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However, let us be fair and say that a sexuality-based political orientation has had its merits as described in the following short article on Vestal Virgins. Clearly they were ahead of their time (and still the "time of the woman" has not yet fully arrived), in seeking a full measure of their inalienable rights. In reading the following it must be taken into consideration that religion and politics of the past were more closely linked than what we observe today. Thus in describing a political orientation to those performing duties in a religious context must be understood within the ancient context and then differentially applied to the separated stations which both play today.

Vestal Virgins

in Roman religion, six priestesses, representing the daughters of the royal house, who tended the state cult of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The cult is believed to date to the 7th century BC; like other non-Christian cults, it was banned in AD 394 by Theodosius I.

Chosen between the ages of 6 and 10 by the pontifex maximus (“chief priest”), Vestal Virgins served for 30 years, during which time they had to remain virgins. Afterward they could marry, but few did. Those chosen as Vestal Virgins had to be of the required age, be freeborn of freeborn and respectable parents (though later the daughters of freedmen were eligible), have both parents alive, and be free from physical and mental defects. They lived in the House of the Vestal Virgins on the Roman Forum, near the Temple of Vesta. Their duties included tending the perpetual fire in the Temple of Vesta, keeping their vow of chastity, fetching water from a sacred spring (Vesta would have no water from the city water-supply system), preparing ritual food, caring for objects in the temple's inner sanctuary, and officiating at the Vestalia (June 7–15), the period of public worship of Vesta. Failure to attend to their duties was punished by a beating; violation of the vow of chastity, by burial alive (the blood of a Vestal Virgin could not be spilled). But the Vestal Virgins also enjoyed many honours and privileges not open to married or single women of equivalent social status, including emancipation from their fathers' rule and the ability to handle their own property.

Source: "Vestal Virgins." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

And to the above article let us add another short reference about the Incan "chosen women" idea and practice:

Chosen Women (Quechua: Aclla Cuna, or Aklya Kona ("Virgins of the Sun")

In Inca religion, women who lived in temple convents under a vow of chastity. Their duties included the preparation of ritual food, the maintenance of a sacred fire, and the weaving of garments for the emperor and for ritual use. They were under the supervision of matrons called Mama Cuna. At the time of the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century, the Virgins numbered several thousand and were governed by a high priestess, the Coya Pasca, a noblewoman who was believed to be the earthly consort of the sun god. The Virgins, not of noble birth, were village girls selected by officials for their beauty and talent; they were chosen at the age of 8 or 10 and shut up in the temples, which they were not allowed to leave for six or seven years. Of these girls, some became sacrificial victims, whereas others were sometimes made imperial concubines or the wives of nobles.

Source: "Chosen Women." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

And while some may want to argue that the LGBTQ community is not a modernized model of an ancient fertility cult whose values have been inverted so as to deny the value of birth or diminish it by various contours of rationalization (such as the earth-is-over-populated excuse), it is difficult to deny that it is the recreation of the same ancient mentality involving women as the primary role model... as is clearly seen in the placement of Lesbians in the first position of the LGBTQ monogram... no matter how many letters of the alphabet are used. No doubt the ancient fertility cults involving the female-aligned Moon worship and female-aligned Earth ("Mother Earth") homage, involving stylized frenzy's just like present day practices of voodooism, Satanism, etc., and that one may even see at some sporting and political events... though other examples might be provided. The Frenzy's are intensified carnival and circus events that may simply be referred to as celebrations, frequently involving some form of intoxicant.

