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Women must throw out their old moth-ridden Archetypal Wardrobe.

The stage acts and scenery (garments, costumes, jewelry, language, prop accoutrements) so prevalent in the many styles of White washing, Black washing, Brown washing, Red Washing, Yellow washing, LGBTQ washing, etc., will not correct centuries of being emotionally, mentally, financially and physically screwed by men and the unscrupulous self-serving leadership roles of women; whose psyche has embraced a male-dominant world-view concealed beneath the mannerisms and dress associated with a presumed women's progressive trail-blazing efforts— that are not under-scored with the ego-centricities characteristic of many male leaders who use the labors of the many to support and enrich the profits of a few... sustained by a hierarchy of laws and traditions long past their time of attrition.

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Androgyny - Archetypes - Astrology
(A misinterpreted Trinity for Enlightening One's Consciousness)...
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Yin and Yang polarities
(Another illusion-producing philosophy)
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Brain Hemisphere Attributes 1

(The beginning of an Awakened Female Psyche)
Brain Hemisphere Attributes 2

(Is this an awakened female psyche or a female psyche having adopted a male psyche game plan?)
Brain Hemisphere Attributes 3

(How does an awakened female psyche contend with a dominant Neanderthal menality?)

"You-ness- We-ness- Us-ness"

"Me- Myself- I"

Little, non-essential things bogging you down.

They-ness- Their-ness Them-ness

Hyper-sensitivity Hyper-awareness Female Super-sanity

(Female "intuition" is one of the old Archetypal garments distributed widely by men who want to control women by asserting "given" labels that women eagerly wear to attract those men who like ancient clothing... like fig leaves, animal skins, and raw/lewd nudity)
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A New Age of humanity can spring forth from a collective acknowledgment.


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There appears to be a point of contention, consternation and concern revolving around my antipathy towards the LGBTQ (Lost Girls and Boys Totemic Quorum) "movement" since I am using several... shall I say negative connotations in describing it as little more than a present day practice of ancient fertility rites exposed with different socially destructive orientations that need a philosophy— acting as castor oil or some purgative elixir— albeit constrained by an emollient language. Enough is Enough is Enough of the LGBTQ's filthy nonsense. In other words, the need for women (and men) to develop a personalized and collective disregard of the LGBTQ's free booze giving cultic practices to induce a public inebriation to overlook the cult's seriously flawed would-be philosophies is that, for example, i embodies a dominant system of rationalization which attempts to mollify and even conceal this system of revivalist pseudo-intellectualisms behind the curtain(s) of proposing to reveal one or more truths revolving around a male-centered or male-dominant business, government and religious incorporations of self-serving laws, edicts, policies, traditions, etc...

While this is not to say that women in and out of the LGBTQ pseudo-fertility cult have not unleashed a formidable confrontational stance espousing the very many hypocrisies of the "mans-world" culture despite the few (assumed) equalities achieved by women and that women very often show more courage then men when confronting the very many social and enculturated evils that continue to darken the passage many of us seek in our trek for a greater enlightenment; the idiosyncratic LGBTQ "community" is itself an incorporated counter-culture of pathetic self-serving rationalizations which act as bogs, sand traps, pot-holed cul-de-sacs, dead ends, and labyrinthine models of abusive gauntlets through which humanity suffers all the more from its "turn-about-is-fair-play" retributive attitudes. Its members have adopted and expect others to adapt to a would-be world-view of desired personal freedoms through a corridor of rationalized factious hypocrisies involving and revolving around sexuality... and personalized embellishments thereof. It is akin to the same system of rationalization used by men to shackle women and to bind the majority into a life-style of indentured servitude in which are inculcated the perspectives of religion, politics and business (i.e. paid-for-by-tithing beliefs, paid-for-by-taxes patriotisms, and paid-for-by-increasing-fees economics) which are ideally suited to keep not only the Black Man and Black woman down by forcing them to develop on-going resentments and protests devolving into futility, but also the Red Man and Red Woman, the Brown Man and Brown Woman, the Yellow Man and Yellow Woman, etc...

