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Note: the contents of this page as well as those which precede and follow, must be read as a continuation and/or overlap in order that the continuity about a relationship to/with the dichotomous arrangement of the idea that one could possibly talk seriously about peace from a different perspective as well as the typical dichotomous assignment of Artificial Intelligence (such as the usage of zeros and ones used in computer programming) ... will not be lost (such as war being frequently used to describe an absence of peace and vice-versa). However, if your mind is prone to being distracted by timed or untimed commercialization (such as that seen in various types of American-based television, radio, news media and magazine publishing... not to mention the average classroom which carries over into the everyday workplace), you may be unable to sustain prolonged exposures to divergent ideas about a singular topic without becoming confused, unless the information is provided in a very simplistic manner.

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Let's face it, humanity has a lousy definition, accompanying practice, and analysis of peace.

In various uses of the word "peace" we can find numerous examples such as the (not meant to be comprehensive) following examples:

  • Justice of the Peace (officer of the law enabled to perform set [limited] duties {such as perform a marriage ceremony} that may not have anything to do with enforcement of the law).

  • Peace officers (police officers)

  • Peace Corp (volunteer professionals to assist countries in various developmental stages such as in health care, education, agriculture, etc..).

  • Peace Treaties (various treaties that may alternatively be described as peace treaties).

  • Rest in Peace (known with the moniker as "R.I.P.", used as a reference in connection with someone having died, and may alternatively substituted with "Rest In Purgatory").

  • Peace Dividend (an economic valuation of peace defined as: "An economic benefit gained from a reduction in defence spending, especially a fund of public money that would be available for other purposes"). [Wordweb dictionary]

  • Peace "and" Quiet (represented as two separate ideas suggesting "peace" is not customarily quiet but may have a recognized order of perceived objects such as a flowing stream, fluttering butterfly, pleasing temperature, twittering song bird, scenic beauty, etc...)

  • Peaceful (full of peace but "peace" is represented by a "fullness" of some perceived quality of ambiance not necessarily attributable to all places of similarly lessened or diminished sounds.)

  • Peace Maker (A belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute; used by United States troops in World War II and the Korean War: Wordweb dictionary)

  • Peacekeeper Missile (the "big stick", shotgun-in-arms, or sidearm deterrent-to-war type of philosophy).

  • Peace of mind (quiet, uneventful, or eventful but pleasing, etc...)

  • Disturbing the Peace (alternatively defined in terms of morality, time, place, cause, culture, enforcement, law, etc...)

  • Peace Pipe (used by Native Americans as portrayed in American movie Westerns).

  • Peace Initiative (attempt to bring about a stop to a given conflict in a given time and place that causes prolonged death and/or destruction).

  • Peace Talks (discussions amongst conflicting entities with an arbitrator, in an attempt to define and thus resolve differences).

  • Etc...

If one argues that "peace" means an absence of "war" or conflict, then we should likewise argue for the development and usage of a word that describes something better then the continual merry-go-round humanity persists in riding because so called intelligent efforts at establishing peace have not succeeded in giving humanity the greater ideal that many of us supposedly think everyone wants... yet often is used by those in a conflict to receive concessions in the form of some assistance that if had been asked for without the occasion of a conflict, might not have been given. Thus, having a conflict, whether planned by the leadership of one or both sides of a dispute... can be very profitable. The problem with this tactic is that it has been so repeatedly used by those who use it as a wolf! crying measure to get help but do not use the monetary or humanitarian assistance as is intended, and instead uses the resource to buy weapons or secure some other personal advantage for those in charge; that those whose legitimate pleas for help under other circumstances of conflict, may not receive any help at all... or it is too little too late.

When we recognize a situation in which peace is a mere relative experience for a given time, place and people, it is inappropriately used by those wanting to suggest it is something other than what is possible to be experienced on Earth by humans. For example, the so-called "heavenly... peace on Earth" spoken of in multifarious ways by theologians or those espousing some philosophical contemplation of higher enlightenment— where some assumed peaceful reality exists... and in particular could exist on Earth (other than some inwardly achieved "centeredness"), is an hypocrisy. If peace is to be universally defined as a relative personal experience, then those disrupting personal pursuits of such must be definitively addressed, such as the Palestinian and Israeli conflict with its interminable discord felt throughout the world. No less, the discord created by forms of government, businesses activities and religious doctrines which want to force people to adopt a particular belief to suit he dispositions of one or a few leaders, should also be definitively addressed to remove them as being part of an accumulated "peace disturbing" process in that such leaderships frequently engage in social disruptions because they are seeking some personal gain that they value more than individual peace. Unfortunately, even though a leadership can say they seek peace, it typically means a situation in accord with their views that they may claim "everyone" wants, but no actual vote was ever asked for nor implemented.

