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Note: This page and the subsequent nine (9) others, although for the most part being compiled back in July of 2018, were momentarily set aside in order to work on several other pages involving a discussion of the Trinity since its link with religion, archetypes, and associated digressions of information that need to be compiled and listed in relation to the present discussion. Such a discussion involving the female psyche necessarily involves history, sociology, biological development and multiple other subjects, because it entails an enormous amount of information that feminists and others would bring to the fore if asked to contribute. In an attempt to consider the value that the female psyche may or may not be able to bring to the table in terms of providing an effective leadership role, it is necessary for us to take into consideration various avenues of seemingly divergent material because such subjects come to converge on such a complex issue. Indeed, despite the male-advocated cultural pronouncements that the female animal is a difficult creature to understand, this actually tells us little about why the female mind is so complex, and whether or not such a complexity is of applicable value in assisting humanity with favourable long-term goals. As such, one area needing to be looked at is the Christian Trinity and the Hindu Trimurti, though some may claim that the two are separate ideological constructs having totally different meanings.

In looking at the Trinity, I pursued it with an attempt to divest it of its cultural embellishments in order to find a basic structure, which appears to be not only the "three" pattern, but the three in association with a "One". For example, as a 3 and 1 pattern, 3 in 1 pattern, 3 as 1 pattern, a one pattern that is three... and various mix-and-match compilations which does not exclude other number patterns which may be little more than symbolically portrayed and not represent an obvious numerical reference. In short, such a pattern (and of course others), can be viewed as part of the human psyche. Because they occur again and again in different contexts, such patterns reveal a basic structure that can be labeled an archetype, which accompanies the embellished socio-cultural trappings and gender, race, and other demographically adopted references such as sage, wanderer, mystic, healer, counselor, warrior, etc... Here are the links to the pages regarding the Trinity, the using the word "Trinity" to describe them is rather ill-suited due to all the examples being provided... even when the word "Trinity" is used to describe various examples of three-patterned sets:

The Trinity According to a Threesological Point of View:

Trios or Trinities or Triptych page 1 Trios or Trinities or Triptych page 2 Trios or Trinities or Triptych page 3 Trios or Trinities or Triptych page 4 Trios or Trinities or Triptych page 5

Let us be up-front: If females want to change businesses, governments and religions to promote a more fair and progressive agenda of collectivity, the female psych must adopt a new "archetypal wardrobe." The present wardrobe of the female psyche is that which is made fashionable by male impositions and is not a construction designed by females, no matter how long and hard they spend at stitching together a patchwork of perception they think is uniquely their own. Analogously, it is like a woman buying a pattern for a dress that was manufactured by a company own and operated by men in which one or more males have designated what patterns are to be made available, along with what cloth, needles, threads, sewing machines, etc... The female psyche spends its life stitching together fragments of ideas into a quilted personality that one claims as their own, but is a re-creation of male-offered idealizations upon which women color and embellish to give the impression they are an original design, when in fact the female psyche is being forced to comply with a membership of social requirements deemed appropriate and necessary by a male psyche which imposes constraints on the female psyche which foolishly thinks they can free themselves from by engaging in unrestrained sexual activities or an increased acceptance of non-traditional roles taking place within a social confinement defined by an economic system created, guarded and forced upon them by men. Women generally adopt the fashions of the male psyche and embellish them with enlarged, oppositional, or fragmented variations that are then labeled in terms of a male-generated garment system to give the impression of being an originality, but are in fact a re-created supplementation to that which is already existing. In order for the female psyche to adopt a new archetypal wardrobe, it must look deep into the roots of origination in order to identify basic themes that are not socialized in terms of genderized enculturation, even though, for example, the basic themes of astrology and numerology have attempted to construct their own system of claiming ownership of their avenues of expressed symbology devoid of pretensed applications unto personalized life-styles.

The present discussion has evolved into a larger thesis involving the female's role as a political leader, in as much as one may also apply this to other leadership roles. In as much as Sigmund Freud adopted the labels Id, Ego, Super-Ego to specify three categories of the human psyche, for the present purposes we will note them as generalized dimensions... or over-lapping "levels" or functionalities. While we do not label them a triad nor Trinity or claim them as a constructed (made-up) pantheon of gods and/or goddesses, the comparison is necessary in order to point out an archetype in which a pattern-of-three is the underlying model, though it too has a more basic substrate which influenced its arrival on the human brain/mind from biological processes that were influenced by environmental circumstances with an on-going process of incremental changes that will be cause for further adaptation and an alteration in the "archetypal wardrobe" presently being worn in the present age.