The disgusting inequalities experienced by all colors of people can not hope to achieve being paid a Full Wage benefits package of their inalienable rights, if they allow themselves to rally under the rainbow banner of a cult indentured to perversions of ideology whose underlying motivations puts their sexuality first and foremost, like children preoccupied with personalized motivations dominated by alternative behaviors amounting to having one hand in their own or another's pants, while the other hand is either flaying about as an attempted sleight-of-hand distraction being used to circumnavigate the contents of another's pockets, purse, wallet, glove box, bread box, shoe box, hope chest or bank account by acting as a supportive cloakroom confessional where revealed intimacies or used as tools or weapons being stockpiled to prevent any retreat to previous values of once-accepted normalcy. Both women and men must allow themselves to scrutinize the LGBTQ situation behind the socio-psycho inebriations and not be otherwise confoundedly taken advantage of during moments of susceptibility wrought by uncertainty and indecision which can lead to being ambushed, persuaded or intimidated into accepting the embraced nonsense of rationalized hypocrisies so prevalent in the cult's Black-holed vacuums of personified intellectual and moral indolence.

In short, the LGBTQ cult-ure is akin to the donning of an animal skin secured from a ceremonial means of scavenging the entrails of a 'cult-icly immatured' emotionalism irrationally conveyed through distorted approximations of socially contoured neuroticisms which have become engendered into a systemic social disease of rationalized hypocrisies not so very different from the practices of the dominant male cult-ure which has refined its exercised world-view over centuries of hit-and-miss rationalizations of laws, beliefs, traditions and other adopted fashions... involving whatever rationalized irrationalizations helps to assert their personal and collective inclinations... and let the majority be damned if they don't like it, because the laws prevent them from doing anything to purposively improve the circumstances without transgressing those laws which are a straight-jacket to needed reforms and progress. Protest maneuvers have got to evolve beyond the adopted nonsense of the LGBTQ sensibilities. The LGBTQ cult is just another type of stone, drift wood, or presumptive collectable that is hoarded away, from under which various types of emotional, financial, political, philosophical and criminal enterprises have learned to prey on the public. Painting different kinds of metaphorized stones such as these and calling them pet rocks, does little to alleviate the morass of social problems created by an antiquated system of governance which has socialized the practice of wearing a closet full of antiquated... archaic... archetypes as a conventionalized wardrobe that needs to be tossed out just as we have done to fig leaves, grass skirts, animal skins, and childish notions about the naturalness of nudity as if it were a universal means of cleansing the totality of human problems by somehow re-creating a Garden of Eden with its cultural ignorance described as an innocence... that religions love to emotionally exploit for tithing, businesses love to physically enslave with low wages and high costs, and governments love to mentally manipulate through fairy-tales of ownership and patriotic duties with a tax-paying system of rents. Such small-mindedness that the LGBTQ cult proffers so that it can indulge in self-centered sexually-driven profits is an untenable sacrifice for humanity to make. Let us prevent such foolishness which allows it to portray itself as its own living martyrdom... that everyone should reverence by whatever deferment they think is appropriate according to moods of quixotically ladened emotion.