So very often, a "disturbance of peace" is brought about due to economic problems, but not all disturbances result in riots, rebellion or revolution involving violent and destructive protests. For example, the peace of millions was disrupted by the depression of the 1930's in the U.S., but there was not a large demonstration in which the government was toppled in order that a different government might arise and improve conditions. Instead, F.D. Roosevelt proposed a "New Deal", even though there was no official "Old Deal" that was specifically outlined because of the generalities in which government policies often are drawn up so that finger-pointing can be quickly diffused or is brought to a minimum when policies don't work as planned.

(The New Deal was) the domestic program of the administration of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939, which took action to bring about immediate economic relief as well as reforms in industry, agriculture, finance, waterpower, labour, and housing, vastly increasing the scope of the federal government's activities.

Source: "New Deal." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Because of the monopolization of most land and other resources into the hands of a few, and those few wield their control as a means of exploitation to further aims of increased hoarding of wealth and the people are left without any legal recourse to create a globalized effort of cooperation; there will be no standard of peace except that which keeps the majority in a vulnerable state of dependency whose depth and breath of basic privations can not be adequately addressed within the constraints of any or all business, government and religious ideologies. Both individually and collectively such policies fail humanity and the various leaderships have adopted systems of ideological buffering to shield them from acknowledging their efforts are part of the problem because they rely on false... or rather an insufficient grasp of reality derived from made-up values of morality that do not incorporate the type and level of morality necessary to deal with problematic issues sustained by good intentions but are dysfunctional in effectiveness. In other words, one suffering is addressed yet another crops up in its place, like weeds or a figure-creating balloon artist whose twists and turns are much like the actions of business, government and religious efforts to address concerns.

If one suggests that a given business, government or religion does not actually seek Peace, a representative thereof might scoff at such a remark. But if you should follow their response with a query as to their idea of peace, one might find that there definition has no actual analysis behind it and despite their genuinely sincere interest in desiring peace; their view is based on the same generalities most people have with respect to the approach of a dichotomization without referencing the pattern as an illustration of a schematic used in other subject areas that have likewise excluded a consideration of similarly identified structures such as patterns-of-three; both of which, along with others, illustrate an environmentally influenced, biologically-based blue-print... of sorts. Not that the observed schematic is a tell-all representation of an architectured thought form which can not be altered— or is complete, but at least provides a starting point for setting some measure of a base-line to work outwards from in understanding human thought processing under present (incrementally deteriorating) environmental conditions.

Let us now provide a few more examples of patterns-of-three:

3 ("powered") "arbitrarily chosen" Electronics math tool: 10-15 10-12 10-9 10-6 10-3 ... 103 106 109 1012 1015 ...etc.

3-patterned formulas:

C = pi x D (Circumference of a Circle) E = H x V (Planck's Constant)
A = L x W (Area of a Rectangle) P = I x E (Watt's "Law")
A = 1/2B x H (Area of a Triangle) E = I x R (Ohm's "Law")
A = pi x R (Area of a Circle) E = V1 + V2 (Kirchhoffs Voltage Law)
E = M x C2 (Einstein's formula) P = R x B (Percentage formulas)
Z = Eg รท Ig (Thevenin impedance formula) A2 + B2 = C2 (Pythagorean theorem)

*** Thales of Miletus; "Thales Proposition" (Triangles over the diameter of a circle are right-angled), is oldest theory of occidental mathematics. (Think of this in terms of a Triangle/Earth impression.)

3 patterned: 6 zeros (million); 9 zeros (billion);12 zeros (trillion); 15 zeros (quadrillion); 18 zeros (quintillion); 21 zeros (sextillion); 27 zeros (octillion); 30 zeros (nonillion); 33 zeros (decillion); etc...

*** Same Sum---Every Time: Take any three-digit number in which the first digit is larger than the last digit. Reverse the number and subtract the smaller number from the larger one. Reverse the result and add this number to the result. For example, use the number 725. The reverse is 577. Subtract 527 from 725 to get 198. The reverse is 891. Add 891 to 198 to get 1,089 every time. If the result from step 2 is a two-digit number, such as 99, put a 0 in front of the 99 before reversing it. (For the numerologically inclined, the result is 9, the perfect multiple of 3.)


