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What is a democracy? A democracy is a form of government where the citizens of the nation have the power to vote. There are several different types of democracies:

  1. A representative democracy is a system where citizens choose government representatives among their citizens.
  2. A direct democracy is when the citizens form a governing body and vote directly on issues.
  3. A constitutional democracy limits the powers of government through the nation’s constitution.

Political Scientist Larry Diamond's four critical elements for a democracy:

  • A system of elections used to choose and replace the government.
  • Protection of human rights of all people.
  • Active participation of citizens in politics and civics.
  • All laws apply equally to all citizens.

According to the Democracy Index, which is compiled the Economist Intelligence Unit of the United Kingdom, there are just a handful of nations that are full democracies. According to the 2018 index, these democratic countries are:

According to the index, a number of nations are classified as "flawed democracies." While elections are free and fair and there are basic civil liberties, there are faults in other aspects, such as low levels of participation in politics and civics or an underdeveloped political culture. Nations that were categorized as flawed democracies include:

1st series of flawed democracies 2nd series of flawed democacies

Only those who still fall prey to the illusory inebriated patriotisms of ignorance... or let's say: delusion of USA Politics representing a purported democracy, find any real value in the Presidential debates presently taking place. It is merely the same old drum beat with different drummers vying for a personal position at the helm of a ship whose crew is a Legislature which represents special interests because the people are rarely if ever permitted to voice a concerted opinion and have that opinion become the law of the land. In short, those who find excitement in the Presidential debates are living in a fantasy world about the practice of a government that calls itself a Representative Democracy, but that Representation is not for the majority of the people. The American brand of democracy is a farce. In order to create a better, a New model of social self-governance... a "Cenocracy" (meaning New Government), let us begin by adopting the following provisions at the outset of development:

  1. Mandatory Term limits for all government employees and anyone receiving a government contract.
  2. Complete removal of the Electoral College.
  3. Since the U.S. Justice system has a primary obligation to protect itself, the public is not provided with an unbiased legal system. The usage of appeals courts use as a means to curtail this discrimination does not provide for equal protection nor equal legal assistance for everyone. This is a serious flaw that those in the government do not and will not address because they would then be subject to the same legal system as everyone else and not be provided by an "inside" means of circumventing the law for themselves and those they also want to be entitled to the same measure of an unequally-balanced system in their favor. In short, we need to severly address shortcomings in the entire legal system... and not simply alter legistlation to provide a means by which those who have learned to use the law as it is, help to maintain it without too much alteration that makes them unable to function as they have been trained to do so in an unequal system of purported justice for all.
  4. All politically appointed personnel will have their pay and benefits reduced when other-than-pay-and-benefits are received from any source. For example, monies received from speaking engagements, foundations, businesses, foundations, campaign contributions, lottery and other gamblings, gifts, etc., whether from family or non-family members and whether in the US or not.
  5. Any person wanting to run for any office will have the same opportunity to participate in debates... whether or not they have the funds to promote a campaign effort that costs other candidates millions of dollars in advertisement and related forms of persuasion sometimes referred to as bribery. Inference in any form, whether before, during or after a debate, will be forced to repeat. The present process of determining who can and can not participate is elitist and prejudicial. Here is a list of Presidential Candidates (2020).
  6. All government employees, politically appointed or otherwise, will have to receive the same level of medical care and other benefits made available by them to the rest of the public.
  7. All forms of Double Dipping will be stopped, whether speaking of the typical paycheck/pension variety or else wise as might occur unnoticed or undocumented.
  8. All Americans participating in any "off-shore" activity directly (actively) or indirectly (such as through a go-between) involving an effort to undermine U.S. Law will have all their assets confiscated.
  9. All legal loopholes will be closed which undermine or dupe the people.
  10. The issue with Small Claims courts not having to enforce a ruling will be replaced with an obligation to ensure the enforcement of legal protections for the people to be able to feel secure in a legal system which does not now support the people even when it rules on behalf of a person or persons. For example, a person may win a judgment in Small Claims court yet it is left up to the person to collect what is owed to them, and the person from whom they are expecting a return is under no enforced legal obligation to comply with the ruling, thereby allowing for the presence of a legal system which can favor law breakers and those who harm others. Such a situation is a disgraceful reminder that the people of the U.S. have a legal system that is not truly set up to protect them.
  11. All Supreme court justices will have to be chosen by the people through the Peoples Legislative Branch, which will then conduct the selection process by way of a National referendum as the first, second and final arbiter in the entire process.
  12. Disallow all incumbents from Campaigning on previous platforms that were to be addressed after taking office the first time.
  13. The establishment of a People's Legislative Branch for which the entire government will be answerable to, including the Supreme Court, because it will be run by the public themselves.
  14. So long as Journalists are permitted to elect themselves into a position of the sole arbiter who decides what is and isn't fair or just, or moral, or what is meant by civil rights, animal rights, woman's rights, and other social issues, the entire elections system will continue to be rigged. Journalism has self-assumed the position of being able to determine social propriety in all circumstances, including the attempted instigations of perpetuating social problems just so it can act... if not as a self-appointed mediator with total diplomatic immunity because it wears a Press Pass that entitles it to be the reigning observer and recorder of events; then as some set-apart self-favored status which includes the provision of deserving greater protections and deference than all other citizens. Because journalism assigns itself it the varied position of being judge, jury and executioner as well as historian and innocent bystander all in one role... whichever hat it cares to wear on a given day so that it can be better advantaged than all other citizens, the entire election system and other occasions of government activity will continue to be a status quo formula of being a fixed system of gambling... because they have ulterior motivated monetary and other self-serving interests. We find that in so many cases Journalists can not be trusted without applying the same scrutiny we give others who claim an expertise.
  15. (Yes there are others topics that can be added, that involve both government policies and non-government polices which the government practices anyway for each and every election, but these few will suffice at this time with the exception of the latter foregoing example.)

