Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
This is Not a Democracy
(Therefore, let us take steps to create one.)
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A prominent lack of democracy exists in the U.S.

All female team of liars in the White House

It's the same mentality over and over and over again

The US media is assisting the government with jury tampering!

Selectivity conceals widespread government prejudice! Once again, and again, and again we have the media in the spotlight

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Discussions of what is meant by a Democracy are varied. So are the variables of governance. In making a statement that some formula of government is not a Democracy, the writer necessarily pronounces an insinuation that they harbor a type of belief of what they think an Actual Democracy is. However, interpretations and definitions change over time due to experiences. Whereas one or more points of expression might be used to begin a commentary about what a Democracy is not, sometime down the road a person's interests in this regard come to change as part of their own individualized adaptation to prevailing circumstances mixed and matched with education as well as health issues and multiple other vagaries of learning. When this page was first initiated more than a year and a half ago, the writer at the time was involved with multiple concerns, both personal and extemporaneous to their immediate social affiliations. In short, they would not write on this topic in the same manner. Nonetheless, it is left as it occurred... but does not appreciably represent the writer's considerations at this point in their interests about Democracy. Ideas about what is and what isn't a Democracy have changed for the writer, as it has for many readers. Clearly, no one on the planet enjoys a "True" Democracy, because none of us know what is meant by a True or Actual Democracy, though Switzerland attempts to claim it practices a Direct Democracy... given the lay-out of the country's real-estate and the limited population. Everyone else is juggling some flavor of governance then may or may not label as a democracy; where the label of democracy is used arbitrarily as a favorable price tag for different publics of the world to accept as reasonable, fair, and necessary to thwart this or that purported evil presence alternatively labeled Communism, Socialism, Revolution, Far Right, Far Left, Fascism, Libertarianism, Monarchy, Theocracy, Mob Rule, Dictatorship, etc...

Even the old phrase coined in the U.S. during the era of Abraham Lincoln by an Abolitionist preacher Theodore Parker... which Lincoln copied and removed the word "All"... is very often used as a con, as a gimmick, as a ruse to manipulate the citizenry into thinking they have something which they clearly don't:

A government:
Of [all] The People- By [all] The People- For [all] The people

Who coined government of the people, by the people, for the people?
Government Of the people, By the people, For the people

The very practice of political parties, of an Electoral system (in the U.S.), gerrymandering, a Supreme Court deciding who does and doesn't win a vote, etc., are all indications that the U.S. flavor, the U.S. formula, the U.S. practice of a purported Democracy amounts to a rigged system maintained by a ludicrous reliance on out-date relics and documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of rights, etc., and frequently supported by preserving idiotic landmarks such as the Washington monument, the "General" title in government positions (Post Master general, Attorney General, etc...); the Lincoln Memorial; Libraries named after Presidents, presidential entitlements after a tenure in office which cost tax payers money that could be better used elsewhere, the pathetic display of past presidents on a mountain called Mount Rushmore, etc.... The U.S. people are clearly not in charge of their government, or else there would be a Peoples Legislative Branch that had the ability to over-ride the so-called disturbingly stupid "Checks and Balances" idea that is more often practiced as a three-pointed pitchfork to force the public to do the bidding of a few. Indeed, in such an instance, the Devil clearly indicates it has many guises.

You give these men and women a title of Congressman or Congresswoman and let them speak their peace/piece, which gives some citizens a feeling that they too are being heard for their similar opinions... However, at the end of the day we are left with a Congress filled by those who have no vision, no aptitude for real leadership, and will come to toe-the-line of their peers who support one another's mediocrity and primary efforts to maintain a status quo for perpetuating... first and foremost, their political affiliation; but have done nothing substantive for the public at large. For all the retributive concert of female voices being heard, and the lofted positions of politics that have been acquired, the people are now stuck with a legislative body of female do-nothings who have replaced a previous legislature of male do-nothings. The design of the government does not protect the citizenry from a recurring incompetence which fills many government positions... who are permitted to persist for much longer than they should because there are no government-wide term limits for all positions and no adequate in-training procedures to have them replaced. It is pathetically stupid to think that some landmark achievement has taken place on behalf of the public simply by getting someone into a position that they will occupy but have accomplished nothing except learn how to make excuses for why they weren't able to accomplish anything and over value having acquired a self-referential name tag that only the very naive actually attach any significance to.