GCD (Greatest Common Divisor);
HCF (Highest Common Factor);
LCM (Lowest Common Multiple;
LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)

3 laws of Addition & Multiplication: Associative - Commutative - Distributive
3 common set of unite to indicate angular measure: Degrees - Radians - Grads
3 laws of indices (Algebra): Multiplication - Division - Powers

Common set theory expression: (1, 2, 3...)

3 Quadratic equation constants: Coefficient of x2 - Coefficient of x - Term of x
3 functions of angles in Trigonometry: Sine - Cosine - Tangent
3 basic triangles: Obtuse - Right - Acute
3 ideal geometric entities are the synthesis of all forms: Point - Line - Plane
3 letters used to name an angle with the vertex as the center letter: ABC, CDE, EFG, etc.
3 labels for mathematical term quantity: Binomial - Trinomial - Polynomial
3 fundamental math problems: Add - Subtract - Multiply (Division is a form of Multiplication)
3 Addition/Multiplication parts: Addend - Addend - Sum/Multiplicand - Multiplier - Product
3 Subtraction/Division parts: Minuend - Subtrahend - Remainder/Divisor - Dividend - Quotient
3 divisions (ones - tens - hundreds) are grouped by a comma: ones-tens-hundreds, thousands

***From an Elizabethan Manuscript (1570: Multiplication is vexation, Division is as bad; The rule-of-three doth puzzle me, And practice drives me mad.

("Rule-of 3" arithmetic, found in Chinese textbook dating 1000-900 B.C.)

3 basic movement types for most resistance meters: d'Arsanval - Iron-vane - Electrodynamometer
3 electrical circuit types: Series - Parallel - Series/Parallel (combination)
3-phase systems used in most electric generators
3 basic transistor layers: Emitter - Base - Collector
3 patterned Power "Law": Power equals Watt divided by Time
3 laws of Indices (Algebra): Multiplication - Division - Powers
3 patterned current-in-amperes equation: (I)amperes equals Q(coulombs) divided by T(seconds)

3-patterned general formula of the Scientific Method:

  1. The observation of the phenomena and the recording of facts.
  2. The formulation of physical laws from the generalization of the phenomena.
  3. The development of a theory that is used to predict new phenomena.

3-colored flag: Children are taught to pledge allegiance to the U.S. Flag
3 (U.S. telephone) number emergency: 9-1-1
3 directions: Look left-right-left or right-left-right before crossing a street
3-lettered reference: Children are taught their ABC's, not ABCD's, ABCDE's, etc.
3 finger support: to hold pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, bowling balls, darts etc ...
3 names: some write only their last name, others first & last, or first-middle-last
3 parts: Children are taught all stories have a Beginning - Middle - End/Introduction - Body - Conclusion
3 part writing/speaking formula: Tell what you're going to say- Tell it - Tell what you said

Some children's stories, games and other 3-patterned linguistic formula:

3 bears: Pappa bear - Mamma bear - Baby bear
3 days, 3 attempts: Rumpelstiltskin
3 fiddlers: Old King Cole
3 children family: John - Wendy - Michael (Peter Pan)

3 notes used to rid a town of rats & get children to follow into a mountain (Pied Piper)
3 characters: Wynken - Blynken - Nod
3 men in a tub, Rub-a-dub-dub
3 brothers: Peter - John - Boots (Boots & his two brothers)
3 Princes of Serendip
3 beans: Jack & the Bean Stalk
3 months: May -June -July (A swarm of bees)
3 daughters: Rich merchant had 3 daughters in Beauty & the Beast (other versions exist)
3 little ghostesses sitting on postesses
3 beautiful white swans: The Ugly Duckling
3 bends in the road: Childe Rowland was told by an old woman to travel to the 3rd bend
3 score miles and ten: How many miles to Babylon
3 sisters: The Golden Goose
3 children, 3 handsome sons: The Six Swans
3 pigs: Not by the hairs of our chinny-chin-chin

3 times 3 she cast her spell, kisses 3: The laidly Worm of Spindlestone

3 brothers: The Golden Bird
3 character Aesop Fable: The Farmer, His Son, The Donkey
3 score & more of girls: The Ass, The Table and the Stick
3 headed beast: The Sea Maiden
3 loves: King loved to Laugh, a good Joke, a Riddle (The Flea)
3 sons, 3 horses, 3 golden apples: The Princess who lived on a glass hill