The role of men and women in the process of fertilization was an idea that existed in an oblivion for the ancient mind. A mind that came to associate all things with a personal god. Every tree may have its own god and these gods came to have one tree god that was supreme. Hence, the basic multiplicity into a singularity was an indication that the underlying functioning of the human brain was changing... and yet appears to crop up time and again in different eras in the mode of making ancient associations. (The E Pluribus Unum seen on some American monetary denominations is an extension of this because it translates into that which means "Out of Many, One" or "From Many, One"). It's as if the human brain has some representative circadian rhythm tied to itself alone (to be differentiated from other basic physiological rhythms) which causes the primitive structures of mental association to arise anew in adult brains (born in later ages), though this apparent "regression" is clearly seen the case in the brains of many developing youth and may simply be referred to as temporary developmental phases of maturational growth. However, others have on occasion paid witness to those whose behavior seems better suited to an ancient past and may be referred to as an anachronism (defined as a person or artefact that is better suited to a different age)... though there are those who are living today that may well be suited for some distant future age and must navigate the primitive present as best they can. Be it due to some chemical (food, beverage, education, cultural attitudes, etc...) which causes a recurrence of ancient mental associations to reappear, one may only philosophically speculate at this point. (Though environmental considerations may entail proposing that the Earth has rhythms which influence not only humans, but various life forms at different times to "regress" or reformulate itself by introducing some old variation in response to incremental deteriorations.)

Nonetheless, the idea and pseudo-practices of present day Matriarchal models might be termed not a progression of human values, but a regression produced as an attempted fortress of salvation when faced with known and/or unknown stresses. (This writer recalls an event in which a power outage at a place of employment caused all the employees to huddle together in groups outside while I remained in-doors observing the reactions to such a simple occurrence and thinking it silly for these so-called adults to act so emotionally as to engage in a herd-like mannerism. I was asked to go outside by a supervisor after a "head count" revealed I was absent and could not be found, like a few others, sitting in my vehicle trying to listen to news reports about the blackout.)

While there is no attempt being made to say that the leadership of some women is not or could not be beneficial to humanity, it is a system of leadership having to fend itself not only against a rival (male) suitor for power, but other female-led associations which involve primitive mindsets. It is difficult for a woman (or man) with a 22nd Century (or later) mentality to get those living in the present to get progressive ideas across their conceptualizations, when many of them have a world-view better suited for some distant past. It is like trying to convince a clan about the benefits that fire can provide, but they remain fearful of it because they try to grab onto the flames and get burned. On top of this, some men actually believe that the female is the weaker and dumber sex... partly or mainly because they have a central role in the birthing process as well as the upbringing of children in most cases. Hence, such people conclude, that women can not fully divest themselves of orientations involving the processes of birth and child rearing, which act as distractions. And even when men deny such a perspective, their words do not match an active role in trying to assist in the development of leadership positions for women in male-dominated institutions, unless they are little more than figure-heads to sway a female population into believing they have achieved an equality that does not actually exist in reality.

Though the role of fathers also involves family distractions, this does not always come to be offered as a rationale to hold the man in suspect of being unable to completely divest themselves of family interests to focus fully on "pure" economic and political matters. And those that think to suggest we would all be better off if leadership responsibilities were shared, the present structure of government does not include this idea as an underlying requirement of functionality. The US government for example, was created by men (who may or may not have been influenced by one or another woman in private council), to serve the interests of men... a select group of men..., as attested to by the fact that only a select group of men were allowed to vote... and that the voting structure of today is rigged so as to produce desired results of a political party, controlling economic base, or other faction. And even when women of today achieve a political position, the female psyche is not permitted to exert itself without being over-shadowed by men who have learned to use the prevailing legislative processes to manipulate the wisdom, intuition, knowledge and skills of women to their advantage... and it is an advantage that is increased when women attempt to adopt the modes, manners and mentality of the men around them... as if to suggest they are equal (instead of superior... though in many cases they are), or in the case of a "Lesbian Partnership", one member of the duo ultimately attempts to dominate the other... to assert their psyche over the other which may extend to their adoption of a presumed masculine theme of activity and dress... not to mention linguistic idioms, stylized vernacular and philosophical as well as ideological themes.