We at Cenocracy.org are not alone in recognizing the failure of Democracy as it is practiced in its variations throughout the world. Whereas on the one hand some claim that the U.S. has a Democracy, others claim it to be a Republic, as if in labeling it as such they provide an excuse and plausible reason as well as rationale for the recognizable deficiencies of the U.S. government... and all governments, regardless of the excuses being use to permit a very few to enjoy a larger cut of the economic and other resources pie of entitlements and services. Whereas we think that a new group of Legislators will correct the mistakes of their forbearers, they little realize that they compound previous errors by perpetuating a culture and government that is designed for a few to control the many. And yet, the many do not have the wisdom to direct the few towards creating a better... a solution to the same systemic problem of governance humanity encounters. Alas, while we see the many errors with a perpetuate false democracy, a supposed Actual Democracy is not honestly known— yet can only be sought for by way of practice. However, in an effort to instill the means to create a better government, presiding styles of governance incorporate measures of law and tradition to keep such efforts at the outskirts of a collective discussion, much less a collective attempt to construct.

So what do we try now? A different formula of Communism? Libertarianism? Religious protectionism? Anarchy? Socialism? Whose brand do we use? Is humanity and the environment to be first and foremost in all policies, or commercialism? Can we not create a new U.S. Constitution free from all the greed, undermining and manipulations the present one is plague with? Can we not create a Universal one that honestly guards and forcefully promotes the humanity of humans instead of the business of government safe-guarding business interests at any cost of the Rights of Man? Right now, in this age, the so called Rights of Man have been mangled to serve the personal interests of corporations, different government agencies, religions and special interest groups. If we rely on the ignorance of those who support a Trump-like character or their replacement due to desperation... a situation so ridiculous that one might conclude all of America has the IQ of a peanut... what difference does the type of government make for U.S. Americans when they make the same illogical errors from one candidate to the next? When we have generations of candidates upholding a Constitution that is clearly best thrown out into the rubbish heap in order to be replaced by that which is better, what does the rest of the world do if it waits by to see what prevails in a society whose power and resources rase in like a child with a loaded gun wallowing in goods that it wastes?

Indeed, if all of the U.S. people could be replaced by some other culture's peoples, they might make better use of the resources to serve humanity in a more realistic way. Then again, the present comments reek of multiple alternatives to be considered... in other words— It is not the last word, but an attempt to take the dialog away from small groups into the social domain with the intent that an actual effort to create a better society through a more enlightened government is actually tried... and not simply thought about and be permitted to be dismissed by prevailing leaderships who have their heads stuck in their back pockets, along with large portions of their respective publics. While a war or pandemic to kill off millions might well provide the impetus from which a better formula of government is not only entertained in discussion but actually attempted, we clearly have not had a war or disease neither strong enough nor lasting for the time required. All too often such events merely serve to solidify the currency of idiocy already in place and provide protections for the perpetuation of such.

Hong Kong efforts to create a Democracy
Democracy is showing its flaws

U.S. election problems is the tip of the ice berg
Election denialism is a middle finger to democracy

The U.S. flavor of Democracy has a disturbing taste
Three Groups that stood up for American (U.S.) Democracy

The third image in the above collection refers to African Americans, Native Americans, and a group of professionals noted as lawyers, judges, and state attorneys general. This interpretation is based on the article's writer who has some image of a purported Democracy that they think exists and needs to be preserved as they perceive it. Clearly the writer and the three groups described in the essay do not actually know what is meant by a democracy or how we should actually go about practicing it once a valid definition is arrived at.

For those readers interested in addressing the issue of Child Poverty, you may be interested in the following suggestions being offered in the format of advertising for yet another organization which helps to perpetuate the same type of problematic formula of government we want to replace:

Policy Improvements to Reduce Child Poverty Right Now

  • –Create transitional jobs for unemployed and underemployed individuals ages 16-64 in families with children.
  • –Increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 by 2024.
  • –Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for lower-income families with children.
  • –Make the Child Tax Credit (CTC) fully refundable with additional benefits for families with young children.
  • –Make child care subsidies available to all eligible families below 150 percent of poverty with no co-pays.
  • –Make the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC) refundable with a higher reimbursement rate.
  • –Determine Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits based on USDA’s Low-Cost Food Plan for families with children and increase benefits by 31 percent.
  • –Make housing vouchers available to all households with children below 150 percent of poverty for whom fair market rent exceeds 50 percent of their income.
  • –Require child support to be fully passed through to families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF formerly AFDC), fully disregarded for TANF benefits and partially disregarded for SNAP benefits.

