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Windows 10 Is Spyware


Windows Evolution (103K)

Big Brother's Two-way Mirrored Windows

Mirror, Mirror on the Commerce Wall
Who's the greatest social spy of them all
Like a Humpty Dumpty with a boisterous call,
Backed by a government arrogance standing tall;
Where so much further into an abyss may it fall.

The Humpty Dumpty of this Age of Irrationality
Not unlike a selfie-shooting wicked step-mother
Another variation of the Narcissus personality,
Claiming a personhood as an entitled lover—
...A partnership to erode personal Rights and Liberty.

The Humpty Dumpty well-known from old
Like a beating drum standing alone but bold
Has lost their way as might at present be told,
And while deeply saddened we can not scold;
But tell the tale for the hidden truth to unfold.

Once protesting on behalf of an impoverished people
A drugged Humpty Dumpty can only stutter and mutter
by taking bribes from an out-sourced Capitalist steeple,
seduced to join the Plutocratic Aristocracy like none other;
to whom the people have bestowed the title of BIG BROTHER.

In whose image all shall be made to repeat in unison
To see the world through the eyes of the wealthy
And the famed insect colony mentality becomes a reality,
Where Of, By and For All The People is a fanciful illusion;
... Enslaving the Peoples Democracy in an Age Of Irrationality.

And now, adding insult to its growing list of injuries, the technology page on the BBC news site of 29 April 2016, displayed the headline: "Microsoft stops Google being used for Cortana searches" (and is forcing people to its idiotic Bing configuration, in order to keeps tabs on users.) Even without using Windows 10, a user is being introduced to having their internet searches followed and logged and repeatedly shown up, such as when searching on Amazon... only to find their query show up again and again in some add... as if to remind the person to spend their money. It's just another filthy, dirty trick that is permitted by an equally dirty, filthy list of governing policies that permit businesses to strip the public of its liberties. We need a few suicide bombers to visit Microsoft headquarters. Like a drug dealer offering samples in order to get people hooked, government policies permit criminals like Microsoft to incrementally infuse the public with its goods in an "all or nothing" fashion. It's no wonder Microsoft is seen by some as an enemy of the people that is stabbing us in the back if we don't bow down and bed for more of its brand of whippings...

Then again, some people prefer Bing because Google is a PROUD sponsor of the international day against Homophobia and Transphobia that have become verbalized patches like the once used actual patches by the Nazis to signify homosexuals and jews. However, in none of the cases have the Collective Will of The People been able to vote on the adopted preferences they want to be accepted by society. Neither Homosexuals nor Transsexuals (and one might assume Google as well), want any Nation to adopt a full exercise of an Actual Democracy, because the Collective Will of the Populations the world over might not want them around. All of them want selective, limited government whereby they are enabled to assert their minority opinion on the majority... which takes place on so many levels of society that we have ended up with the nonsense we must now endure.

The following is an artistic conception of what the Windows 11 logo might look like after the public surrenders increasing amounts of personal information via the Windows 10 spy-der-ware with its entangling web tentacles. The next stage in the evolution is meant to entrench your mind in a labyrinthine structure of dead-ends, blind alleys and goose chases leading to the same place... an incremental, step-wise "restructuring" of the public consciousness resulting in one's free will, free agency, free volition to parrot the ideals sought after by the growing interactive network of Big Brothers (and Sister organizations). And the public, particularly those born into it, will not be able to recognize the distinction between actual and artificialized freedom. In fact, under the present government falsified democracy structure, the public will be forced to participate because of adopted laws supported by a Supreme Court that is not answerable to the public. When one's eyes are said to be windows to one's soul, one can only imagine what scenery and resources is being sought after by landscaping the data of millions.

Windows 11 already in progress (414K)
Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/64950419600859332/

Windows 10 is Spyware and Intel's 6th Gen Core processors that have been specifically optimized to assist Microsoft in its spying capabilities such as with facial recognition, must be addressed by the public.... Since We The People can not expect to be protected by the government from an increasing invasion of privacy (with the intent to direct public and private behavior, though the word "persuasion" may be used in an attempt to minimize hidden ulterior motives) that are directed towards increased manipulation and control because the government is the ring-leader in this growing network of spies and spy sponsorship. The public is being forced to take the lead in its own protection which may well involve the elimination of business executives, government officials, and their army of supporters be they professionals or otherwise. When there is no one else to protect us from such encroachments, we are without little choice but to foment the need for a Revolution. And it is of interest to note that such a view, if called paranoia by those engaging in actions which create such a social environment and circumstance, is being embraced by tens of thousands in individual nations, and perhaps tens of millions if one could count them globally.