In any case, the cards are stacked against women because the underlying design of the government boasts the blueprint of an ancient male psyche that continues to enforce itself in the role of supremacy, despite all the Constitutional amendments thought to level the playing field. (And this says nothing about the role in which the present Constitution plays in subjecting those of different races towards their manipulated participation in having an unequal voice in governmental and economic policy.) In an effort to exert itself, the female psyche routinely resorts to some variation of an antiquated orientation that may be flip-flopped version of an older perspective in an effort to express some imagined originality or progressiveness, such as the perverted and adulterated orientations of the LGBTQ community (which one might describe as a "Lesbian Generated Bohemian Thought Qualification" to designate the over-riding dominance of the female psyche)... which does a great injustice to providing a cultural environment to any emergent matriarchal political formulation that is not tied to some modernized sexuality-defined fertility (or anti-fertility/anti-fertilization) cult. (The "flip-flopping" is more often recognized as a duality or dichotomy in which the opposite of that encountered is offered not only as an equal means of suggested empowerment, but is sometimes used to eventually present itself as a superior trait.) In any respect, it is the expression of an old style of human conceptualization seen in antiquity... An old idea presented in modern trappings with a twist such as inverting one or more characteristics to portray (and conceal) something old for something new.)

It is difficult for the sincere interests of women to assert the uniqueness of the female psyche as an aspiring cultural phenomena wanting to do humanity a great service, when it is bogged down by those whose female mentality have recreated an ancient animistic-like fertility cult as a dominant social atmosphere to be practiced as if some gargantuantly great step forward has been achieved. Sensitivity and sensibility of differentiated interests is one thing, digressive obsessions into a culture advocating sexuality as a primacy of socially distributed interest is another.

Because sexuality has and continues to play a large role in business, political and religious motivations and/or ideology, there is a need to map out its course within the bounds of human conceptualization in an attempt to understand human cognitive processes in relation to social and economic policies as part of the underlying structure of government. No less, the influences of an incrementally deteriorating environment in terms of larger planetary issues (the Sun's energy is burning out, the Earth's rotation is slowing, the Moon is receding), need to be taken into regard because human sensibilities are responsive to subtle energy changes (like animals responding to reverberations of the Earth though humans don't in this regard because the ability to detect such occurrences have been suppressed and result in an obscured sensibility to the environment by way of distractions created by mechanization, industrialization and electronicization).

While it may be difficult for some readers to think in terms of the social atmosphere which prevailed before, during and after the advent of writing and other symbolic records of human thought processing which represented attempts to reproduce perceptions and conceptualizations, particularly when the moralities and ethics (constituting prejudices and biases) of the 21st century are applied; perhaps the importance of fertility cults (as a formula of conceptualization) might be better understood as a means to explain the attempts by early humans to comprehend the event of a new human being born (as an awe-inspiring miraculous event), if it is realized that the role of the female uterus was not understood until the early 1600's (when the word "uterus" came into existence) and that it was not until the later 1600's when Leeuwenhoek (and possibly Stephen Hamm) discovered spermatozoa. Imagine living in a distant past world (with today's knowledge) when there was so much misunderstanding and ignorance... but that attempts were made to explain occurrences by way of superstition, gods, demons, angels, configurations of stars, and the need for ceremonialized activities (to create some semblance of stability and therefore reassurance in a frightful world) which may involve animal and/or human sacrifice... (and even though human sacrifice has been carried over in the forms of ambushing human careers, character assassination, demotion, redundancy removal, etc...)

And along with the advent of the knowledge about the Uterus and Spermatozoa in the 1600s, let us add the notions of the Homunculus, Preformism, and Epigenesis. Two excerpts are instructive at this point:

Preformism and Epigenesis

A notion that was widespread among pioneer biologists in the 18th century was that the fetus, and hence the adult organism that develops from it, is preformed in the sex cells. Some early microscopists even imagined that they saw a tiny homunculus, a diminutive human figure, encased in the human spermatozoon. The development of the individual from the sex cells appeared deceptively simple: it was merely an increase in the size and growth of what was already present in the sex cells. The antithesis of the early preformation theories was theories of epigenesis, which claimed that the sex cells were structureless jelly and contained nothing at all in the way of rudiments of future organisms. The naive early versions of preformation and epigenesis had to be given up when embryologists showed that the embryo develops by a series of complex but orderly and gradual transformations. Darwin's "Provisional Hypothesis of Pangenesis" was distinctly preformistic; Weismann's theory of determinants in the germ plasm, as well as the early ideas about the relations between genes and traits, also tended toward preformism.