While many of us are listening and would implement changes if we had a direct hand in legislation, we have no real clout nor any realistic means of influencing those who do... and throwing money hand over fist by giving to charities... however sincere and worthwhile they appear on the outside... clearly does not solve the issue; whereby the ad being presented is one of clear hypocrisy because of its portrayed dichotomy. So what are the people to do when their hands are tied, mouths are taped, and the government stands over us like a hooded executioner in this so-called land of the free and home of the brave that others describe as the land of rising inequality and more entrenched forms of conditions making us an indentured slave... with flags on our collars and name tags to make us feel we are patriotically serving a greater cause defined of, by and for a select few... but is actually designed to make us more servile... more compliant... and less inclined to carry out a Revolution? The layout of the article, though necessarily well-intended, is laughably absurd when it describes "empowering children". You've got to be kidding. Empowering kids to become more of the same mindless automatons who are now running the politics of this country... as well as other countries? Taxes are supposed to be providing school needs supplemented with lottery funds. Whose minding the books... or should we say "cooking the books"? We can not be but suspicious of the motivations of the presentation of the information particularly when the ad is brought out by MSN... whom we all know we can trust without question.... though we can be grateful for despite our suspicions and any misgivings for personal negative experiences with Microsoft and its handling of the windows 10 offering in a bureaucratic time frame instead of permitting the public to make the necessary transition towards its adoption without feeling they are being subjected to yet another formula of dictatorial governing overseer.

Child poverty is a crisis in the US and this is how to fix it

Kennedy Family post after a terrible loss

Winners and losers from the 1st U.S. Democratic debate:
Winners: The Phony U.S. brand of so-called Democracy and its supporters who have carved out a niche in its many practiced inequalities and politically-rigged system of the "peoples" governance. Losers: The people for generations to come.
Winners and losers from the 2nd U.S. Democratic debate:
Winners: The Phony U.S. brand of so-called Democracy and its supporters who gravitate towards practicing traditions of unfairness. Losers: The people for generations to come.

Justly so, there are a few journalists who do see and report what so many of us see occurring not only with the Democrats in Congress, but the Republicans as well... (and yet, this perspicuity does not automatically afford them with self-appointing themselves as the mouth-piece for morality, justice, equality, etc.) For example, the caption of the following image displays the realized perception that we recognize the repeated slogan of the Democrats who think that getting rid of Trump is the most pressing issue they can attend to, and yet, when asked what they will do for step two in their collective efforts, the people are confronted by a Congressional crowd of morons who don't actually know where to go nor what to do because they neither have an internalized leadership nor individualized consensus of vision to address the many issues confronting the people and actually do something of lasting value instead of being engaged with back-patting congratulatory ceremonialisms aimed at little more than perpetuating their personalized careers with a stable income and entitlements that the general public does without but has to pay for the privilege of being subjected to a herd of idiots in Congress and other federal government departments.

Indeed, let us explain what step two entails

Congressions Men and Women see things differently but act out the same roles

The Congressional labyrinth demystified

If we truly had a "Peoples Government", where "Peoples" actually meant the entire citizenry and not selectively small segments thereof dictating their ideas for others to follow as in the current case of the Phony American Democracy, then the people would not have to put up with the filthy disgusting way the Congress is dealing with Trump with their on-again/ off-again "Impeach Trump" slogan that has amounted to diddly squat... and won't amount to anything because Congress is using it as an excuse not to have to address more pressing issues. The US Congress, Supreme Court and SEC are three of many laughable entities whose members are over-paid and receive entitlements that the rest of the people are forced to pay for but do without.

A parts replacing mechanic

We have oh so many more women in Congress and they haven't done anything except get themselves involved with squabbling like neighborhood busy-bodies gossiping about others. It was bad enough with mindless automaton men squabbling, now we have women in the mix making the situation even more dead-ended.

Let us state plainly what so many think and whisper about. Pelosi is a joke. She takes one step forward, two steps sideways, and then three steps back before running her mouth in circles just like so many other men and women in Congress. And it is the people who are made to suffer such nonsense. Analogously we see in her an alley-way mechanic who is working on a vehicle trying to install makeshift parts with bailing wire, duck tape and chewing gum... when the vehicle is so outdated that it can not be improved with an overhaul— and instead needs to be significantly re-built or replaced with a new model of engineering that she is too ill-equipped and too unskilled to present or promote, muchness put together because she does not have the ability to comprehend the project's applicable requirements for achieving a Cenocracy... a New Government.