The next image is a rendition of what Windows 12 might look like, in an attempt by those who want to provide consumers with a more positive (though illusory) image of themselves and what the public can expect from a further attempt to create a "new and improved" (or some such applied bait and switch rubric). A "through the looking glass" theme might be used to convey a new threshold of experience to be enjoyed, though even more personal data becomes available to them... whereby manipulation of public interests can be further engrained into the social psyche. And like any religion, people may join in the ceremonies of computer experience offered by the windows environment because they are familiar with it. They are persuaded to trust in those creating the Windows program and may fervently defend it, like so many who engaged in crusades because they followed the dictates of religious authority.

Looking Glass Windows 12
Looking glass Windows 12 (13K)
Source: Google Images

Windows 13 will be a little tricky since there remains (in this day and age), an inclination towards superstition. Microsoft may decide to skip over this number and use the value '14' instead, or change their marketing strategy to some other symbology such as letters... even though some might associate the value 13 to whatever advertising formula is used. Irrespective of what it may be called, that which follows the Windows 12 version may nonetheless become more sinister, trying to suck the whole of civilization into its manipulative grasp. While Microsoft itself may not actually engage in manipulation of the public by directing and redirecting the direction consumers think they have a free choice in deciding about; the personal data and habits of consumer may be used by others for other measures of controlling behavior and thus, in time, beliefs. Hence, the usage of a Black Hole as a possible Windows 13 logo would be appropriate... at least in the eyes of the public. We might even want to designate it as the 13 black holes of Windows... though Microsoft and its aspiring initiates and adroit believers may prefer some other Moniker suggesting it as the black hole to other dimensions of reality that none need to fear.

Windows Black hole 13
Windows Blackhole 13 (34K)
Source: Google Images

Here is another artistic rendition of Windows 10 designated as a Broken windows theme that suggests mishandling of a fragile product that Microsoft wants the public to pay for even before the people have decided it is of value, by forcing the public to agree to their contractual stipulations hidden beneath excessive verbiage and calling it a jusifiable legality to do whatever they want... though clear explication is intentionally obscured like a 'patent-pending' mentality which affords an inventor a means by which alterations can be made and not be liable for any faults caused by their so-called work-in-progress. Then again, perhaps the broken window scenario is intentional because it affords a means of acquiring access and opportunity that a fixed window pane doesn't.

Broken Windows (34K)
Broken Windows Theory

Whereas Microsoft's argument is that people can change "some" of the default data collection settings 'The Fault' (De-Fault) of Microsoft was that it does not provide for the public the choice of whether or not to opt in or not in the first place. Like so many Call Centers whose company Executives think it permissible to contact people about a service or product whether or not they requested such a contact... Microsoft takes it upon itself to presume to think for everyone who downloads their so-called "New and Improved" Windows application. They know that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, whereby they get to collect millions of data and file it away... even if a court system were to say it had to get rid of the information. Some excuse or another would be used to describe a loss, misdirection, or misplacement or that their "system" was compromised and will offer something else for free... all the while having an unscrutinized opportunity to review the information already collected. It is a trick many businesses, governments and religions use in varying formulas.

It is also evident that governments and businesses want to socially inculcate the notion that spying on the public is necessary for its safety in a hostile world (that they have intentionally or inadvertently contributed to)... or else they will take deliberate steps to make people feel insecure and call for increased protection. In other words, the government and businesses want the people to accept them as a necessary and natural "Big Brother" just as religions have suffused the public with the notion of an all-seeing God. Indeed, Religions don't want to interfere because in doing so, its own philosophy of harboring a Big Brother image would be greatly shaken. Governments and businesses want to impress and impose upon the public that spying is normal and natural and should therefore be their right to do so, but the public should not be able to define the limits of that right. Regardless of the title one esteems themselves with, they are viewed as domesticated cattle... prized or otherwise viewed as commonplace... to be used in whatever form of social application businesses and governments deem fit.

