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Note: the contents of this page as well as those which precede and follow, must be read as a continuation and/or overlap in order that the continuity about a relationship to/with the dichotomous arrangement of the idea that one could possibly talk seriously about peace from a different perspective as well as the typical dichotomous assignment of Artificial Intelligence (such as the usage of zeros and ones used in computer programming)... will not be lost (such as war being frequently used to describe an absence of peace and vice-versa). However, if your mind is prone to being distracted by timed or untimed commercialization (such as that seen in various types of American-based television, radio, news media and magazine publishing... not to mention the average classroom which carries over into the everyday workplace), you may be unable to sustain prolonged exposures to divergent ideas about a singular topic without becoming confused, unless the information is provided in a very simplistic manner.

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Let's face it, humanity has a lousy definition, accompanying practice, and analysis of peace. In addition, some people do not want to solve social problems, they want to manage social problems whereby they are in charge of some dead-ended effort from which they make a good salary to support their family with. And if politicians wanted to be fair, there would be at the very least, 20-year term limits.

In these early stages of developing a science of peace because of its obvious globally beneficial application, it requires a consciousness which attempts to both cleanse the soul by way of confessing the true nature of Peace and developing a new council of effort which might establish a global counselor whose opinion is respected by all. If half the world's people want war and the other want peace, the two do not cancel each other out like two competing waves, though some people think that what is left is "white" noise, or "yellow" noise, or "Black" noise... though different types of racial, gender, age, economic and ethnic noises can be heard as well.

The assumed "waves" appear to involve three patterns: Up and Down, In and Out, and Circular motions... like the concentric waves emanating from an object dropped in a pool of water. The presence of any other "waves" (economic, environmental, business... such as the stock market, government... such as social discord or international situations, and religious... such as expressions of fanaticism, fervor, discouragement, death, etc...); may cause disruptions that distort, increase or deflect the typical wave patterns.

Peace is difficult because of three competing interests that interact like the antics of the three stooges:

  • Businesses wants to make a profit (often through visible social means of production through various charity efforts by way of employees donating free time, or giving money) in order to promote its definitions and intentions of "peace". Peace must be profitable and promote a dream of wealth.

  • Governments wants to use its definitions and intentions of "peace" as a political bartering tool or weapon. Peace must be of political expediency and promote an illusory form of Democracy.

  • Religions want to use its definitions and intentions of "peace" in-line with its dispositions towards applying charity in order that its views are upheld and paid for through tithing, tax subsidy, and business deferments. Peace must assist in perpetuating its many delusions.

There is money to be made, power to be gained, and positions of stature to be acquired by way of peace or non-peace. As it stands, conditions of non-peace serves the interests of those who are willing to do whatever it takes to acquire wealth, position, property or power over others. Those who prefer peace are not aggressive in their efforts to establish peace as the dominant philosophy and practice. It is easier to bring about non-peaceful conditions and learn how to carve out one's niche' than to monitor all places and people to insure that they comply with one's desire to insure peace. Hence, peace becomes an effort for those with smaller territories to cover. Attempting to cover larger areas increases the chances by which representatives of peaceful interests can become corrupted through manipulation that they get so bogged down with that they fail to see how far they have slid into the cesspool that they thought they were helping to clean up, and merely cleaned themselves up to give the impression that they were carrying out their roles when in fact those they were thrust into the middle of, learned how to exercise control over them through various guises. This is how America's Democracy has slipped ever more so towards despotism. It is trying to exercise personal control over larger areas through exercises which entail the lack of equality that others have become aware of and view the efforts of peace made by the American Government as hypocrisy. The same goes for other countries and the ludicrous attempts by the Nobel Peace committee to administer some measure of peace through its choice of peace prize winners.

However, when aggressive peace makers or keepers are put in charge, they become instruments by which peace is defined as a dichotomy... that is, the presence and/or absence of war or a potential war-like demeanor... thus giving evidence of yet another hypocrisy with respect to a definition of peace as a separate condition or entity. Like good not having an identity without a knowledge or presence of evil, or cold and hot, or right and wrong, or man and woman, etc... Hence, we see how peace is part of a cognitive pattern that must be stripped of all its emotions and words to identify its structure, development and origin. It is difficult to have peace if we do not actually know what it is and only describe it in terms of its opposition. If peace is not in fact a reality of mind as a purpose, and that it is but an expression of an evolutionary stage of development representing but one of may other dichotomies being supplanted in some instances by trichotomies, we must come to understand what peace actually is when stripped of its superficiality concocted by humanity. If it is but one of many transitional patterns due to the incrementally deteriorating environmental conditions of Earth, its solar system and its galaxy, we must come to identify this and assert ourselves accordingly, if humanity or some biologically developed follow-up sentient organism is to survive off of Earth, out of the Solar system, and away from this galaxy.