Many of us realize that various nations throughout the world which are claiming themselves to be a Democracy, fall short of the greater ideal assumed to be embodied in the notion of Of the people, By the people, For (all) the people. While the descriptive "all" was contained in a sermon by Theodore Parker, Lincoln omitted it. In fact, according to Professor Buzzkill, variations of the phrase have a lineage from John Wycliff, through Daniel Webster, then to T. Parker into Lincoln's hands. So let us give credit where credit is due. Nonetheless, the phrase embodies an idea which defines the size of the government we are talking about. So if you embrace the slogan then you also embrace the size of government to which it speaks: By its very nature....

Democracies are Huge governments

If you are against a BIG Government you are against an honest practice of a real Democracy, and merely want to use the word "Democracy" as a nice book cover for a set of chapters, paragraphs, sentences that can be arbitrarily used to carry out the practice of a government that is not wholly democratic, and is instead some mix and match variation of Communism, Socialism, Libertarianism, Anarchism, Blackism, Whiteism, Brownism, Redism, Theology, Fascism, Dictatorship, Orientalism, Occidentalism, Monarchialism, Corporatocracy, LGBTQ Narcissism, Feminism, Matriarchialism, and the various other models of elitist self-centeredism which strive for personal gains that do not equate with an equalized distribution of social opportunistic appurtenances and instead derive their philosophical arguments from an effort to receive un-equalized treatment based on their own rationalizations of what they think they deserve.

This is not to say that some future Cenocracy (New Government) will not comprise elements from two or more ideologies, it is just that in the current models of all political perspectives that have made the rounds of commonality... despite the many misinterpretations which have played out in philosophy and attempted application; fall short of their penultimate designs as well. Designs that unfortunately do not take into consideration the incremental deteriorations of the Sun (burning out), Earth (rotation is slowing), and Moon (Receding from Earth). Nonetheless, no single ideology today represents the greater ideal for which we of today have the collective fortitude to embrace in practice and concerted effort.

It is because this presumed greater ideal is not practiced nor is there an effort to reach a practice thereof, that an underlying protest of increasing resentment to all such false democracies has taken root and spreading. While this protest has not taken the form of that witnessed by historically distinct Revolutions, it nonetheless is being embraced as a great need so that Nationalism is reflected in a single idea of the Human Tribe or Clan, so that all peoples may share equally with resources to (at the very least) fulfill basic human needs; freedoms; civil rights guarantees of equanimity, and prospects for improvement, to name but a small handful of shared values. Without present governments being practiced to obtain a better practice of an Actual Democracy, it is altogether appropriate for us to claim an Independence on this U.S. tradition of celebrating its Independence having been achieved in 1776 from a structure of government which bound the people into a servitude which disabled an ability to create a government which they in the past knew was right and good for all citizens. Thus, so too must we of today likewise come to express a collective voice in demanding our Independence from a formula of government being practiced throughout the world in various disguises, which disallows the people to blaze their own trail and is instead forced to abide by the dictates of governmental traditions that enslave us to an inter-linked planetary system of culturally branded and yolked domestication instead of letting us be truly free.

And yet, we humans struggle with the word "democracy" just as we struggle to give an adequate definition... and therefore— discussion about this rather illusive idea about a presumed ideal state of being. Most often we find those who are speaking with the word "Democracy" on their lips are doing so from the vantage point of not having experienced a true democracy, but some shadowy semblance thereof. Then again, none of us know what a "true" Democracy is, but a conglomeration of idealisms placed under the label of DEMOCRACY are assumed to be representative thereof. However, all too often we come across so many different formulas and variations due to interpretations that are just as varied as those who try to describe truth, beauty, justice, peace, equality, etc... So very often the perception and therefore the interpretation of what a Democracy means is relegated to some contextual usage of application. Nonetheless, we come across varying opinions about an Actual Democracy, even though none of us have actually lived and breathed one. There are many, many, many variations of interpretation but few suggest a path towards achieving some enhanced practice of what we may one day come to collective define and practice as a democracy... or not, because there is a stark absence of opinions providing the variable of an ongoing environmental/planetary/biological decadence taking place, and that all government forms are little more than attempted survival mechanisms striving to maintain some semblance of equilibrium in a state of continuing global decay. The following two selections are not meant to be wholly representative of the vast literature on the topic of Democracy, but give some small measure of the present currency of considerations striving for originality of opinion... though there are many others which do so as well. The first one was selected because it bears a title similar to the title of this page and the second one exhibits and attempt at looking at the idea of Democracy by attempting to acquire an objectivity by looking at a practice of presumed government being used by an alternative life form, since humans regularly take ideas from other-than-human sources to adapt for their own uses.