No less, we could include the American sizing standards of "small-medium-large" as another example of a characterized three-patterned archetype just as one might also use slow, medium and fast, wind-place-show (horse racing), cold-warm-hot, etc., even when some readers might insist upon arguing that other patterns exist and yet are oblivious to the fact that their rationale has provided more evidence for the existence of recurring psychological themes in which enumeration takes place but is forced to take a back seat to those who prefer to embellish basic patterns in an attempt to claim something different or special. Instead of expressing simplicity, they are actually complicating observations by adding personalized instances of labeling to fit within a given social context and mood that one or another identifies with more easily than numbers, symbols or forms without a sense of fashionability... be it political correctness, economic parity, gender relatedness, etc.... With this said, let us characterize the presence of three existing dimensions of the female psyche being played out which are present-day variations of older themes that one may ascribe the word "archetype" to... though some interpretations will take these three and sub-divide them to give the impression of more, and thus by extension, used as a reflection of the person's ego seeking to create a social aura of what is described as equality created as an effect of over-compensation, but is in fact a regaining of a personal dominance which has become fragmented over many centuries due to the impositions of the male psyche over multiple centuries. These fragmentations are striving for an ascendency by merging into a social solidification of:

  1. Protesting the philosophies of business, government and religion in order to assert a greater valuation of human potential to progress into a new era of possibility which views the present global village as the living arrangements, ideological concerns, and amenities as those of a prehistoric clan.
  2. Practicing what are sometimes referred to as arcane or pagan arts of interpretation, reflection, and applied ceremonialism not only as a means of escaping the shackling impositions of physical, mental and spiritual multi-dimensionalism, but to seek a means of replacing the constraints with a better way of life we all deserve.
  3. Permutating transgressions of contemporary intellectualisms as part of an evolutionary readjustment of an acquired... but budding perspicuity of a new horizon being visualized... in an effort to exceed, to breech the thresholds of contemporary contemplations asserting that an intuitive grasp of a reality which is not quite discernible with definitive linguistically assigned attributes is a pinnacle one is striving for in order to be used as a stepping stone to that which lays beyond as a new horizon.

In seeking some measure of control over... or membership within... as a means of making a contribution towards what is believed to be progressive change, a business, government, or religion, we often find the presence of a triadic structure such that in the U.S. government we find Executive-Legislative-Judicial branches, in religion we find the Christian Trinity, and in business we find (a) a mission/vision, (b) a code of conduct (hours of operation, hierarchy, dress, telephone etiquette, etc.) which may be either explicit and/or implicit, and (c) fiduciary decisions involving incorporation, stock market listing, accreditation, financial base, etc... However, there are other triadic configurations to be found in religion (which may or may not involve a predominant ideology against a claim of Trinitarianism), government (such as having three main Armed forces organizations: Army- Air force- Navy (includes Marines) and here are some other examples for business:

Here is an example of a trinity or triadic structure of distinct characteristics found in a business association:

  1. They have more than one member (at least when they are formed).
  2. They have assets that are legally distinct from the private assets of the members.
  3. They have a formal system of management, which may or may not include members of the association.
Source: "business organization." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

3 Qualities Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have (Adaptability, Persistence, Work Ethic)
The Three Core Values Powering A Successful Business (Passion, Empathy, Innovation)

Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great:
  1. Better before cheaper—in other words, compete on differentiators other than price.
  2. Revenue before cost—that is, prioritize increasing revenue over reducing costs.
  3. There are no other rules—so change anything you must to follow Rules 1 and 2.

The Government Trinity

It is because there exists the presence of a major triadic structure in government (and elsewhere), and that while protestors fight against the governmental Trinity and its "Priesthood" of officials demanding the people pay "tithing" in the form of taxes and following both the spirit and letter of its concocted laws, just as religions and businesses claim as well; it is necessary for us to take a look at the concept of the Trinity with its multiple variants described with labels such as triads, triunities, triples, triangles, three-somes, tri-functionality, etc... In so doing, we will be exploring an archetype in both the psyche of males and females, including the primivity of thinkers who "cross-dress" fashion and/or ideology as an expressed regression to a former distant age in which the perspective of people viewed androgynous characterizations as a preeminent representation of life, typically in the idea of a god, though the Chinese idea of yin/yang as a complementarity is an expression of this primivity as well... a primivity that many people interpreted to be logical and of necessity should be followed as a personal life philosophy. In short, it has become a frequently used archetype fashioned in the mode and manner relative to a given context, with an associated vernacular and descriptiveness.