Source: "Heredity." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

The homunculus first appears by name in alchemical writings attributed to Paracelsus (1493–1541). De natura rerum (1537) outlines his method for creating homunculi:

That the sperm of a man be putrefied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse’s womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed. After this time, it will look somewhat like a man, but transparent, without a body. If, after this, it be fed wisely with the Arcanum of human blood, and be nourished for up to forty weeks, and be kept in the even heat of the horse’s womb, a living human child grows therefrom, with all its members like another child, which is born of a woman, but much smaller.

Preformation image

Comparisons have been made with several similar concepts in the writings of earlier alchemists. Although the actual word "homunculus" was never used, Carl Jung believed that the concept first appeared in the Visions of Zosimos, written in the third century AD. In the visions, Zosimos encounters a priest who changes into "the opposite of himself, into a mutilated anthroparion". The Greek word "anthroparion" is similar to "homunculus" – a diminutive form of "man". Zosimos subsequently encounters other anthroparion in his dream but there is no mention of the creation of artificial life. In his commentary, Jung equates the homunculus with the Philosopher’s Stone, and the "inner man" in parallel with Christ.

In Islamic alchemy, Takwin was a goal of certain Muslim alchemists, a notable one being Jabir ibn Hayyan. In the alchemical context, Takwin refers to the artificial creation of life in the laboratory, up to and including human life.

The homunculus continued to appear in alchemical writings after Paracelsus' time. The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (1616) for example, concludes with the creation of a male and female form identified as Homunculi duo. The allegorical text suggests to the reader that the ultimate goal of alchemy is not chrysopoeia (transmutation of gold from base metals), but it is instead the artificial generation of man. Here, the creation of homunculi symbolically represents spiritual regeneration and Christian soteriology (Salvation).

In 1775, Count Johann Ferdinand von Kufstein, together with Abbé Geloni, an Italian cleric, are reputed to have created ten homunculi with the ability to foresee the future, which von Kufstein kept in glass containers at his Masonic lodge in Vienna. Dr. Emil Besetzny's Masonic handbook, Die Sphinx, devoted an entire chapter to the wahrsagenden Geister (scrying ghosts). These are reputed to have been seen by several people, including local dignitaries.

Source: Wikipedia: Homunculus

(Note: the "opposite of oneself" as a visionary distinction is an interesting digression in that we find that it may symbolically be interpreted to represent a mirror-image distortion just as it can be to describe the alternative male/female dichotomy or Janus-faced figure. In other words, dichotomization is revealed to supply not only the opposite of oneself, but the self in a form that is not oneself, but is the same in many respects nonetheless. (Like an alter-ego with positive attributes or an alter-ego with negative attributes such as might be described with the word nemesis or "evil-twin" notion). In such a view it describes how the human mind can construct a dichotomy out of sameness by thinking the same... represented in someone else... is somehow different and thus is the opposite... be they then ascribed with better or worse qualities. It is a contortion of thought akin to the thinking processes of antiquity subjected to the sophistications of rationalization encountered in the present era... though the past is not devoid of such conceptualizations as seen in the story of Narcissus, frequently used to describe the Lesbian/Homosexual duos.)

Dignitaries and other authority figures of the past actually believed in ideas that we of today note as nonsense. Just as many can see the nonsense in the LGBTQ Community's obsession with itself, and the obsessive self-indulgences of other groups as well... all to the loss of human progress... a "progress", as a word, as the figure of an idea that is subjected to derision by those who think their antiquated mentality (cast in modernized garments) is representative of some to-be-valued progressiveness and that without which, humanity someone suffers. In reality, it is as if large swaths of humanity have either not progressed beyond primivities of thought or have experienced a regression... for whatever reason... be it chemical, biological, stress related or whatever. And even though many of the obsessions of today also see the nonsense which those in the past adhered to as if they held some natural truth in their hand, they are incapable of recognizing their own believed-in illusions and delusions.