This first selection has a title which gives the impression that the present practice of government may not be a Democracy, but that it is better than nothing, and that this formula can not readily be improved on (because of so many divergent opinions concerning this phenomena we attempt to describe as being a Democracy) so we must accept its many human-generated abuses and misuses or resign ourselves to a government that could well be worse... even though in the worst of conditions there are those who manage to live well at the expense of others. The author speaks with a claimed insight about what is meant by a Democracy but is inclined towards allowing far too many presumptions to enter into the discussion of what is or at least what she thinks should be representative of a Democracy. Some readers may like it because she speaks on several topics that have personalized interests in selectively given situations. Astra Taylor is trained as a Sociologist and not a philosopher nor Political Scientist, though she strives to integrate several disciplines into her socio-politico-historico-philosophy, like many others who strive to incorporate a multitude of perceptions striving for a larger comphrehensiveness. Like others before her, those contemporary with her, and those that will come in future years, we applaud them all for their efforts, however deep or superficial their respective perceptions may appear to some readers, in trying to translate a topic that has not yet achieved some working representation of the greater ideal which Democracy presumably means... but may be little more than a confabulation, like so many fairytales, myths, and legends. Humans like to tell a good story, (or even a bad one), particularly when it can be used to bring in an income. It is particularly interesting how so many accounts of democracy are tied to some pecuniary venture, as if Democracy can not be divorced from Capitalism... and whether or not you see Capitalism as a problem or appreciate it as just another tool that is so very often abused and misused by greed.

Book by Astra Taylor

There is no shortage of democracy, at least in name, and yet it is in crisis everywhere we look. From a cabal of plutocrats in the White House to gerrymandering and dark-money campaign contributions, it is clear that the principle of government by and for the people is not living up to its promise. The problems lie deeper than any one election cycle. As Astra Taylor demonstrates, real democracy?fully inclusive and completely egalitarian?has in fact never existed. In a tone that is both philosophical and anecdotal, weaving together history, theory, the stories of individuals, and interviews with such leading thinkers as Cornel West and Wendy Brown, Taylor invites us to reexamine the term. Is democracy a means or an end, a process or a set of desired outcomes? What if those outcomes, whatever they may be?peace, prosperity, equality, liberty, an engaged citizenry?can be achieved by non-democratic means? In what areas of life should democratic principles apply? If democracy means rule by the people, what does it mean to rule and who counts as the people?

Democracy's inherent paradoxes often go unnamed and unrecognized. Exploring such questions, Democracy May Not Exist offers a better understanding of what is possible, what we want, why democracy is so hard to realize, and why it is worth striving for.

This next selection is an alternative approach at not only giving an opinion of what an author thinks Democracy means, but how it can be practiced in real terms... after being translated from the insect world to the very many both real and artificial worlds of humans. The book offers an opportunity for some to attempt a greater appreciation of the "Democracy" topic from an other-than-human application... or at least a human interpretation of non-human circumstances interpreted to be applicable to humans. Some readers who are inclined towards creative thinking may enjoy this story, and even lead them to try their own attempts at deriving some interpretation of democracy being practiced in other life forms... though their musings may not lead them to write a book with the primary or secondary or tertiary purpose of acquiring an income. Thomas Seeley is a trained Biologist. Like Astra Taylor, he has a sincere interest in offering an opinion for the purpose of assisting humanity towards achieving a better formulaic practice of life for everyone, equally.

Book by Thomas Seeley

Honeybees make decisions collectively--and democratically. Every year, faced with the life-or-death problem of choosing and traveling to a new home, honeybees stake everything on a process that includes collective fact-finding, vigorous debate, and consensus building. In fact, as world-renowned animal behaviorist Thomas Seeley reveals, these incredible insects have much to teach us when it comes to collective wisdom and effective decision making. A remarkable and richly illustrated account of scientific discovery, Honeybee Democracy brings together, for the first time, decades of Seeley's pioneering research to tell the amazing story of house hunting and democratic debate among the honeybees.