3 hearts: Queen of hearts - Knave of hearts -King of hearts
3 repetitions of Hector Protector
3 sisters: Cinderella - Anastasia - Drizella
3 part bark: Bow-Wow-Wow (Little Tom Tinker)
3 rhymes, 3 port utterance: Fudge, Fudge, Tell the Judge
3 Cheers for Red, White, Blue

3 pennies: 1 on the Avenue, 2 an the Sea, 3 on the Railroad (out goes he/she)
3 monkeys jumpin' on the bed, 2 monkeys jumpin' on the bed, l monkey jumpin' on the bed
3 part call: Red Rover-Red Rover-Call/Send he/she right over

Expression from Jack and the Bean stalk playfully mimicked to portray its likeness to the Pythagorean theorem:

(fe) = 3 (if) = 5 (of) = 4 (fum) = Sum
32 + 42 = 52 (sum)

3 part (increasing speed) jump rope scheme: Hot - Peppers -Hot Peppers (variations exist)

3 part threat: See my finger. See my thumb. See my fist, you better run.

3 part (schools out) chant: (monkeys) 1 went east, 1 went west, 1 up teacher's dress

3 part tattletale: (K-I), (S-S), (ING) 1st, Love - 2nd, Marriage - 3rd, Baby Carriage
3 part "revelation": Here's my fingers, Here's my thumb , fold 3 (fingers), make a gun
3 part disparagement: (Fatty, Fatty), (Two by four), (Can't get through the kitchen door)
3 foot placement: Put right/left in - out - in, to do the hokey pokey
3 witches; 3 dangers (lions-tigers-bears); Lion - Tin man - Scarecrow: Wizard of Oz
3 part Old McDonald: EI - EI - 0; Here - There - Everywhere (a quack-quack)
3 repetitions: Here we go round the Mulberry bush- The Mulberry bush - The Mulberry bush
3 baking directions: (Pat-A-Cake) Roll it - Pat it - Mark it with a B (or T)
3 places in the house: (Goosey, Goosey, Gander) Upstairs - Downstairs - Lady's Chamber
3 Indian groupings: One little - Two little - Three little Indians
3 repetitions: Mary had a little lamb - Little lamb - Little lamb
3 suggestions: Take the keys and lock her up - lock her up - lock her up (My Fair Lady)
3 news reports: London Bridge is falling down - falling down - falling down
3 skips: Skip - Skip - Skip to my lou; or, Lou- Lou - Skip to my Lou
3 phrases are said prior to saying POP! goes the weasel
3 questions: Did you ever see a lassie - a lassie - a lassie
3 racing commands: On your marks - Get set - Go!; To your marks - Get ready - Go!
3 swing types in "Statues" game: Milk (light swing) - Tea (moderate) - Coffee (hard)

3 part jump rope song: I like coffee - I like tea - How many boys are crazy for me? (Adult versions: Coffee - Tea - or Milk; Coffee - Tea or Me)

3 part apple core throwing phrase: Apple core - Baltimore - Who's your favorite friend?
3 part vanity question: Mirror, Mirror - On the wall - Who's the fairest of them all?
3 part exhortation: Jack be nimble! Jack be quick! Jack jump over the candle stick!
3 requests: Trick or Treat - Smell my feet - Give me something good to eat
3 screams: I scream - You scream - We all scream for ice cream
3 chase taunts: You missed me - You missed me - Now you gotta kiss me
3 patterned retorts: Goody - Goody - Gum drops/ Too bad - So sad - I'm glad
3 patterned accusation: Liar, Liar - Pants on fire - Hanging on a telephone wire
3 patterned slur: Nanny, Nanny - Boo, Boo - You are a Pooh, Pooh
3 bags full: Baa, Baa, Black sheep
3 repetitions: Row-Row-Row (your boat)
3 blind mice: wife, knife, sight (3 rhymes)
3 little kittens lost their mittens
3 repetitions: B-I-NGO (and Bingo was his name)
3 repetitions: Go tell Aunt Rhody
3 repetitions: this little piggie cried wee - wee - wee, all the way home
3 part song: A tisket - A tasket - A green and yellow basket
3 in a row: Tic - Tac - Toe
3-part observation: I see London - I see France - I see (someone's name) underpants
*** I declare! I see someone's underwear. They may be White - Blue - Full of dynamite
3-part relief: No more teachers - No more books - No more teacher's dirty looks
3-part entreaty: Rain, Rain - Go away - Come again some other day
3 part mocking: Nhaaa - Nhaaa - Nhaaaaaaaaaa
3-part assertions: N! 0! Spells NO!; NO! NO! A thousand times NO!
3 part assertion: Ready or not, here I come

3 years old: legend says Davey Crockett killed a "bar" (bear)... (I wonder if Samson killed the snake when he was 3 months old?)