Until the US people can have some definitive changes in the overall political atmosphere by such changes as those just described, the US government is rightly recognized as a farce. U.S. Americans and all other peoples on the planet Earth (China, Russia, Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany, etc...) do not have an Actual Democracy. The closest value of a Democracy is seen in Switzerland with its formula of "Direct Democracy", but it too falls short of the greater idea encapsulated by the words "A government Of, By and For All the People". While this ideal is thought to be unrealistic given present human conditions, these present circumstances are in large part brought out by the farcical models of democracy being promoted and practiced. The claim that an "actual" Of, By and For All The people type of government is impossible to achieve, thus provides its advocates to declare they alone have the right to determine the extent to which a Democracy is to be defined as well as practiced.

In America and elsewhere, the people are being subjected to widespread Narcissism. In the case of Trump communicating with North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un, it is no wonder they can see eye to eye. Trump is envious that Kim Jong-un has been able to retain his position indefinitely as supreme ruler because this is what Trump would have liked to accomplish, and many of their followers seek to live in a world in which they had a life-long Sovereignty be it with the title of a Caesar, King, Divine Authority or whatever. It is a profile of government which was instilled in the beginning of America because it arose as a basic formula of thinking in an era in which kings and queens and assorted rulers lived... despite the desire of many to rid themselves of bad rulers.

The desire for a central figure, like that of the presently practiced idea of a single god is the makeup of the human mentality for many people whose mindset is akin to the primitive worldview orientation characteristically described by many archaeological artefacts but not regularly identified, much less labeled as such. This mentality helped to create the presently practiced formula of the U.S. and other Democracies that give the impression of having moved away from past expressions of Nearctic leadership, only to have it represented by another kind of self-centered elitism.

So too do we see it represented by other social activities such as in the many entertainment industries such as sports, theater, television, radio announcers, corporate leaderships, movies, military leaderships, LGBTQ self-absorbed over-compensations for feelings of inadequacy and desperation for seeking a separate-but-equal social status, etc... The Narcissism so prevalent in so many sectors of the US society has bred a vociferous type of arrogance that fans often vote for other than Americans even if the Americans are favored to win. Americans have lost their bootstrap, rags-to-riches underdog humility which has previously served them well as a favored humility and wisdom that was once honored, favored and respected.

In short, we are living in a world with multiple governments which permits social controlled developed and policed by the values embraced by psychopaths. Psychopathology is a prerequisite for many occupations in an incrementally deteriorating planetary environment with over-crowding and a reduction in resources:

Whereas in a government like that of the U.S. where elections do take place, be though that they are rigged along the lines of a single-mindedness, it at least provides the provision of eventually getting rid of elected idiots like Trump whose initial naiveté of responsibility to a given office is excused when they exhibit non-traditional role playing; but become more scrutinized as time wears on if they continue to portray an ignorance and insensibility to a larger world-view audience and retains a narcissi personality journalistically described as Nationalism. Refusal to change in the course of a given term displays a stupidity that should never have been permitted to continue for as long as it did, much less been elected in the first place within the process of a fix (electoral college) system. Without being able to adapt with an expressed maturity of demeanor and activity, even some of his followers have recognized that his crudeness was not an expression of inexperience, but an embedded inadequacy.

In order to bring about progressive change in the species by way of social organization, a New Formula of government must be practiced.