For the sake of discussion, we will assume that the female psyche is distinct from the male psyche. And due to distinctive differences, we must wonder whether the female psyche is the appropriate model by which humanity can entrust itself with in order to blaze the needed and necessary trail(s). As such, we are speaking of a different leadership model than that which can be described as a role playing office manager... which is so often typical of institutionalized settings which are structured by architecture (or at least the effects of such on a person's perceptions), or structured by traditions, or structured by policies, laws, culture, etc... be it in politics, science, religion, education, etc... An example of playing the role of office manager can be seen in the office of the Vice President of the United States, though the Presidential office is more often than not used as a means by which a rountinized system of activity can be set into place by the White House or Congress... even when the capacity of the President is enabled to promote trail blazing efforts. However, just because the office of the President and Congress as well as the Supreme Court are in positions enabling its members to carry out far reaching programs and efforts for the benefit of humanity, those who inhabit such positions are not necessarily able to take advantage of the opportunity because they simply lack the skills (vision, wisdom, intelligence, etc...) to do so. More often than not the people are subjected to those who are an expression of mediocrity, of the status quo, of a disabling conservatism that can be lumped under the heading of being little more than a caretaker, a fire tenderer, a glorified baby sitter, an office manager. And even when those in office know they have no great wisdom, insight, creativity or genius to blaze a new and better trail... and then seek to create conditions whereby they will be historically remembered by initiating the necessary mechanisms and machinations for instigating an internal or external war or other social turmoil (economic, disease, racial, religious, etc...) so that they can label themselves "a war president", "a peace keeper", "a jobs creator", "an economy grower", etc..., they will later be found out and quite possibly have a long-term negative effect... despite all the efforts made to create a lasting memory of themselves in a painting, sculpture, monument, library, etc...

In most cases, both men and women seeking some leadership position do so with the intent of fulfilling some role that is heavily structured. This is not to say that such leaders do not and can not make a contribution, since their role requires that they do in fact fill a vacancy with requirements for some level of participation, but that this is little different than the role in which a laborer performs a similar function... a function that can be accomplished by others, but that they may nonetheless be recognized by their respective peers for their efforts, and thus rewarded within the cultural setting to which their efforts are supplied. Nonetheless, they are not the type of leader to which is being spoken of here. A distinction must be made that there are different types of basic leadership, and that there are many so-called important leadership positions that function little more than as an office management routine that cam be fulfilled by either a man, woman or racial, religious or demographic label applied to a given person.

In the pages associated with this prologue, I will be venturing into a multitude of information that may at times give the impression of having diverged along some irrelevant tangent, into esoterica that many readers may have no interest in, if they have any knowledge about in the first place, but will (hopefully) make sense to some readers as the discussion takes a firmer formality. One of these "form-alities" will be what I have coined as an "Archetypal Wardrobe" that needs to sorely updated... for both men and women. It is a phrase I have coined to assist in helping females come to appreciate the topic of archetypes with an interest which the can easily correlate with a more everyday, conventional vocabulary and understanding. Indeed, what I will be suggesting is that every single woman come to develop a new archetypal wardrobe whose fashions are not dictated by men. The topic of fashion as a political and social context has been discussed from different perspectives:

While such articles do not focus on the idea of an "archetypal wardrobe", these perspectives as individual statements on the topic of fashion... (whether or not most woman would think such references are necessary when the topic of clothes comes up), a relatively ancient idea (clothes) coupled with a relatively new idea (The word archetype, "original pattern from which copies are made", first entered into English usage in the 1540s and derives from the Latin noun archetypum, latinisation of the Greek noun archetupon, whose adjective form is archétupos, which means "first-molded", which is a compound of arché, "beginning, origin", and tupos, which can mean, amongst other things, "pattern," "model," or "type"... will lend a hand in providing some measure of initial comprehensibility— so long as readers fully understand there are no current manuals that I am aware of which can assist in providing an understanding of the idea. However, in order to accomplish this, one must wade through not only the different piles of clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc., that often have different labels and are either owned, borrowed, stolen, or rented from a variety of sources... metaphorically speaking.

As such, not only must a discussion involve the archetypal wardrobe and accessories itself, but also the origin... the presumed or suspected original designer of such and such a fashion that may not even be described as a fashion, but taken-for-granted as one might a given speech pattern... if not the underlying Subject, Object, Verb patterns of the world's different languages that, when coupled to the same numerical form of indexing found in a multiple of subject areas, leads us to formulate the consideration that such indices may well represent some tagged or tagless descriptive, which so many commercially manufactured clothes have, not to mention the custom by some who place their brand name on decals, as registered symbols, engravings, etc., some of which become established as what are called "name brand" cultural icons. As such, the apparel of the female psyche's "archetypal wardrobe" needs to be looked at as if one were investigating clothes used in the many social crimes of inequality women (and children and men) have suffered because of. However, it must be understood that the idea of seeking to find or unravel the female psyche from the patriarchal impositions is not new. Here is one example cast into what appears to be a descriptive novel. (I say this because I haven't read it and don't particularly like to read "chick-flick" soap opera formats, and found the 12th chapter excerpt to be rather humorous.) Unplug from the Patriarchy