3 weapons: (sticks - stones - names); Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Names will never hurt me.

3 part sing-along: Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work we go; (or the adult version): I owe! I owe! So it's off to work I go.

3 part suggestion: Go jump in the lake - Swallow a snake - Come out with a belly ache
3 girl/boy ingredients: Sugar - Spice - Everything nice / Frogs - Snails - Puppy dog tails
3 part cheers: Hip! Hip! Hurray!
For he's a jolly good fellow (often repeated 3 times)

Examples from American Television:

Channel 3 used for video watching (Video tape players had a switch on the rear indicating 3 or 4 to correspond with whichever television channel could be used in a given area in which to watch a video tape. Some areas didn't broadcast on channel 3 and others didn't broadcast on channel 4.)

3 part Candid Camera phrase: Somehow - Somewhere - Sometime (when you least expect it)
3-part advertisement: Plop, Plop - Fizz, Fizz - Oh what a relief it is (Alka-Seltzer)
3 jars: Herman Munster spent most of his childhood in 3 jars
3 Charley's Angels
3 boys, 3 girls, 3 adults (Alice-Mother-Father): Brady Bunch
Zebra 3: Starsky & Hutch call sign

3-part utterances in television characters:

Yaba-Daba-Do (Fred Flintstone),
Scooby-Dooby-Doo (Scooby Doo),
Hey-Hey-Hey (Fat Albert),
Snap-Crackle-Pop (Rice Krispies),
Umm-Umm-Good (Campbell's Soups),
Ho-Ho-Ho (Green Giant & Santa Claus),
MIC-KEY-M-0-U-S-E (Mickey Mouse Club),
Surprise-Surprise-Surprise (Garner Pyle),
Up- Up- and Away (Superman)

Triads of Characters:

Theodore - Simon - Alvin (Chipmunks),
Huey - Duey - Louie (Donald Duck cartoon Nephews),
Yogi - Boo Boo - Ranger (Yogi Bear cartoon characters),
Chico - Harpo - Groucho (Marx Brothers... though there were actually 5),
Larry - Moe -Curley (3 Stooges),
Tom - Jerry - Spike (Tom & Jerry cartoon characters),
Sylvester - Tweety - Grandma (Tweety Bird cartoon characters),
Jody - Buffy - Sissy (Family Affair brother and sisters),
Adam - Hoss - Joe (3 brothers on Bonanza)

3 long-running television name shows:

Wheel of Fortune: 3 contestants; 3 beeps indicate time limit for answer;
Price is Right: 3 door prizes;
Jeopardy: Jeopardy Round - Double Jeopardy - Final Jeopardy

3 patterned utterance made by Woody Wood-Pecker: (you try writing it)
3 patterned betting game: Rock - Paper - Scissors
3 forms of tests given in class: Essay - True/False - Multiple choice
3 grade distinctions: A+, A, A-
3rd Reich: Adolf Hitler's Empire
3rd Rome: Old name for Russia
*** Typical business letters are folded into thirds
2 Rows of 3 dots: Braille alphabet
3 numbered jersey and played for 3 baseball teams: Babe Ruth
Triads - Dyads - Single: Experimenters, Inventors, Researchers, etc., work 'groups'
3 types of pedal cycles: Unicycles - Bicycles -Tricycles
3 Viking social classes: Nobles - Freemen - Slaves
3 Estates of Medievalism: Aristocracy - Clergy - Workers
*** "3 Affiliated"/"3 fires" Native American Tribes: Arikaro - Mondan - Hidatso/Potawtam - Chippew - Ottawa

3 assaults, in 1775, by the British, drove American Patriots from Breed's Hill
3-masted merchant ship: Mayflower
3 types of early American Colonies by location: Northern or New England - Middle - Southern
3 kinds of early American Colonies by type: Royal - Proprietary -Corporate
3 great Greek Playwrites of tragedy: Euripides - Aeschylus - Sophocles
3 cushions used for a typical (couch), 2 cushions for a (love seat), 1 cushion for a (chair)
3 ships of Christopher Columbus: Nina - Pinta - Santa Maria (however, there was a fourth)
3 separate cracks in 3 separate castings of the American Liberty Bell occurred
3 traditional ice cream flavors: Vanilla - Strawberry - Chocolate
3 sizes: Small - Medium - Large (three larger sizes are illustrated by: X large - XX large - XXX large)

*** Triangular trade route: New England - West Indies - Africa (etc.)
Bermuda triangle: Southern U.S. Coast - Bermuda - Greater Antilles
Polynesian triangle: Fiji - Hawaii - Tahiti

(In most vertebrates each transverse tubule has two cisternae closely associated with it, forming a three element complex called a triad.)

