere dominance in infants:

The right brain hemisphere is dominant in human infants

The development of functional brain asymmetry during childhood is confirmed by changes in cerebral blood flow measured at rest using dynamic single photon emission computed tomography. Between 1 and 3 years of age, the blood flow shows a right hemispheric predominance, mainly due to the activity in the posterior associative area. Asymmetry shifts to the left after 3 years. The subsequent time course of changes appear to follow the emergence of functions localized initially on the right, but later on the left hemisphere (i.e. Visuospatial and later language abilities). These findings support the hypothesis that, in man, the right hemisphere develops its functions earlier than the left.

--- Brain Abstracts: Chiron et al. ---

By making some parallel analogy with the brain development of infants and the brain development of early modern humans in centuries past, I am using a type of recapitulation theory of my own by stating that the brain development of infants is a short microcosm "expression" of the (macrocosm) brain development early modern humans experienced as adults. In fact, the brains of early modern human infants may have exhibited a more primitive variation of an even earlier human. In some respects, the brain of an early modern human adult in centuries past may have functioned like that of a very young (pre-3- year old?) child. A limitation which did not provide for the development of a left hemisphere dominant speech region. Such a comparison may well give us some indication of why no early hominids have survived, though some forms of early primates have (in relatively unchanged environments within groups).

While some readers may be a bit confused of why I ventured off into a discussion of brain development, it has an application in the present discussion by way of viewing the present political guild system as the maintenance of an old mentality that humanity has not moved on from in its social self-governing practices, though there are those who have done so in their own personal political views which never see the light of day in an actual practice thereof. While some readers may be interested in why and how humanity stays stuck in a rut, it is because when confronted with a bad situation, there appears to be an invariable retreat to some former thought and behavior because revolutionists and reformers have not yet found a means to burn the bridges to the past in order to force humanity forward. So, Welcome to America, the land which practices different kinds of retreats across bridges owned and controlled by the current political guild ever-eager to cash in on the tolls to be paid to and from.

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