Another reference to a search for the underlying female psyche is found in an article under the heading "Restoring the feminine, not female, leadership role": Female collective and the pained female archetype. Unfortunately, the article's author is focused primarily on the topic of creativity. While the information is free, it gives the impression of having initially originated as a commercialized interest, like so many of the competing female archetypal perspectives to be found in my search for examples of female archetypes, found at the bottom of the page. So very much of the labeling and associated explanations read like the labels on old bottles of snake oil medicine.

As one can imagine, not all archetypes have had their origin in some white-glove-wiped environmental setting. For example, the so-called "warrior" archetype no doubt has a bloody beginning, and the "wise old sage" may well have originally been viewed as the behavior of a rambling, dementia-affected old person, though the old term "dementia praecox" once used to describe youth experiencing what is now labeled as schizophrenia... has some application in regards to the establishment of archetypal imagery for some people. Much like various ideas associated with the idea of multiple personalities colloquially described in terms of an old motion picture entitled The Three Faces of Eve, which also plays a role in affecting ideas involving archetypal images applied to one's personality. And even though Native Americans are said to take a more generous interpretation of a person who is found to be wandering in an alternate "social wilderness" by claiming the are on a journey, the fact remains that such ideas play a part in establishing archetypal labeling and attitudes, many of which are derived from the vocabulary used in one or another subject area, be it sports, hunting, cooking, psychiatry, teaching, theft and other crimes, etc...

Does the underlying frame-work of the female psyche prevent them from being a trail-blazing leader? Is this also true of most men? Is there any way to counter-act the development of negative producing archetypes from functioning in one's mind, or is the human brain subjected to an environment that is directed along a course of decadence... though the incremental nature of the decline goes mostly unrecognized and that in response there-to, humans adapt to this scenario by adopting an "adjustable rationalization" form of behavior as a long-term, albeit temporary survival mechanism?

Again, there is a lot of ground which needs to be covered and that in gathering information, there is a need to digress into multiple subject areas.

One of these areas is the topic of the Trinity, both in and out of religious perspectives, because as a pattern-of-three, as a 3-to-1 ration and a geometric configuration. The following list of pages is a small effort to provide a discussion on the topic and provide a handful of examples:

Triads or Trinities or Triptych page 1 Triads or Trinities or Triptych page 2 Triads or Trinities or Triptych page 3 Triads or Trinities or Triptych page 4 Triads or Trinities or Triptych page 5

And though I will get into the discussion concerning Archetypes later on, this prologue to the overall portrayal of the central concern about whether or not the female psyche is (or can be directed along a course) of long-term value for the progress of humanity, can be assisted by querying whether or not the concept of archetypes can be of assistance in the analysis of the human psyche since it figures into the equation of the general cognitive appraisal. For example, let us ask where the psyche of the woman became a distinct entity and identity (assuming that it is), if the collective unconscious concept of the female is stuck in the recesses of ideations involving the antiquarian notion that humanity first sprung from a Cosmic egg (assumedly with a genderless origin itself), and then began as an emergent single masculine being that developed (over-time?) with underlying female-oriented non-physical attributes (i.e. a type of feminine side to the man), and then into a type of "split personality" involving a figure (with an unseen perforation like that seen on some brands of paper towels)... generally resembling a half-man/half-woman creature referred to as an hermaphrodite? At this point let us make a table napkin sketch of the outline:

  1. First, there was a single cosmic egg (though other ideas were invented in other cultures)... [Suggested as being due to primitive peoples having witnessed the birth of birds from eggs, though the assumed witnessed birth of some mammal doesn't seem to have provided an influence... thus rendering the "reason" for the origin of the cosmic egg concept as being rather speculative... though one might provide alternative scenarios for and against.]
  2. Second, A man or male figure emerged. (Assumedly without philosophical attributions being applied.)
  3. Thirdly, the man was attributed with both male and female qualities without the need to show constituent female body parts... as is described by the alternatively named:

  1. Primordial Man reference,
  2. Primordial Adam image,
  3. Archetypal Man profile

...Though one might include the notion of Jacob Burckhardt's, Universal Man since the topic of the woman is not appreciably as a form unto herself... even if some readers might want to say that the man is not likewise separately named except in a past context prior to the arrival of the woman.

  1. Fourthly, somewhere along the line of concept formation there may have been ideas formulated which asserted the existence of man and plant partitions just as we see in the images of male and animal attributions displayed by the ancient Egyptian theriomorphic paintings and statuary as well as those from ancient Greece and Rome such as a centaur, snake-haired gorgon... not to mention the many demigods (human with one or more powers said to be possessed by a god) entities such as Hercules, or gods who thought and felt like humans, or some demon... of the son of (a) god who exhibited no actual power except for that which could be controlled by others to serve their interests as in the case of Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha... with their subsequent followers and supposed "followership" (fellowship) leaders that came to dominate made-up religions that have created so many senseless hardships in the name of one or another confabulated system of belief.
  2. Fifthly, the male figure with internalized female attributes began to display a half-man/half-woman configuration.
  3. Sixthly, the single figure was cut in two, described in different ways for different reasons such as Eve coming from the rib of Adam as portrayed in the Bible... perhaps as an unconscious (conscious?) means by which men (at least socially leading religious/philosophical) men could enforce their dominance over women (because of fear?), by claiming she was somehow indebted to him... and must therefore forever be subjected to an indentured servitude?
  4. Seventhly, let us not forget that these two figures do not represent the earliest thinking about dichotomies, since the Chinese Yin/Yang philosophy describes the Yin as being female and, amongst other philosophical attributes, is described as being negative and dark... at least from a male perspective of interpretation that no is doubt self-serving.
  5. Eightly, many different attributive characteristics (sun- male, moon- female, etc...) came to be used as part of a larger inventory for constructing a much fuller philosophy of nature as an attempt "Natural law" justification of one's views.
  6. Ninthly, although the female eventually achieved a philosophical severance and was given a separate body, laws and customs relegated the woman to a chain-of-events which has bound her to being dependent on the male who has constructed society in his own image... which is what females are confronted with when running for and achieving most business, political and religious offices.
  7. Tenthly, attempting to correct mistakes from a political venue, for instance, requires women to adopt and adapt to the requirements of a system of laws and legislative practices constructed by and for a male-dominant orientation. It is virtually impossible to beat a system of rules getting support from other rules which favor a system of checks and balances adopted as a means to serve the very system of rules which create problems in the first place. Whether one "plays the game" from the bleachers, sidelines or in the midst of actual players, progressive results can not be made unless they conform to rules and regulations guarded by players, staff and officiating referees that have no interest in altering either the rules or the fundamental shape of the game... even when the (political/social) game is ineffective or deleterious to real progress. Rationalizing the effectiveness of one's efforts is just another form of participating in a game just like others in the past have done in their own time and place, despite all the irrationality and out-right madness which prevailed.