Representative Democracies like that practiced in the U.S. are a sham in that they are used as dressed up lip service to conceal varying types of Oligarchs, Corportacracies, Nationalistic Imperialisms, Fascism, Dictatorship, distorted brands of Communism, Socialism, Libertarianism, Anarchy, and other undesirable governing processes. Some of these undesirable forms of government have become legitimized by the language being used to describe them. Here is a List of forms of government.

Legislatures are not truly answerable to the collective voice of the people because that voice is often muted, detoured, interfered with, obfuscated, forced to endure unrealistic time, money and other resource constraints, and a myriad of other courses which help selective individuals and special interests have the final word... which is often expressed and made into a law or policy for which the people must comply or subject to varying legal punishments by way of a judicial system that has been constructed first and foremost to serve the interests of those in the government, while the majority of people remain akin to ostracized peasants that are not permitted entry into the political citadel and are thus not actually counted as having the full civil rights and privileges guaranteed to those who are politically connected.

In creating a web page whose singular word "Cenocracy" is defined with an underlying premise of promoting the idea of proposing the adoption of a New Government, readers from around the world need to know that they too are amongst those being addressed who recognize the presence of many inequalities, and that they too, and not just US citizens, must have an equal voice in making a similar proposal with respect to their own society. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who like familiar drum beats and drum beaters, as well as old songs, old dances, and additional memorizations that they label as traditions. Many people are fearful of the unknown and prefer to think they are safe, even when this is not true. They somehow think it a grand sacrifice to die for something they believe in, even if the belief is based on a lie. Because a Lie shared by millions is felt to be valuable, no matter how distorted the reality is.

One of the primary concerns of those interested in discussing the adoption of a New Government is the selection of political process to be used, or do we need to adopt an altogether different type of social self-governance which radically departs from all known types of government (such as Anarchist formula, or Communism, or Democracy, Libertarianism, Religion, Socialism, etc... For example, while many claim Democracy to be the best form of government despite the continuing presence of so very many variations and faults; in order to get rid of Democratic forms of repeated inclinations towards producing both unintended and intentional problems, a presumed "better democracy" necessarily means it is a brand of Democracy that has not been practiced before. Indeed, how do we practice something for which there is no role model? Since one of the recurring problems with all variations of currently practiced democracy invariably instigate and thereby require citizens to portray a patriotism which exhibits such a flaw, how do we change the government if learned behavior amongst citizens are so used to practicing that which is problematic, but is all they know?

How do we develop a better society if the political practices that are put into place to assist us in this effort routinely create conditions which perpetuate and instigate inequality, so that those involved in the political processes are enabled to maintain a control over the public which is used to force a given individual's definition of progress, though we have routinely seen that most definitions of equality for all have an inherent system of exceptions, requirements and other criteria which prevents most people from enjoying an actual equality? Then again, what do we mean by equality? That which finds agreement with a majority or that which permits a given economic system to thrive despite the presence of so many inequalities? When we have a vocal group of people defining equality in terms of sexuality as the dominant theme by which equality is to be measured and thus sought a remedy for, what happens when this vocal group does not then also vocalize for the passage of equality acts meant to address and solve all the complaints of inequality for everyone, without having to support a position based primarily on sexuality?

Unfortunately, those claiming to support an act of equality are not pursuing the means by which a government can be transformed to ensure equality. They simply pursue making changes within a process of political activity that remain an inherently designed instrument of perpetuated Inequality, despite claims that a government is predicated on the notion of equality as suggested by the phrase "A government of the people, by the people, for the people".

Humanity is in the throes of a circumstance in which the birthing trauma all infants experience suggests we are born into this world in a blind rage which persists, as evidenced by the repetition of violent (vengeful, hateful, exploitive, discriminatory, ambivalent) expressions frequently coupled with sorrow seen in so many practices often seen in activities involving hoped-for pecuniary gain, power and control. And it is this recurring condition (coupled to an incrementally deteriorating solar system and planet), which keeps us from seeing a greater truth, despite all the philosophical and religious efforts embraced to assist in the mollification of the birth trauma and its after-effect influences. Indeed, the acknowledgment that the Viability of DNA has a limitation outside a living organism, suggests it too may have a limitation to its reducibility in terms of the life span of all biology. Nonetheless, despite this extended biological consideration, a more down-to-earth analogy is to say that we humans are living in a great fog (due to the blind rage created by the birthing trauma) which many acknowledge and are striving to step out of and into an unknown that causes many to shirk from out of fear, and create various forms of ideological crutches, wheelchairs, and intoxication which are chains of dependency which shorten their ability to reach beyond the limitations of their humanity. Limitations that are enabled to reach beyond by simply applying their efforts to a given belief and practice that they convince themselves they have achieved as indicated by the quantity and/or quality of those that share in their views.