3rd Monday in April is Patriots Day in Maine and Massachusetts
3 time ruler: Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna of Mexico
Third Communist International was founded in 1919 by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (He died after a 3rd stroke)
Three-patterned slogan printed on posters portraying Lenin: Lenin Lived - Lenin Lives - Lenin will always Live!
3-patterned phrase "East-Wind-Rain" on Japanese radio during a weather report indicated the conflict with the U.S. had begun.

*** Nathan Hale's three letters during his imprisonment: One to his mother - Another to his sisters - A third to his betrothed.

3 part body typing by W.H. Sheldon: Endomorph - Mesomorph - Ectomorph
3 part body typing by Ernst Kretschmer: Pyknic - Asthenic - Athletic
3-lettered abbreviations for countries
3 patterned motto for Olympics: Citius - Altius - Fortius (Swifter - Higher - Stronger)
3 patterned motto of NASA:
3 main credit reporting agencies: Equifax - Trans Union - Trw
3 months delayed payment: (often called 90 days same as cash)
3 attributes of color: Hue - Brightness - Saturation
3 test tubes (or vials) of blood are commonly drawn from patients

*** In Leechcraft a child is passed three times under a donkey on nine consecutive mornings for the cure of whooping-rough.

*** For Tetanus Prophylaxis: 3 injections: the 2nd being given 6 weeks after the 1st, and the 3rd given 6 months later.

*** An old Irish cure for madness: Give the person three substances not procured by human means, and not made by the hand of man. These are honey, milk, and salt given as a drink before sunrise in a sea-shell.

*** According to Finellan's Le Triple Vocabulaire Infernal, If you are disposed to renounce the Devil after having entered into a compact with him, spit three times on the ground and he will have no further power over you.

3 part snowman: Small for the head - Medium for the upper body - Large for the lower body (somewhat resemble ancient fertility figurines)

3 ultraviolet radiation divisions: Near (4,000 - 3,000 A) - Middle (3,000 - 2,000 A) - Long (2,000 -100 A)

3 big bangs:

(1) 65 million year old "dinosaur killer" rock that caused a nuclear winter.
(2) Mammoth explosion of a nearby massive star 4 million years ago.
(3) The "original" Big Bang of the Universe.

3 men who shared the responsibility for the early success of radio: Lee de Forest - Edward Armstrong - David Sarnoff.
3 times the width of the material to he nailed is the customary nail length needed
Triple nutrient mixture for alcoholics: Glutamine - Vitamin C - Niacinamide (500 milligrams each, 1 to 3 times a day)
3 smoking forms: Pipes - Cigars -Cigarettes
3 alcohol forms: Wine - Beer - Liquor (Bottle - Can - Keg)