However, as can be attested to by those who accepted mentally ill leaderships such as Hitler and Trump, many people simply go along with whatever a given majority is involved with, just as many a person has joined in lynch parties, protest marches or parades. Like an instinct to participate in a herd mentality even if at some later date what they did is defined as senselessness. And though we excuse many of the senseless antics of youth, we are not quick to do so with adults, though their brains may function (at the time) in a similar way. While we claim a person should have known better, this is not necessarily the case. When "crimes of passion" or acts undertaken in the "heat of the moment" may be the language used to describe an event, such a recognition is not always permitted as a means to define the parameters of legalized punishment for certain offences. No less, offences to humanity when carried out by numerous people such as wars, revolution and rioting may come to be "understood" as the result of a cultural event where the minds of the many take on the intelligence of a moron... seen in retrospect... the lack of recognized criminal offences taking place in the activities of crowds is a means by which those activities come to be unscrutinized as having any ill effect or as representing a social interlude of practiced cultural ignorance similar to that mentality seen in antiquity. It has become accepted that the public is periodically permitted to exercise a collective idiocy that may endure for centuries, such as in the case of America's Despotic formula of pretended democracy. Having been born into such idiocy makes it difficult for most people to recognize the absurdity. They simply go along with it just as some are coming to accept the LGBTQ nonsense to the detriment of a true female leadership with a lasting value for humanity. Many in the public act like ignorant peasants joining in the antics of an inebriated sect that has an annual arrival like circuses which come to town.

While a few argue against the activities of some women-dominated groups as being less than helpful to the overall progress of women gaining some ascendency in the political realm, and that in many cases the positioning of a woman in an authoritative position in business is used to conceal the shenanigans of men working in the background to undermine her efforts to create progress— and that she also provides for a scapegoat, if needed... since women are frequently placed into positions created to set them up for failure (to go down with the ship so that a man doesn't have to); how do we create a better system in which the valued sensibilities of the female psyche can be utilized for the betterment of humanity? How do we do this if we think that by merely putting a woman into office there is going to be a revolution of activity for humanity akin to an unequaled Renaissance of development for everyone, and yet far too many women are singularly concerned with the overall identity of women in a culture that has been described as a man's world? How is it possible to promote the female psyche as something of value when a majority of this psyche-type are overly concerned with placing a woman in a position so that they can assert their own suppressed ego, just like when a particular person of an other-than-white-race is placed into an authoritative position it is interpreted not as a gain for all of humanity, but as a primarily significant gain for the race of the person in the position? Must we play a game of musical chairs with every single race, religion and otherwise social orientation so that all the different groups have a chance to assert their egos by having someone of their supposed ilk gain a prestigious authoritative position... thereby being able to witness first hand that none of them have a singularly unique ability to lead humanity into a better future because humanity doesn't actually know what it is doing beyond the personal interests of individuals that others cling to and support in order to give themselves some semblance of viability?

What good is it to have a female president, an entire Congress, or even entire government filled with women, if their position is merely one in which it is used to support the egos of other women (and effeminate men) to feel good about themselves by means of vicariousness or psychological projection? And the same goes if we have a government filled with Blacks, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Asians and specialized social groups? No less, what good is it when all of them have to contend with the design of a government which is architectured on suppressing the concerted Will of the People to fully participate in the overall government by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch which can effect a process of National Voting as a mandated governing process and not as some sort of "Hail Mary" or "Eleventh Hour" exercise to forestall an event that is prevented or forced onto the public because of an outdated system of governance? And then what do we do with those incumbents or 'wannabes' (want to be elected) who survey the interests of the public in order to promote a public-favored idea as part of a political campaign, but have no actual interest in the idea except its value in getting them elected... so they can practically do what they want when they get into office.

Why support a woman for office if they are going to address issues in the same way as men (and perhaps with the same dubious results), and that they are constrained by the design of a political system (Constitution) which is preeminently contoured towards addressing issues with the male psyche in mind?