In any event, whichever line-up you may choose to use... mix and match as you will... be it with or without a dominant matriarchal element having existed in the past, the reflective portrait of the emergent woman having been subjected to a dominating male psyche as a formative corset, niqab, chastity belt, burkini or foot and breast-binding rationale akin to a bridle and bit that may describe the practiced view that a woman's body is not her property but the property of male-asserted perspectives described in a chronicled time line (previously mentioned), telling women what they can and cannot wear and why they must comply— is an impression which may well be part of the female psyche in the form of an unrecognized brand, tattoo, or other symbol representing not only a title, deed and right to enforce rent, but indicates a series of bruisings, beatings and other era-related, culturally accepted batterings which "teach a woman her place, position and plasticity" that can not be fully overcome. This is not to say that such a presence is good or bad, but that its retention forces a compliance which may inhibit the female psyche from a full expression of itself... those presumptive qualities which, if fully developed, would enable humanity to prosper into a New and more desirable Age. If such a presence in the female psyche does exist and is so engrained as to be a part of the feminine genetic make-up, how then do we assist in the development of an actual "female psyche" with its own genuine non-masculine archetypal contours— from which can be engendered a new race of women devoid of all the real or imagined stigmas wrought by a male dominance? Then again, if the beatings, bruisings and batterings is an image that is biologically transferable from one generation of females to the next, even if most women would disagree with this, how then can the woman herself be of assistance in developing the full potential of a female psyche if she has no idea what this means and that the blazing of such a trail incites her to dread, apprehension and various social retreats because it requires transgressions not of moral standards, but standards of a psyche that has been trained not to venture forth unless accompanied by a collective adoption of other women who have chosen to assume a dominant role in a male dominant practice that is itself part of the very intellectual inhibition she must overcome?

Of what value is either present day man and woman if they are models representing "mixtures of spoilage" in that neither is a truly separate being... without resorting to extremes as compensatory efforts to conceal or express one or another dominating male or female quality... and then try to rationalize it as a necessity and value by describing it as a pure-blending of both internalized masculine and/or feminine attributes portrayed as a beneficial amalgamation denoted with some metallurgical reference to a composite result (such as an alloy) used in a process of commercialization? If the dominant female psyche is a philosophical rendering of compiled masculine censures having begun centuries ago (after presumed matriarchal social practices), how then can she help herself if her psyche is a compilation of male-tethered orientations of compliance? Do we not need to examine the history of the female psyche after, during and before the assumptive presumptions we have subsumed to? Hence, let us examine not only where the woman is, the trail upon which men have made her to intellectually and emotionally travel on, but attempt to disclose the real possibility that there may actually exist a female psyche beneath all the onion-skin layerings of male-rendered interpretations of her→self? In accepting of this challenge, we must start somewhere, however crude and disjointed it may seem to those schooled in the thought of a male-structured system of academic ordering supported by a collective of institutionalized arrogance.

A place to begin can be the partitioning of male and female into the image of what is called an hermaphrodite, but without the need to constrain the definition to a creature having both male and female sex organs, or even any male or female physical attributes, or we must otherwise also claim that the male and female psyche are indistinguishable from their sexuality. If this is the case, then many of our cherished ideas are not genderless... such as for example wisdom or compassion, or insight/intuition. If all attributes must be defined in the context of male or female sexuality, then the human mind is itself already bound to an indentured servitude if not a slavery committed to physiologically-restrained dimensions of rationality dependent on an equilibrium manifestly subordinate to the vagaries of incremental environmental deteriorations. However, the partitioning of male and females illustrated by androgynous human figures says nothing about those examples of creatures that were part human and part animal (theriomorphism) which supposed occurred as preoccupations of human thought, and that there may have also been part human and part plant notions entertained in the distant past, long before humans engaged in the anthropomorphic representations seen in the Mandrake plant. Let us ask in our preliminary investigative steps, if all such ideas mean that the human brain is likewise contoured with an architectural draft that increases the requirements by which the finding of a genuinely original female psyche is made all the more difficult because we have to wade through so very many blind alleys and dead ends? Nonetheless, as a short review, let us begin by offering the following figure (said to be from the Kabbalah), as a representative portrayal of the idea that woman came after and from man... even though this figure does not portray a distinctive female body image, as do the other accompanying images:

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg from which humanity emerged

(It assumedly came before the chicken who crossed the road)

From Singularity eventually came a Duality described 1st as an androgyny then a dichotomy (men and women given separate bodies) viewed in terms of complementary polarities that philosophically proceeded to a Triplicity (termed father-mother-child) that was often later described as a plurality or multiplicity within the domain of philosophical or metaphysical dimensions... such as monism, dualism, pluralism.