3 Evolution theory co-discoverers: Charles Darwin - Patrick Matthew -Alfred Russel Wallace
3 basic social science analysis strategies: Univariate - Bivariate - Multivariate
3 patented first practical typewriter in 1868: Carlos Glidden - Christopher Sholes - Sam Soule
3 World War II Allies: Russia - England - U.S.
3 Axis powers: Germany - Italy - Japan
3 (1905) papers by Einstein: Brownian movement - Photo-electric effect - Special Relativity
3 (1905) papers by Sigmund Freud: Id - Ego - Superego (Child - Parent - Adult)
3 rode from Lexington to Concord: Paul Revere - William Dawes - Dr. Samuel Prescott
3 atom bombs changed the world: Trinity site - Hiroshima - Nagasaki (3 days after Hiroshima)
3 measures called The Reform Acts extended voting rights in 19th century England
3 Korean Kingdoms: Koguryo - Paekche - Silla
3 trees: Colloquialism for Gallows
3 days, July 1st - 2nd - 3rd in 1863, is when the Battle of Gettysburg was fought
3 shots fired at John E. Kennedy's & Yitzhak Rabin's assassinations
Third Monday in January is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day
3 U.S. Diplomats killed together: Robert Frasure - Nelson Drew - Joseph Kruzel
3 shots killed Robert Kennedy
3 wars between Rome & Carthage: Punic Wars
*** "Death occurs in threes' is a common saying; also, "Third time is the charm"
3 conspiracy theories (FBI - CIA - Mafia) are suggested for M.L. King Jr.'s assassination
3 word phrase in King George III's diary (On America's date of Independence... July 4, l776: Nothing-Happened-Today)
*** The bottom one-third of a billing statement, with payment, is requested by some Companies
3 New World discoverers: Christopher Columbus - Leif Erickson - Amerigo Vespucci
3 customary meals/utensils: Breakfast - Lunch - Supper/Knife - Fork - Spoon (Bowl - Plate - Cup)
3 commonly ordered breakfast dishes served with syrup: Waffles - Pancakes - French Toast
3 commonly ordered breakfast meats: Bacon, Ham, Sausage
3 toast variations: Light - Medium - Burnt
3 commonly ordered breakfast beverages: Water, Juice, Coffee
3 wars before French & Indian War: King William's - Oueen Anne's - King George's
3-patterned phrase to avoid the Black Plague: Go quickly - Go far - and Return late
3 British ships raided: Boston Tea Party
3-cornered (Tricorn) hats: Continental Infantry
3-piece silver ink stand was used by the signers of the Declaration of Independence
3 squadrons commanded by General Claire Lee Chennualt: The Flying Tigers

3 major Native American take overs in the early 1910's:

(1) Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay
(2) Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington D.C.
(3) Wounded Knee in South Dakota

3 noted figures of the Alamo: William Travis - David Crockett - James Bowie

*** Japanese Naval attack fleet commanders were given all but three final orders:

(1) Date of sailing
(2) Date of mid-ocean fueling
(3) Date of attack (Pearl Harbor)

3 Ancient Roman (Latin) forms of first, middle, last names: Praenomen - Nomen - Cognomen
Three Mile Island accident is example used by critics of nuclear power programs in general
3 U.S. Supreme Court Authority boundaries: State & Nation - State & State - Government & Citizen
3 English/Welsh Supreme Courts: Court of Appeal - High Court of Justice - Crown Court
3 Gregor Mendel "laws": Independent Unit Characters - Segregation - Dominance
3 Darwinian essentials of Evolution: Variation - Heredity - Struggle for existence
*** Triarchic mind theory by Robert J. Sternberg: Componential - Experiential - Contextual
*** Triune brain hierarchical structure by P.D. Maclean: Limbic system - Cortex - Neo-Cortex
3 standard deviations means "huge" - 2 mean "very big" - 1 mean "big": page 44, Bell Curve
3 major types of seizures: Grand Mal - Petit Mal - Psychomotor (or Psychic equivalent)

3 phases of change: Resist change - Begins to accept change - Embrace change

3 days after a homicide produce the best leads to solving it - The second best leads come 3 weeks after the crime - After these two, it is difficult to get reliable evidence.

3 Olympic Medals: Gold - Silver - Bronze
3 (fencing) practice weapons: Foil - Epee - Saber
3 point shots - 2 point shots - 1 point shot/ Man to Man - Zone - Combination (Basketball)
3 basic gloves: Fielder's - First Baseman's - Catcher's Mitt (Baseball)
3 rope rink: Boxing
3 basic spur types: Bronc - Bull - Riding
3 main Crochet stitches: Single - Double - Chain
3 point ringer: Horseshoes
3 football "quantities": (Full)back - (Half)back - (Quarter)back
3 ways that heat passes from one object/place to another: Conduction - Convection - Radiation
3 distinct potentially harmful germ or microorganism groups: Viruses - Bacteria - Protozoa
3 styles of execution from a great height: Estrapade - La cale sech - La cale humide
3 firing squad commands: Ready - Aim - Fire
Make peace with God - The World - One's Family

3 firing squad offerings: Blindfold, Last words, Cigarette/Last request

3-part P.O.W. "rules":

Name - Rank - Serial Number
Last meal - Last request - Last words
Blindfold - Cigarette - Bound Hands

3 picture crew commands: Lights - Camera - Action
3 perfect woman measurements: 36-24-36
3 perfect man qualities: Soft - Strong - Disposal
3 railroad crossing rules: Stop - Look - Listen
3 (clothing) fire extinguishing rules: Stop - Drop - Roll

3 part cautionary rule heard in various workplace environments: Never- Assume- Anything (because "Assume" means making an Ass (of) U (and) Me if you're wrong in your guess).