In present day terminology, the birthing trauma has created a rarely understood, much less discussed Post Traumatic Disorder which can be seen in our businesses, politics, and religious activities. Let us look at a definition of the disorder and then couple the descriptions to instances of experiences which are related:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Most people who go through traumatic events may have temporary difficulty adjusting and coping, but with time and good self-care, they usually get better. If the symptoms get worse, last for months or even years, and interfere with your day-to-day functioning, you may have PTSD.

It is a widespread mental health problem that is not seen as a wide spread mental health problem because everyone suffers from it, and thereby create social orders formulated in conjunction with established attempts-at-coping behavior that we call culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, sports affiliation, business interests, etc... We often describe coping mechanisms in terms of maturity, social adjustment, life skills, and various others references which are used as socially organized mollifiers adopted as rationales that are used as definitions to describe some desired measure of rationality called normalcy... in which multiple groups can feel good about themselves and establish a network of sociability that conceals the fact that large numbers of people share the same level and type of expressed birthing trauma. It has become so engrained as an overlooked given called "Human Nature", that the general public is overlooking the fact that the Military is an organization that does not actively seek a sustained level of peace, by desiring to win one or another war; because this is anti-thetical to its continued existence which it wants to perpetuate as a viability by ensuring its own job security by establishing confederates both in and out of government who will assist it in creating conditions to instigate one or another type of conflict and laughably supply some concocted justification, no matter what gets destroyed or who or how many get hurt in or outside of a given nation... even their own, such as in the disgusting 9-11 attack which millions of Americans think that the U.S. government played a large role in. Like generals ordering men and women to their deaths in order to carry out some pathetic notion labeled a military strategy, Presidents, Congresses and military armament manufactures have no qualms about killing a few hundred, a few thousand, or even millions of fellow citizens to fulfill personalized interests, often involving some monetary gain.

With respect to the forthcoming U.S. Presidential election:

  1. Millions of Americans are faced with the proposition of having no one to vote for because they acknowledge that the political system effects a conveyor belt formula of routinized (ceremonialized) activity in which the roles of politicians are that of office managers akin to the old nomadic clan notion often described as "keepers of the flame", and are not true "trail blazers" with a vision for applicable progress concerning the nation as well as humanity. The typical progress obtained by most politicians is a personalized gain within a small social enclave that is repeatedly played out in blatant ignominious exhibitions related to race, religion, and sexual orientation... along with fiduciary greed. (I use the word "fiduciary" instead of "Capitalistic" because despite the adversarial disparagements found in Communism and Socialism, "Capitalism" is just a tool. Like a gun, rifle, screwdriver, wrench, spatula, frying pan, pencil, typewriter, etc... It can be used for good or ill. It is not a living entity, though many seem to suggest this by engaging in anthropomorphism, where human characteristics are attributed to it.])
  2. Many eligible voters will not vote because they rightfully believe the political system is fixed because it has social and economic barriers which prevent most people from becoming a viable alternative candidate. Hence, far too often the general public is faced with a type of political aristocracy in which they are forced to vote for the lesser of two or more evils.
  3. Others will simply cast a vote for someone who does not have a chance in even becoming a part of the political debates which are most often managed as a socialized pageantry (akin to a beauty contest, horse race betting form, county fair 3-legged race, or dog show), to give the people the impression that they have a second-to-none democracy practiced with an above-the-board or on-the-table honesty... which they don't.
  4. Still others participate in the political process because they somehow have convinced themselves they are engaging in a second-to-none practice of democracy, and that not to vote is an act against their patriotic duty and civil right... regardless of how futile their vote is when there is a contrived system of one-sidedness called the Electoral College.
  5. And let us not forget to list those eligible voters who think they can somehow "make a statement" by not voting, yet their personalized statement never becomes fully voiced in the larger public arena in order to bring about corrective political change.
  6. Needless should we disinclude those who want to pursue the adoption of another type of political system such as Anarchy, Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., by voting in a specific person claiming to represent such views, yet all such candidates have no aptitude, much less contemplative vision beyond the formative establishment of a different form of government that is an old idea cast with a new book cover. Whereas they may want to be the founding mother or father, so-to-speak, of a different political practice, their efforts to take the nation and humanity beyond the historically reached venues of social activity (all of which have previously faltered in different countries despite the well-meaning and intentions of leadership); do not include an applicably practical vision of reaching a new horizon beyond that which has already been conceived and haphazardly put into place. They simply want to practice some altered formula of antiquated Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., and use different labels that will enable them to convince the public the beginning of a new Renaissance has begun... when nothing has actually changed but new faces playing the same roles with the same rules... and the public is subjected to a vehicle that is spinning its wheels.

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