The public's of the world are left to the mercy of the three stooges that may at anytime turn a blind eye to one another, thus producing a three-headed cyclops. If not a cyclops, then an accident waiting to happen in a duo comedy-of-errors team such as Laurel and Hardy and the previously mentioned teams of Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin, Abbott and Costello as well as other examples the reader might include. Yet, if on the "One"-eye variety, nor the two-headed form, then the Threes Stooges profile might be in the form of a three-to-one ratio sometimes referred to as a quartet. Though a quintet is not unheard of or a few larger-bodied examples, larger groups... as might be suggested to reflect the practice of an Actual Democracy; do not evoke the distortions of effect that the dual character of Peace & War do on the world's stage of differing scripts, dialogues, scenes, acts, costumes and staged scenery.

In those instances that one another reader might want to interject the existence of larger groupings beyond the one, two, or three variety— what we see is a repetition of some earlier formula. For example, a "four" pattern can be a 2 X 2, 3-to-1 or 1-to-3. Similarly, a "five", "six", "seven", etc., can represent various combinations of the 1-2-3 formula. However, let us again state it is not that humanity is incapable of conceptualizing beyond the "three", it is just that the incrementally deteriorating environment is forcing humanity to be conservative. An increase in populating and a decrease in available resources will make the situation more poignant. In any respect, let us now turn to providing a list of 3-to-1 ratios as promised previously:

Three-to-One Ratios
3 1
3 grouped (drumming) beats separated by 1 emphasized beat (Native American)
3 ordinary dimensions: Length ~ Width ~ Depth 1 Time dimension
3 fundamental gauge forces: Strong - Weak - Electromagnetic 1 fundamental non-gauge force: Gravity
3 "even" amino acids: Adenosine ~ Cytosine ~ Guanine 1 "odd": Uracil (RNA), Thymine (DNA)
3 basic protein structures: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary 1 composite protein structure: Quaternary
3 Christian profiles: Father - Son - Holy Spirit 1 God (Trinity)
3 Hindu profiles: Brahma - Vishnu - Siva 1 God (Trimurti)
3 Chinese profiles: Confucianism - Daoism - Legalism 1 centralized Threeism of thought
3 philosopher profiles: Socrates - Plato - Aristotle 1 Historical Triumvirate
3 (metal) vending coins: Nickels ~ Dimes ~ Quarters 1 relational (paper) form: Dollar bill
3 numbered potatoes: 1 potato ~ 2 potato ~ 3 potato 1 un-numbered 4 (counting game)
3 numbered bits: 2 bits ~ 4 bits ~ 6 bits 1 un-numbered: a dollar (cheer-leading)
3 face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 related Ace card (faceless)
3 typically used face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 less commonly used face card: Joker
3 rhymes: eeny ~ meeny ~ miney separated by 1 (mo) of another 3: (mo ~ toe ~ go)
3 indoor coverings: Curtains ~ Blinds ~ Shades 1 related outdoor: Shutters
3 God labels: He ~ She ~ It 1 relational: Non-Entity (non-existence)
3 numbered bases: 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd related to 1 unnumbered: Home plate/base
3 customary years 1 relational: leap year
3 primary engine cycles: Intake ~ Compression ~ Power 1 relational: Exhaust
3 "element" A-U-M = "OM"
(Birth~ Being~ Dissolution)
1 relational: Silence
3 step shampooing: Wet hair ~ Lather ~ Rinse 1 relational: Repeat as desired
3 female desires for a man: Tall ~ Dark ~ Handsome 1 relational: Rich
NREM (non rapid eye movement)is divided into three stages REM is usually referred to as a single phase
(Despite the fact that a complex set of physiological fluctuations takes place in REM sleep.)
3 part call: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 1 relational: The court is now in session
3 part game call: Apples ~ Peaches ~ Pumpkin Pie 1 relational: Who's not ready hollar I
3 basic forms of matter: Solids ~ Liquids ~ Gases
(Earth- Water- Air)
1 relational: Plasma
3 (metrical foot) stressed syllables 1 relational unstressed syllable
3 guitarists (Beatles): Paul ~ John ~ George 1 relational drummer: Ringo
3 regular U.S. forces: Army ~ Navy ~ Air force 1 relational: Marines (Navy Dept.)
[Coast Guard = Dept. of Transportation]
3 times repeated cadence: Gimme' (give me) your left 1 related: Right (military marching)
Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left----- Right
3 consonants to (four-letter) Cuss Words 1 related vowel
3 (numerical) feet: 1 foot + 1 foot + 1 foot equals 1 related (word): Yard
3 common body crossings: Legs ~ Arms ~ Fingers 1 uncommon related: Eyes
3 Europeans: D.L. George ~ V. Orlando ~ G. Clemenceau 1 (U.S.A): W. Wilson (Paris Peace Talks)
3 at-bat chances to run 1 relational mandatory walk (ball four)
3 microorganism "vats": Rumen ~ Reticulum ~ Omasum 1 "true" stomach: Abomasum (Ruminants)
3 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! related to: 1 Step Right Up (Circus Barker)
3 synoptic gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke 1 idiosyncratic gospel: John
Trinitarian (3) concept related to Unitarian (1) concept
3 original musketeers (Athos, Porthos, Aramis) 1 add-on (d'Artagnan)
3 active brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) 1 inactive brain wave (Delta)
3 types of cones to the human eye 1 type of rod to the human eye
3 Piaget operational stages: Pre - Concrete - Formal 1 [non-operational] sensorimotor stage
3 Basic gaseous biological compounds:
Hydrogen- Oxygen- Nitrogen
1 Basic solid compound:
3 rows of outer hair cells (mammalian ear) 1 row of inner hair cells
3 imagined places: Paradise - Purgatory - Inferno 1 actual place: Earth
3 common growing seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall 1 less typical growing season: Winter
3 metal ages: Silver - Bronze/Copper - Iron
[Bronze is an alloy of Copper]
1 non-metal age: Stone
(Was there a bone or stick age?)
3 common alternate milk (with fat) forms: 1% - 2% - Skim 1 common standard form: Whole milk
3 interactive identities: i - j - k = 1 resultant quaternion identity: -1
W. Hamilton's quaternion formula: i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1
3 gasoline types: Unleaded - Regular - Premium 1 Diesel fuel oil
There is (or was) a British expression of "Playing 3 to 1", which refers to the two testicles and penis compared to the one vagina.
3 non-gasoline fuels: Diesel - Propane - Natural Gas 1 gasoline fuels
3 Earthly-bound Horsemen plagues:

War- Famine- Pestilence
1 Heaven/Hell-bound Horsemen plague:

3 (physically labeled) psychosexual stages:
Oral - Anal - Genital
1 (non-physically labeled) stage:
Latency period
3 (OK Corral) Earp brothers: Wyatt - Morgan - Warren 1 (OK Corral) Doc Holiday
3 Stanley Miller Chemical Evolution experiment gases:
Methane ~ Hydrogen ~ Ammonia
1 Stanley Miller liquid:
Art Maxim Percentages division:
Art is 75% perspiration (75% = 3)
"and" --- 25% inspiration (25% = 1)
3 basic tea types: Black - Green - Oolong 1 (basic) rare tea type: White
3 basic mathematical operations:
Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication
1 auxiliary mathematical operation:
3 (DNA) bases code for: 1 amino acid
3 customary laws of Thermodynamics 1 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
3 types of bone: Cortical - Compact - Trabecular 1 relational: Cartilage (pre-bone)
3 U.S. Presidential debates (2004) 1 relational: U.S. Vice President debate (2004)
3 compulsory schools: Elementary - Jr. High - High school 1 non-compulsory school: College (or Trade)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Fred - Wilma - Pebbles 1 animal character: Dino (family pet)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Barney - Betty - Bam Bam 1 animal character: Hoppy (family pet)
3 "regular" corners to a building 1 principal Corner Stone to a building
3 foot bones of ancient horses Fused together to make modern horse hoof
3 at-base runners: 1st base - 2nd base - 3rd base 1 at-home-plate grand slam hitter
3 "traditional" size proportions:
Small- Medium- Large
1 commercial profiteering size proportion:
3 flexible downs in American football 1 down to play it safe or risk it all
3 word vulgar expression: God Damn It 1 (3 into 1) single word vulgar expression:
3 meal options: Sandwich - Side-order - Drink called a (1) combo meal
3 single letter blood type designations: A - B - O
(positive or negative)
1 double letter blood type designation: AB
(positive or negative)
3 phase (U.S.) electric service is related to 1 phase (U.S.) electric service

(Followed by a comma that both separates and compartmentalizes this three.)
Whereby a "Thousands" place can be designated into a one-to-three formula:
— 1,234 —

Let's not provide a few images depicting the 3-to-1 ratio (though you may prefer to say a 1-to-3 ratio):