Because of its usage as an archetype in the female (and male) psyche, it is necessary to take a closer look at the word "Trinity and its varied usage":

Defining The Word  Trinity  out of a Religious Context

First of all, the word "Trinity" is not owned by Religion. However, because the word has more often then not been used in a religious context, and has been interpreted as a representative idea embodied by religious beliefs; there is an inclination for the word to be used as if it were synonymous with at least some aspect of religion... and in particular, the Christian religion, though there is debate as to its actual existence, what it's existence entails, etc... The same thing has occurred with the words morality and god. Religion (viewed as a living entity), and its many advocates of different doctrines thinks they own such words, and not the other way around... if in fact such words could be viewed as living individuals and deemed the word "religion" as a pagan idea not worthy of being associated with. Hence, in discussing the word "Trinity", a much broader if not generalized and "looser" definition must be applied such as in referring to a pattern-of-three. Hence, we can speak of a "Doctrine of the Trinity" that is not owned by religion or any person or group professing to have a badge or name tag of religious authority.

By enlarging the definition through a descriptive numerical formula, we can cite both the Christian Trinity, and every other religion... present and past... which includes the so-called Pagan religions. We can also cite any and all patterns-of-three from any subject we so choose, and call them trinities, albeit not in a Christian sense. And whether or not someone believes in the Christian or some Pagan Trinity, the fact remains that they all represent three-patterned ideas conceived by the human brain.

And let us not forget to include those religious activities which were practiced by very many a culture, such as what are today described as Fertility rites or ceremonies by various groups frequently referred to as fertility cults... despite whether there were just a few or many thousands of believers in the distant past. To put it bluntly, but not meaning to be vulgar or coarse, people in ancient religions worshiped the male penis and female vagina. They did so because these body parts captured their imagination by way of erection, orgasm, menstruation, and child birth. Such occurrences to the primitive mind were extremely magical and mysterious. Since the primitive mind did not understand pregnancy nor how it came about, the entire ensemble of sexual behavior was almost all consuming. By deeming a male erection as a magical act that was produced by a god, what better way to worship the god(s) than by worshiping that which they brought into being. Thus, images of the erect penis were worshiped and displayed in stone, carvings, and jewelry. The same goes for the vagina. It was quite logical in the mentality of ancient peoples though many today might well find such ideas foolish and pornographic. To the primitive mind, there was nothing pornographic meant by their serious and sincere worship of body parts which occupied much thought... or so we might of today consider to be the cultural "political correctness" of those ancient days.

In an attempt to explain the origin of humanity, though such a word may not have existed in any language equivalent way in the past, it was reasonable to think that we humans came from an egg like a bird, or that man and woman were at one time a single being. No less, it was quite rationale for the primitive mind to think that humans were once an animal, particularly if they were frequently confronted by births which we of today might label as a deformity, but those in the deep past thought that such deformities were actual representations of how humans were in their deep past, before being changed (for whatever reason[s]) into two separate beings. If one had a primitive mind, such ideas could not only viewed as reasonable, but revelatory!

But let's pull away from such speculations and move back to the time period in which the penis and vagina were worshiped. While ancient peoples made not have had a counting system... not even a rudimentary one... we know from studies of different animals that even they have some sense of number. Hence, it is not too difficult to image that early humans had some faculty that we of today might assess as being numerically related, even if such a concept was too distant a notion for the primitive mind to grasp. With this said, the human mind of that time and forward from that time, may have indeed conceptualized some representative symbol of enumeration that became embedded on the human mind in a form we of today might label as an archetype. Thus, the two testicles and one penis, as a pattern-of-three, was identified (in a very primitive sense) as a 3-IN-1 structure. The female vagina would similarly been identified as being a pattern-of-one... though again, in a primitive mind's recognizable sort-of-way. And when placed together, there would then be a 3-TO-1 pattern.

Since we are speaking about an intellectual attempt at appraising structured ideas down to their basic architecture amidst different cultural forms of scaffolding that may alternatively be described as an anatomical skeleton, let us begin by reviewing a very simple observation that was no doubt a realization, (at least on some level), for the primitive mind in ancient cult-ures in which ideologies (which are today denoted as religion and religious practices formally referred to as Fertility worship).

3 in 1 coupled to a one pattern The Christian versus other Trinities
Monkey appears to be using its fingers to count

Again, let the reader be reminded that all present day religions have either a direct or indirect (owe their existence to one or more present day religions) having an origin based in the antiquity of human behavior which involved fertility practices containing a worship of the penis and vagina... and that these practices involved a species that harbored at least some rudimentary sense of number. In other words, even if not consciously acknowledged, particularly since no one in distantly ancient times went to school to learn the three R's (reading, 'riting, 'ritmetic)... yet the rudimentary mental configurations of such, in some primitive fashion, nonetheless existed.