Like days of old if one sought to be free from the impositions of the social order to which they were born... ostracism frequently meant hardship or even death... because the people were brought up in a state of dependency— and Independence often required the development of survival skills at odds with the conventions of law observed by the social order of a given era... such as poaching game on lands owned by Robber Barons as was the case in ancient England. For example, when Lazarus of the Bible was said to have been brought back to life by Jesus commanding him to come forth from a cave; to be unattached to a social order in that era could well mean death... if one was not viewed as a religious hermit and provided sustenance by one or another care giving person. There is no telling what social "crime" was committed by Lazarus which caused him to be ostracized. Hence, Lazarus was "dead" in a social sense... and being accepted by Jesus meant a re-birth.

Far too often the stories told to the public by some type of "authority" are taken too literally, such as, for example, the "conveniently structured annihilation" of the Twin Towers (falling on their own footprints) due to planes used by those whom we are told to believe wanted to commit acts of as much destruction to Americans as they could... yet the plane which hit the Pentagon left no wing impressions and all attack sites were hurriedly cleaned up even though at other crime scenes the places are left intact for further examination by different sets of eyes since it is well-known that painting a wall can cloud one's vision to a single color thereby overlooking mistakes until a period of distancing has occurred for purposes of review. Additionally, we are told to accept the notion that the (labeled) Terrorists of the time had the financial and intellectual wherewithal to participate in such a coordinated effort. And like those who believe religious authority is infallible, so too do some believe is the case for governments and businesses. Yes, the level of naivete' is astounding. Yet, the public is not publicly taught to be critical thinkers about businesses, governments nor religions. The only critical thinking permitted is to accept such on faith... To have faith that businesses operating in America will not exploit the public. To have faith that the government of one's Nation will not undermine the efforts of the public to establish an Actual Democracy so that it honestly exhibits and practices a government Of, By and For All The People. And to have faith that any and all religions are honestly established and wield their authority by the Will of God... and that those who do not believe in a given way will not be saved during the alternatively and Authoritatively defined Judgment day. What an absolutely ridiculous period of history to live in... this Age of Irrationality.

The Evolution of Microsoft and Intel... not to mention many others, has taken on a sinister-laden bad route toward exploitation of the public; brought about by desperation to recover an increasing loss in computer and computer-aligned sales. Acting like drug dealers to get the people hooked on a particular product, they resort to more and more espionage and commercialized forms of manipulation... because they have not yet been give the government enforced go-ahead to use more forceful tactics to get the public to do their bidding. Whereas Intel has confessed to being an accomplice in Window's "legalized" nefarious deed of spying on the public in an attempt to contour the public into purchasing one or another product... not without a promotional price tag; others like Google and Yahoo (and MSN's intrusive Bing... as well as all those trying to keep a low public profile as a manufacturer, or go-between), have yet taken such a step towards honesty... even though many manufacturers reserve to practice the exclaimed disclaimer that they are not responsible for the application of their products... even when they know such items are used to do harm. Businesses, governments and religions are all chasing the mighty dollar (at the expense of the public), or some type of trade-able equivalent and use self-styled semantics to minimize the appearance (definition) of wrong doing.

Facial recognition capabilities enable such intended manipulators to know who you are, where you are and have collected enough of your personal data as a means of directing your behavior along those channels for reasons which best suit the agendas of those who have learned enough about you to bribe, cajole, intimidate, threaten, ambush, or use any means or method necessary to get the public to do their bidding... effectively becoming living, breathing domesticated robots who think, do and say whatever those at a keyboard writing computer code dictate to them. Microsoft and Intel are just two of more and more players who want to use the public as game pieces in varying social scenarios... that are already taking place incrementally.

We must also address the reality that by down-loading updates to your present Operating System, the present Supreme Court's mentality might well interpret this as an implied consent on the part of the public to have spyware installed on your computer. And this also means that if you run a restore program to try to get rid of the spyware, the spyware can be configured to look like a natural and needed code for the proper operation of the overall OS (operating system), be it windows 7, or 8... and its derivative 8.1. Like the ruling in which a person's silence is not to be interpreted as exercising their right to remain silent, the same irrationality can be applied to any and all cases. In other words, everyone must speak up against the usage of spyware, in any form, being used by any company AND the government... though any and all such contributors to the growing network of spies-against-the-public will work individually or collectively to undermine the public's right to privacy. For example, in order for the government to use the argument of privacy invasion because of security, it will either instigate, manufacture, or produce one or more instances of attacking the public as proof that it has a National Security right to do so.