Do we wait for some supposed change in the Nation for men to adopt a back-seat effeminate role designed by the language of a Lesbian-dominated LGBTQ community overly concerned with rejoicing in an aura of being able to express their sexual orientation as some sort of extra-ordinary activity... and yet never able to move beyond their self-centered obsessions of sexuality... as if this and only this is all important to the well-being of humanity? Is this the epitome of the female psyche's ability to grasp greater truths supposedly once advocated by the Matriarchal societies of the past which practiced fertility cults from which modern religions arose... yet want to deny how much sexuality has and does play in authoritative human activity, be it good or bad... such as in the case of pedophiles in the Roman Catholic church hierarchy that the rationale of the church can not deal effectively with because it does not grasp the role in which sexuality has defined its edicts based on biblical truths linked to sexuality such as are seen in the story of Adam and Eve and the virgin birth of Jesus... and that so many other representations in the bible are linked to things related to sexuality once revealed in the preoccupations of fertility cults and Phallicism?

When the male-dominated hierarchy and biblical traditions of the Catholic (and other) churches don't even grasp the role in which sexuality has and continues to play in its "revelations" as well as its Sunday and Saturday (etc.) sermons over all the world, how does humanity progress when so much of it acts like Time Travelers who have ventured to the past to alter the Time-Line by erasing images which reveal discreditations to practiced beliefs? It is a practice many groups perform by disallowing for the usage of expressions and ideas to explain a past occurrence, as if in disallowing its usage, children of the present will somehow be saved from the ill effects of history... yet never stop to think how the presently coveted lies will affect future generations. It's as if the male psyche of the church is caught in a limbo of antiquity which once misinterpreted how procreative processes worked and thus wanted to conceal the ignorance by making the subject (and its various cultish practices) taboo... taboos which have been carried over at times into the realm of education with its varied subjects. Subjects which have been disallowed to speak of such connections just like the LGBTQ community goes out of its way to suppress it connections with an antiquated form of fertility cult practice and Matriarchal prescriptions of orientation. While the church is continually affected by the underpinnings of it sexuality origins, it is devoid of how it is being manifestly made to arrange its orientation in concert with these influences involving mental, emotional and physio-chemical circumstances within respective cultural settings. Indeed, the orientation of the church is a type of sexual orientation which down plays the role in which sexuality plays... and thus remains stuck in professing ideas constrained by an antiquated taboo generating mind-set (though its literature is riddled with a sexual orientation), just as is the LGBTQ community.... both to the disadvantage of humanity... and in particular, the development of a truly valuable female psyche empowerment without all the perverse nonsense.

Hence, where many had waited in the past for a Saviour to arise, and many in the present seek for a Second Coming of a past Saviour, we can not hope for any great Salvation from women so long as they are stuck in ideologies which either chase their own tail, or the tail of someone with the same gender... and strive to create a culture in which this is the primary game everyone should be interested in... no matter their station in life. While it is metaphorically commendable for us to speak of someone chasing fireflies in pursuit of a new trail instead of simply maintaining the fires of the home turf, the usage of butterfly, dragonfly, or firefly tattoos on the flesh of another to effect a pursuit for personal gratification is an ideological counter-part of business, religious and political stupidity when there are far more important issues facing humanity. Where is the ideal female psyche to give birth to a new age, that is not obsessed with altering the metaphor to describe a physical attribute which is undeniably far-removed from the required meta-physics of practical application? We have had enough female introversion and self-absorption being dressed in the garments and vernacular of different ages, it is past time for the female psyche to come out of its shell. We do not see you in the dubiousness of the LGBTQ community nor the stalled National Organization of Women, nor the simplistic strides of employment-based self-concern, or the imagined value of a brokered Peace initiative (that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awards because of its own ill-measured understanding of actual peace). Where are you? Do you even yet exist in this era, or must humanity wait for some future generation on another planet... that is if we can survive the present business, political and religious social nonsense and their internalized cultures of socially accepted madness... that females (and men) most often come to embrace in a frame of mind that thinks it can create change from within, yet become so accustomed to the trappings they themselves become lost and fearful when expected to blaze an actual new trail instead of pretending to do so by way of relabeling or redefining the old within the comfort of an already charted domain whose supposed virginity is a hymen which grows again like the growth of a forest which reclaims the trodden paths of others who depart for yet another experience of possible future development on the over growth of a forgotten past of human habitation, involving body, and/or soul and/or mind.

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