In the late spring and early summer, as a bee colony becomes overcrowded, a third of the hive stays behind and rears a new queen, while a swarm of thousands departs with the old queen to produce a daughter colony. Seeley describes how these bees evaluate potential nest sites, advertise their discoveries to one another, engage in open deliberation, choose a final site, and navigate together--as a swirling cloud of bees--to their new home. Seeley investigates how evolution has honed the decision-making methods of honeybees over millions of years, and he considers similarities between the ways that bee swarms and primate brains process information. He concludes that what works well for bees can also work well for people: any decision-making group should consist of individuals with shared interests and mutual respect, a leader's influence should be minimized, debate should be relied upon, diverse solutions should be sought, and the majority should be counted on for a dependable resolution.

An impressive exploration of animal behavior, Honeybee Democracy shows that decision-making groups, whether honeybee or human, can be smarter than even the smartest individuals in them.

It is significantly problematic that the United States and other Nations professing to practice some variable representation of a Democracy retains an elections system which not only permits an idiot like Trump and his Congressional and other government-employed supporters to run for office or submit an application in the first place— because there are no public safe guards preventing incredulous characters from being mistaken for legitimate contenders; but that such individuals can even acquire a permanent or semi-permanent position speaks to the nature of an underlying system of embraced flaws in the system of practiced governance as well as to the presence of impractical familial and national traditions as well as a faulty system of both private and public education that the entertainment industry and corporate activity is a part of, that must include the now growing infamous character known as Journalism... with all its ulterior-motivated machinations and self-serving elitist inclinations which presupposes itself as a voice of the people, though the people had no voice in whether to select them for this assumed position or otherwise.

No less, it continues to be unconscionable for political candidates to expect the public to support them in their efforts to gain a government position in which they may honestly campaign on the hope to bring about corrective changes to some highly visibly displayed social inequality... when such support does absolutely nothing to address the actual underlying problems of a faulty government design to which candidates will most likely not address either because:

  • They don't actually want to change the faulty system of government, because they have learned to work within the corridors of its faulty design;
  • Or they do not actually grasp the nature of the problem, to provide a viable alternative design for;

...But simply play out the role of a glorified office manager who receives entitlements that the rest of the public must pay for or else be subjected to some financial impairment, but not likewise be entitled to with respect to receiving the same basic rights as everyone who is politically connected (such as legal and medical coverage) and receive secured guarantees that a basic standard of living will be provided in terms defined by the public within their respective economic-driven social circumstances, and not some ad hoc employment/impoverishment guideline created by those who have no actual first-hand experience with the travails that job and career seeking often entails, or long term poverty whose persistence is reinforced by a modicum of welfare efforts that often reek of insufficiency, nor have the capacity for empathy beyond a employment level of expected sympathetic gesturing.

A faulty system of democracy as that practiced by the United States and other so-called or 'wannabe' (want to be) democracies, one in which a stock market thrives due to the presence of incompetence in a politically guided leadership; portrays an underlying fragile economic system propped up by a rationale of self-serving pathological interests whose dimensions of incorporated psychology undermine the long-term stability of a citizenry that prefer to cling to the rotting roots of traditions guarded by political ambitions designed by short-term visions interpreted as historical revisions that do not take into account the contingencies of a required evolutionary change in government because they are little more than misidentified adaptations to temporary circumstances. Hence, the cyclical occurrence of economic disparities either blamed on a small conflict or the usage of a larger conflict to remedy a situation initially produced by a conflict instigated by ambitions often incongruent to the requirements of progress outside the petty interests of singularly minded individuals or groups.

Justin Amash comment

Many of us have read in a Washington Post commentary that has since been followed up by other News Sources such as The Media(ite), in which Representative Justin Amash says that he has grown disenchanted with party politics and frightened by a two-party system that has "evolved into an existential threat to American principles and institutions." Unfortunately, his sentiment and the millions of echoes which are no doubt resonating because of a like-mindedness that is intimating we need a New Government (a Cenocracy), but have not yet come to the forefront of demanding that we do... not only with words but with a sustained and forceful push towards this end. It doesn't matter how many of us agree if we are forced by the system to abide by its duplicity and rigged elections system.