Analogously, early American volunteer fire-fighters began to think they should be paid for their assistance... because they were frequently busy putting out fires during an era when building construction codes lack the fire-retardant rules they have today (and a lot more wood was used). In order to create a social need to justify forcing the public (through "rational explanations") there was a need for a full-time fire department; several such volunteers would deliberately start fires. Such "fires" in today's social context are being practiced by computer software developers in order to "prove" to the public there is a need to develop anti-spyware, malware, etc... tools. They don't want to stop all hackers, because the existence of such people, like the existence of actual or presumed terrorists, give those in authority an excuse for creating that which the public must buy-into. Democracy directed by any business, government or religious activity that has making money or acquiring enormous resources to further its objectives as its primary goal, regardless of what is destroyed or who is hurt, is a long-standing historical problem for humanity.

No less, let us not overlook that some types and level of spying have been taking place for a long time. All the search engines do it to some degree. However, spying by the government and corporations has become more intrusive... particularly when corporations and the government work together... all under the guise of some self-defined necessity that many of the public go along with because they retain a malleable herd mentality... even to the extent of sacrificing themselves in whatever manner that can be rationalized as serving some assumed greater purpose. Laws can be readily changed to suit any form of paranoia... or to create paranoia amongst the public in order to justify one or another action. The government and corporations like to play games. They want to convince the public that they game being offered by one or another is the best one to be played. Cenocracy on the other hand is a game changer with a different set of rules to be adopted which will conflict with those who do not want the public to have a greater choice. While the present government and corporations may claim they too advocate choice (freedom), it is a selectively-styled formula which provides only the illusion thereof. And yes, a lot of people would not at first know what to do with an increased formula of Liberty... which might produce fear and clamorings for a return to some presumed 'good old day' represented by a certain governing system or corporate perspective.

More and more encroachments on our civil right to have a private life are taking place. Big Brother not only wants to know who you are, where you are and what you are doing, but that... eventually, it wants to tell you what role you can play in society. If it needs you to be a criminal in order to perpetuate the proof that one or another criminal system needs to remain intact or altered in such a way, that is the role you will be assigned, and you will be subjected to an environment which gives you no other recourse but to participate in as a criminal. Yes, the incremental steps being taken to monitor people can progress to a stage where behaviorists are employed to modify behavior to produce a certain result.