Thrice is considered certainty, twice is a coincidence, once is considered curious

Classical origin of Moon hypothesis:

(1) Binary planet or "sister" hypothesis
(2) Rotational fission or "daughter" hypothesis
(3) Capture or "wife" hypothesis

3 traditional divisions of matter/geography: Animal - Vegetable - Mineral/land - Sea - Air
3 kinds of molecular kinetic energies for calculation: Translational - Vibrational - Rotational
3 patterned phrase of Winston Churchill: Never have so many owed so much to so few.
3 (traditional) great taboos in textbook publishing: Sex - Religion - Social Class
3 geological periods: Cenozoic-Mesozoic-Paleozoic
3 modern day food-related disorders: Bulimia - Anorexia - Binge Eating
*** During a meeting, a motion may be made that is "seconded" and "Thirded"

*** The Waiters Association tells how the tilt of a chef's hot is a window into his personality:

(1) Lightly ballooned out & tilted back: An Authoritarian
(2) Placed forward and pulled down over the eyes: A thinker
(3) Inclined on the corner of an ear: A Snob.

*** Note: The so-called four-directions concept referred to as North - South - East -West, is readily recognized as a two-by-two polarity association. We also are accustomed to use the phrase "North, South, East and West," (also, "Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall") with the "and" as a distinct means of partitioning off the first three, thereby producing a circumstance of 3 to 1.

Another such occurrence of partitioning off the first three as a characteristic of three-patterned grouping, is the child's counting scheme of One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four. There is no "Four Potato." Like-wise, in the High School cheer "Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, a Dollar," there is not only no "Dollar Bits," there also is the separator "a" which acts as a sort of demarcation boundary line between the first three "Relatives" and that which is distantly related. As a final (related) remark, the child's counting rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" ...etc., not only represents a three-patterned grouping, but also is reminiscent of the repetition used by early peoples in their attempts to develop larger counting sequences which frequently relied on combinations of earlier quantities in much the same way as we repeat our numerical symbols after reaching the number nine. The rhyme of "Shoe" with "Two" is an example of cognitive grouping limitation in the sense that to go beyond the limit requires successive duplications whether we use words that sound the same, number (symbols) that look the same, or use some other perceptual referencing mechanism.

*** The parent asks the child: Do you have to do Number 1 or Number 2? (I always said Number 3, which is, in reality, a combination of both. Believe it or not some adults would ask what Number 3 was!)

*** The new software content warning label is designed to give parents an indication of the levels of Nudity, Violence and Profanity in PC games.

*** Fundamental formula used in computers: Binary system with a basic 3-patterned analytical format based upon Boolean logic: AND-gate OR-gate NOT-gate

3 groups of items sometimes used for juggling acts: Bowling pins, Balls, Eggs, Chain Saws, Knives, Torches, Plates, etc...
3 milk fat groupings: Low fat - No fat - High Fat
3 peels are customarily unpeeled from a banana (ripeness determines how many skins are unfolded)
3 prominent television news categories: News - Weather - Sports
3-part rule-of-thumb: Early to bed - Early to rise - Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise
3 observations on running: Horses sweat - Men perspire - Women glow
3-part radio jargon: Roger - Wilco (will comply) - Out
3 (law) examinations: Direct - Cross - Re-direct
3 bus fare divisions: Student - Adult - Senior (Honored) Citizen
3 chief types of woven rugs and carpets: Velvet - Wilson - Axminister
3 Lewis Carroll physical states: Ordinary - 'Eerie' - Trance

3 methods of telling time by the Sun:

(1) Measuring its hour angle from the Meridian, as in an ordinary garden sundial
(2) Measuring its altitude above the horizon
(3) Measuring its azimuth (the angle measured on the horizon between the true south point and a vertical circle passing through the Sun), which requires a vertical style.

3 (previously noted main American Companies in competition with one another):

Automobile manufacturing: GMC - Ford - Chrysler;
Turkey production (especially for the Thanksgiving holiday): British United - Canadian Hybrid - Nicholas Breeding;
Outboard (boat) Motors: Yamaha - Mercury - Evinrude

3 dots, 3 dashes: Morse code for SOS; can be related to: Dawn (interval) Noon (interval) Dusk: Dot Dash Dot Dash Dot, Means: (End of Message)

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