The caption of Justin Amash is underlined with a comment concerning the usage of a "Peoples Legislative Branch". A crude and simple variation of this is already in use in the legal system called the Jury... or a Trial by Jury. Extrapolating from this we get "Government by Jury" from which is an evolved "Government by Peoples Legislative Branch". The words 'evolve', 'development' and 'progress' are aligned in order to assist in the process of a Peoples Legislative Branch usage in order to get people used to the idea as its implementation progresses to its complete embedded placement in government operations. In other words, we can transition ourselves into the usage thereof so that the current mindset of government processes does not stir up more confusion than the current one already advances because of its inherent problematical design. If we feel and logically construe that a Trial by Jury is a good idea, then its applied profile in terms of a Peoples Legislative Branch, should not be too difficult to appreciate with the a similar level of valuation. Perhaps the usage of some images might help as in the following characterizations which illustrate that the public, by law, is guaranteed to be a main part of the Judicial procedure, and not remain as a spectator. However, in a fully transitioned-into Peoples Legislative Branch, the people themselves will have supreme judgmental power, and current governmental power will be reduced to that of a servant, as is supposed to be the case in a "Peoples" government.

Three types of images are provided:

  1. Present Checks-and-Balances model used in variations by different so-called "Democratic" governments that practice an exclusionary principle of peerage.
  2. Courtroom profiles of Checks-and-Balances model presently used by the government and another revised to illustrate a Will-of-the-People "Jury of one's peers" provision to be adapted to how the government needs to be redesigned and redefined to allow the people to have a full measure of their Inalienable Rights.
  3. Checks-and-Balances model utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision.

3 branches of government without a public peerage

Current government Model of "Checks and Balances".
All governments claiming to be a Democracy exercise some variation of this schematic.

Present Checks and Balances schematic

This is a revised "Checks and Balances" model (Blueprint)
in which the people are Congressionally mandated to have a full measure
of their Inalienable Rights by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch
that enables the public to have a full and dominant voice.

Revised Checks and Balances schematic

This is a Provisional schematic of a Peoples Legislative Branch
being included in the "Checks and Balances" formula in order to create a better
exercise of Democracy allowing for a full measure of public participation in all
governmental affairs concerned with the well-being and overall welfare of the people.

Provisional schematic of Peoples Legislative Branch

It is ludicrous to think that the repeated deaths of Service Men and Women engaged in combat, somehow legitimizes the hypocrisy of a government and magically transforms it into the greater ideal of its "Representative government status" much less to define this status as the actions of a "Democracy".

Note: We at Cenocracy.org do not agree with the following assessment culled from the World Population Review, and offer it merely as a guideline for a beginning discussion on what is meant by a democracy and how all government professing a democracy fall short of that which the peoples of the world are in desperate need of in order to begin a more fruitful journey into the future. Our objections related to the presented comments are generalized as:

  • We consider all democracies as being flawed.
  • A system of elections is routinely not used to "change the Government", and instead merely changes those elected to position who will more often than not, simply act as office managers within established political guidelines. Hence, no government is changed, unless we think that all governments have flexible foundations whose established rule and regulations can be altered simply by electing someone different than before.
  • Protection of human rights for everyone should be enlarged to install provisions for protecting all life forms.
  • "Active participation of citizens" is an ideal that is never currently achieved, particularly when such a statement is absent the "all" so that "all citizens" are equally provisioned. Similarly, the "all" is missing for the slogan: "Of the people, By the people, For (all) the people". At present citizens throughout the world are not provided a full measure of participation.
  • All laws should apply equally to all those who enter a country and provided a means of a livelihood for which they would pay taxes for, if enabled to participate as a citizen though citizenship status has not yet been acquired due to an obstructive system of immigration.
  • A provision for being able to vote one's leaders into office does not in itself constitute a democracy when the reality is that the system in which they are elected to govern can be organized to be otherwise unanswerable to the public without the citizens taking it upon themselves to violently protest because there are no legal routes to interceded on their behalf, without those legal routes being organized with laws which allow the government to undermine the Will of The People.
  • As can be interpreted from comments made by Professor Alastair Smith in a conversation with Michel Martin on NPR's Tell Me More Program segment entitled Why Don't More Countries Have Democracies?; Excuses are made for not taking the hard work that needs to be done to empower the people. While his remark was solely referencing a question concerning the idea in which there is a view "that some societies are culturally more conducive to democracy than others", it is clear that the lack of effort to create a greater empowerment of the people is reflective of multiple other excuses being routinely adopted as both rational and logical, when the are not.

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