Targets of elimination might include those Sociologists, Psychologists, Anthropologists, Political Scientists and the like who are employed with assisting Corporations and the Government in their efforts to manipulate and control the public without the public having the ability to speak and vote on its own behalf... and the result of such be made into law that can not be altered or abolished by any— or all the Branches of Government... if they should collectively work against the public as the are presently engaged in by the usage of a falsified Democracy. Clearly, We The People need a Cenocracy (New Government) and must demand it... with whatever type of voice is needed. Though we Cenocrats prefer non-violence, it is well known that governments like to instigate violence in order to give it an excuse to apply what they view as having an overwhelming force and justification for its usage, on their side. The government doesn't mind protests and protest banners so long as such activities are confined to letting the public blow off steam. However, when banners and protests are still being held high after the emotional dust has cleared... this is when it is realized the frailty of sentimentality has been replaced with a more serious character that does not read from expected scripts written for the oft' recognized creaking stage of history. In other words, the context does not lend itself to easy interpretation because it is not a simple repeat of history... due to its unpredictability. Because we do not think like those who persist in perpetuating the falsified Democracy of old, it is evident that a new political animal has been born and is increasing in numbers.

~~~ Increasing intrusions, by way of sneaky, under-handed, duplicitous maneuvers into our lives by electronic means that is frequently given as a "free" application such as windows 10 by way of Microsoft's "legalized" contractual agreement to collect whatever data you unwittingly give permission to be collected— as a step towards greater public manipulation... and no wonder MS wants to give such a program free to all research centers, banking systems, etc..., and many companies are looking to be involved with this type of tyrannical technology that the public's only recourse is felt to be to "stay off the grid" or align itself with tech-savvy individuals who have begun to develop an unnamed and loosely organized coalition of Resistance fighters that use a keyboard as a weapon, though a few others have begun to align themselves with firearms and explosives for what they think will be the necessary end result of the growing conflict involving privacy issues... When you receive a pop-up window introducing Windows 10 stating that "Microsoft recommends: Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE.", and then down-load it after agreeing to the lengthy terms most people may not read; you are giving permission for any and all data on your computer to be collected and used. In other words, Windows 10 is spyware that you are giving Microsoft the legal ability to place on your computer and help it to better learn how to manipulate you and others for its own agenda or the agenda of the highest bidder. Those at Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and others would not like it if they were "legally" bugged by the public. ~~~

For those wanting to get rid of Windows 10 and (ugh!) return to 8.1 (though we are still having to choose between what is worse and what is bad, respectively), the following list are the easy steps... even though this may not entirely remove something left behind by the duplicitous thinking Microsoft who is engaging in "legalized" espionage against the public and may eventually invent ways to force the public into accepting its spyware, however it may be named such as "new and improved", "ultimate", Windows 11, 12, etc...; though it may skip over "13" like the superstition encountered in high-rise buildings whose 13th floor is named the 14th and thus elevators don't have the value "13" listed... thus showing how very primitive various constructors of society's infrastructure remain in their thinking... which includes the design of the present government. And don't be surprised if Microsoft engages in deliberate attempts to make the users of windows 8.1 an increasingly miserable experience in an attempt to make you surrender to its silent demands to adopt Windows 10 "or else"... By making Windows 10 fraught with the ability to produce so much apprehensiveness about Microsoft, a forced return to Windows 8.1 usage trains the public along a certain course of thinking that can be mapped out... like rats in a maze that is owned, operated, and redesigned to whatever specifications Microsoft wants... or those that pay Microsoft to do their bidding... just like those in government try to do with a public who is forced into the harness of a false democracy.

  1. Click on lower left "window" icon.
  2. Click on "settings".
  3. Click on "update and security".
  4. Click on "recovery".
  5. Click on "go back to windows 8.1".

However... this fix works for those who have used Window's 10 for a month or less. Clearly, Microsoft did not listen to those making complaints about its Windows 8-8.1 operating system. Windows 10 is not an improvement for the public, but for their own agenda. Yet, let it be noted that Microsoft and other corporations are following the lead set in place by the government that is not an Actual Democracy, and those in charge do not want the public to have Greater Independence. Indeed, We The People need not one, but multiple Revolutions to take place simultaneously so that those in charge have their resources so spread out they can not possibly combine them against the public.

Here's a page for reference: Rollback from Windows 10 to your previous version of Windows

...Hence, Microsoft's "windows" has been re-manufactured into a two-way mirror that enables it to hear, watch and collect your personal details so as to learn how to best take control of or at least persuade you in your buying, feeling and thinking habits to advantage itself and those it is aligned with. Perhaps needless to say, it is far too often noted that exploitation is aligned with the philosophy that the ends (of those in authority) justifies the means, no matter who gets hurt or what gets destroyed, so long as a few reap personal rewards and imagine such to be justifiable at any cost deemed the necessary collateral.

The evolution of Windows must now include the image of a two-way mirror in which not only is the applied context (and accompanying belief system) artificially created under the philosophical guise of being socially useful (by way of trying to control all variables akin to a type of enslavement); but the image we think we see of ourselves in a mirror will be just as artificially contoured to exhibit that which fulfills the agenda of Corporations and the Government... and even Religious leaders are silent about because they have created an artificial world for themselves that they want others to join in (and pay some measure of tithing— like the government forcing its own agenda on the public which we must pay for by way of taxes, as well as fulfilling the ever-increasing costly greed of competing Corporations... and we are without a collective voice or vote because we do not have an Actual Democracy and therefore must strive to establish a Cenocracy.)

And now We The People must be even be more cautious with the activities of corporations involved with computer technology and are corroborating with one another since it is to be noted that Intel's 6th Gen Core processors have been optimized to best run Windows-10. (And no, it's not a coincidence, but a calculated move that the announcement of the chip comes out shortly after Microsoft is pedaling its new Window 10 Spyware. What's the use of having technology if it is going to be used against us? No wonder sales in computers have gone down. The people don't want to be subjected to scheming Corporations acting to take advantage of the public by way of technological bushwhacking techniques. Microsoft didn't listen to complaints about Windows 8, so we can be sure it won't listen to the public about its present nonsense the public is being "freely" persuaded to accept as a new and improved version of its operating system with respect to the Windows 10 Spyware. Perhaps Intel might join Microsoft and give out its new chip for free, and other companies will join in by giving out free computers that will eventually be forced on everyone because the government will pass a law making it unlawful not to have the "free" technology in your vehicles, phones, radios, televisions, and attached to your bodies... Big Brother is with us, but is not truly aware of how disgusted We The People are becoming and may soon begin practicing fratricide.

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