In those very early days, the worship of such attributes was not interpreted to be vulgar nor obscene nor pornographic. While there were earlier cultural practices that historians and theologians have labeled as being expressions of religion, other interpretations can be used to describe such activities without a reference to religion. For example, animism could be defined as a type of early animal husbandry, though we of today do not customarily allow ourselves to define such a modern practice with looser terms. We of today are much too strict in our interpretations of past activities, thereby using the term "religion" as the adopted generality. Another example is to describe the practice of star gazing... even though stars were identified as gods or mythological, entities, as an early form of Astronomy. The same goes with what are described as fertility worship. Such could instead be described as an early form of anatomical inquisitiveness, like children playing 'house', 'mommy and daddy' or 'doctor and nurse'... though other references are no doubt used in other cultures in other time periods. Irrespective of this philosophical consideration, the fact remains that primitive peoples "may/must" have associated some numerical association with the penis and vagina, even if they were not consciously aware of doing so. Again, like animals who seem to know quantity but are unable to communicate to us that they have some ability of counting... have some number sense, humans in the distant past quite possibly had the beginning mental framework of number-to-item related correspondences.

Can Animals count?
Counting may be innate in many species
The animals that evolved the ability to count

Other non-Christian Trinity pattern-of-three forms are seen in the three branches of the U.S. government which has taken on the "pagan" ideas of the Roman Catholic church, just as the Catholic church appended many of its ideas from pagan religious practices by converting them into similar but adulterated representations, which is the very explanation to be use in describing the "Trinitarian" formula of the U.S. (and other governments as well as businesses), making it a pseudo-type of religion which has been used to supplant the pattern-of-three religious trinity, though both have their "on-high" priesthoods who administer "The Laws" which they believe in. And with respect to the usage of the word "Catholic", it is of need for the reader to be reminded that it is a term used to designate an egotistical attitude against "pagan" (or common) ideas, even though the church incorporated many pagan practices in order not to be viewed as being too foreign to the common people who could see a relationship with their pagan practices and the Roman Catholic Church which came to assert its presumed authority by way of forcing the people to abide by its Will through various collusions with business and politics. Perhaps a reference from the wordweb dictionary might be helpful at this point: "Free from provincial prejudices or attachments"... (To be "catholic in one's tastes".) However, the Merriam Webster dictionary describes the word "catholic" (with a small c), in reference to the terms comprehensive and universal (broad in sympathies, tastes, or interests) while its definition of "Roman Catholic" (1614), is explained as: "of, relating to, or being a Christian church having a hierarchy of priests and bishops under the pope, a liturgy centered in the Mass, veneration of the Virgin Mary and saints, clerical celibacy, and a body of dogma including transubstantiation and papal infallibility." The word "transubstantiation" is sometimes interpreted to represent ancient... pagan ceremonial, if not sacrificial practices involving flesh and blood that was "adapted" into the ceremonial use of bread and wine, yet is referenced in terms of flesh and blood in order that the primitive mind is enabled to continue making a reference to ancient practices.

The same thing has occurred in politics with the adoption of the three-patterned structure of government. Whether it be called a Parliament with its House of Lords, House of Commons and Back Benchers or the usage of three branches of government such as that in the U.S., the usage of "three" must be recognized as a widespread cognitive pattern. Yet more than this, it is becoming recognized as a recognizable pattern whose pristine origin is being sought. While the religious mind of today may resort to explaining its presence in terms of their practiced religious vocabulary, others are respectively looking at other subject areas that appear to find a more rational and definitive explanation... though the religious mind asserts that their God is rational and the only source of all things. They aren't particularly interested in exploring how or when or by what route their supposed God introduced the influence. Their simple mind wants to keep all inquiries to a minimum... to the simplistic level of a primitive mind.

With respect to non-religiously defined representations of varying cognitive uses of the Trinity in terms of a Three-IN-One compartmentalization... or if you prefer... ratio, there are numerous examples that can be catalogued. However, some of them suggest a Three-TO-One formula. Yet the reader should not jump to the conclusion or consideration that the list represents constructions of thought influenced by some underlying primitive orientation to male and female sexual attributes... nor that they have arisen by a primitive mind-set oriented towards the Sun. However, one should recognize that such a prevailency suggests that there exists an underlying cognitive framework upon which ideas can be scaffold, given the right impetus and environment in which such can be expressed.

In an attempt to "get to the (supposed) bottom" of the female psyche in terms of recurring archetypal themes and how they may well affect orientations related to business, government and religion, it is necessary for us to look into the past of humanity, and not simply the past of a single female and her (rightly or wrongly) interpreted idealization of what she thinks her one or more archetypal attributes are... as if they were fated garments to be worn in order for her to be the best she can be, such as in terms of an individualized psychotherapy session done by a professional, pseudo-"professional", or a person's own assessment of themselves. As such, we need to look at that in nature which could very well have established a given pattern and also provide us with an insight as to whether or how such an influence may be changing for all women (an men). One of these natural events is the Sun, because it plays such an important role in the life span of all living creatures.

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