3 jobs, 1 income

3 to 1 ratio law of genetics (14K)
Famous 3 to 1 law of genetics
A comma as a conjuction or point of demarcation (8K)
Alignment of elements (words, numbers, etc.)
from left to right or right to left...
(horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).
Human sleep cycle (7K)
Is the human sleep cycle
similar to other life forms?
Alignment stances of bird toes  (6K)
Alignment stances of bird toes
3 to 1 ratio of alien descriptions (16K)
3 non-human to 1 human alien profiles
(alien has all-seeing 3rd eye from American dollar bill)
3 engines equipped to 1 rocket (7K)
3 engines for 1 rocket/space craft
3 female angels to 1 male handler (16K)
3 female angels to 1 male boss
3 males to 1 female Dead zone characters (19K)
3 males to 1 female Dead zone characters
3 males to 1 female profiles (9K)
3 males to 1 female
fantastic 4 characters
Ironside Cast
Ironside Cast (13K)
Hercule Poirot Cast
Poirotcast (19K)
Seinfeld Cast
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SG-1 Cast
SG1- cast (20K)
Sliders Cast
Sliders cast (13K)
Superman Cast
Superman cast (8K)
Peter Pan and 3 kids
Peter Pan and 3 kids (17K)
Wizard of Oz (28K)
(No, we didn't overlook toto)
3 Marys and Jesus
3 Marys 1 Jesus (11K)
3 Celtic Mothers 1 Child
3 Celtic moms and 1 child (18K)
3 Erinnyes and 1 Orestes
erinni oreste (17K)
Grocery cart child safety rules (50K)
Grocery cart child safety rules
Mount Rushmore 3 to 1 direction facings (15K)
Mount Rushmore 3 to 1 direction facings
Common tire rotation patterns (13K)
Common tire rotation patterns

3 to 1 Ratios page E

engine (94K)

4horsemen (152K)

Three different views of fundamental force quantities:

Three into one Fundamental forces (8K)
  1. A theory of two fundamental forces.
  2. A theory of three fundamental forces.
  3. A theory of four fundamental forces.

Three Forces
(middle of the nineteenth century)


Two Forces

Just before the turn of the 20th century, physicists realized that magnetism is actually caused by moving electric charges - i.e. electric currents. So electrostatics and magnetism were different examples of the same single force - electromagnetism. The Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell showed how mathematics could represent the two forces using just a single force. This is an example of a unification. The world of physics was made simpler at this time because there were now only two forces.

Four Forces

When physicists started to probe inside the atom, they realized that there must be a force that holds the protons and neutrons together - the strong n uclear force. Then a fourth force, known as the weak force, was needed to explain beta decay. Each force affects different particle properties and has a different range.

Three Forces ...again

In the 1960s, three American physicists (Sheldon Glashow, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam) were working on the mathematics of the weak force. They discovered that, at high energies, the particles that carry the weak force behave just like those that carry the electromagnetic force. So the weak force and the electromagnetic force were combined into a single electroweak force. Once again, the model of physics was made simpler by reducing the number of forces back to three. (I won't be surprised if the "Fundamental Forces" theory goes back and forth (or remains at three) since the pendulum swing in the thinking of many researchers is being influenced by the variable fluctuations of the Earth's rotation in relation to the expansion of the Sun. See the "Earth's Rotation" page at this site... Humanity must get off this planet if it wants to think and evolve differently.)

--- Earth's Rotation Rate page 1 ---

Further simplifications of the fundamental forces are being sought in such ideas as the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) and Theory Of Everything (TOE). The Grand Unified Theory would make the electroweak force and the strong nuclear force part of a single new force, and by combining this force with the force of gravity, we would have a Theory Of Everything.

--- A world of particles ---

Source: 3 2 1 fundamental forces

(The "inch" is a) unit of British Imperial and United States Customary measure equal to 1/36 of a yard. The unit derives from the Old English ince, or ynce, which in turn came from the Latin unit uncia, which was "one-twelfth" of a Roman foot, or pes. (The Latin word uncia was the source of the name of another English unit, the ounce.) The old English ynce was defined by King David I of Scotland about 1150 as the breadth of a man's thumb at the base of the nail. To help maintain consistency of the unit, the measure was usually achieved by adding the thumb breadth of three men—one small, one medium, and one large—and then dividing the figure by three. During the reign of King Edward II, in the early 14th century, the inch was defined as "three grains of barley, dry and round, placed end to end lengthwise." At various times the inch has also been defined as the combined lengths of 12 poppy seeds. Since 1959 the inch has been defined officially as 2.54 cm. (Inch (unit of measurement))

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