Did the concept of the Cosmic Egg come before, during or after the Yin/Yang philosophy?
Archetypal Man from the Kabbalah
Archetypal man with a feminine side but no external physical attributes.
Nature worship amongst the primitive Celts
Primitive Celtic Nature Worship
Philosophy of Nature (rocks, trees, birds, clouds, etc...) preceded all philosophies of nature involving a predominance of human subjectivism?
Nature Worshipping philosophies over-lapped with philosophies involving humans, giving rise to associations involving different theriomorphic ideas and eventually anthropomorphisms.
3 to 1 sun influence of the Trinity
For example, the worship of the Sun as a god with three distinct attributes or phases or "moods/moments" (dawn-noon-dusk), came to be viewed as "three persons in one god" called the Christian Trinity, as a means of combating pagan forms of nature-worship whose membership was needed to create a thriving church (with supportive members who were eventually induced to pay tithing because the idea was canonized as an edict from god... since it was put into religious teachings developed by those who wanted to play the human part of god full time).

At this point, let us ask how much the ideas of women had influenced the development of images created to depict views of life? If young girls fill their minds with images of antiquity created my men, where is the female psyche if it is not buried? How do we remove if from obscurity?

Notice the 2/3 division of berries and leaves
(This 2/3 alignment will become useful for prologue page 3 concerning brain hemisphere attributes.)
Mandrake plant image 1
The placement of male and female images in the typical position
Mandrake plant image 2 Mandrake plant image 3
The Sun as a male attribute and the Moon as a female attribute Two-headed andrgoynous figure Two-headed androgynous figure
Anima and animus concepts applied to a split androgynous illustration

Anima and Animus image 2
CARL G. JUNG - The Anima and the Animus, concepts of Psyche and Self

Anima and animus image 3
On the Origin of the Sexual Preference (Richard L. Amoroso)

While the anima and animus is an interesting idea, let us not forget that it is a theory. A concept which might be more useful in unraveling the human condition if we realize that it may well be but another extension of the old dichotomous configuration of human cognition seen in the Yin/Yang ideology. In order to grasp the significance of this, we must take into account the realization that although the human mind appears to have the capacity for increasing complexities of thought, there is an inclination to keep orientations and activities in quantitatively small systems of rendering comparable to the primitive usage of a one-two-many (three-patterned) frame of reference seen in early attempts at number development. The point to be made is that the animus/anima idea is a continuation of a primitive mindset related to a lack of an awareness involving an environmentally influenced conservation of number due to an ongoing incremental deterioration forcing us to adopt a method of survival called rationalized adjustments. The concept of the anima and animus thus figures into this contour. To more fully appreciate this singular-duality-trichotomy, one must realize the quantity and quality of "three-patterned" ideas which exist: Threesology.org.

As an extension of the old Yin/Yang complementation with a dualistic profile, the anima and animus idea represents an extension of this idea and must be part of an equation when attempting to take a non-conventional approach of analyzing the female psyche, since the continuance of such a psychical configuration suggests itself as a collectively rendered, if not collectively designed archetype. In such a situation we need to ask if the accumulated list of polarities is the work of a single person, or many people. If it is of a single person, did this person merely compile a wide-spread acknowledgment of polarizations, and/or influence a socially used orientation in this direction? Was the Yin/Yang ideology the work of a single person making and sharing a list of ideas occurring amongst others who did not likewise create their own personal list, or does the person represent a developmental period of mental change, if not a fundament change in the human brain? Does the usage of a dichotomous form of thinking represent an archetype? If so, why is it that it becomes more of a prominent feature in some but not others. Likewise the forms of singularity and triplicity, though cultural anthropologists have long recorded how some cultures appear to be focused on the dominant usage of one number pattern over others. Where do we begin in labeling and defining the archetypal pattern(s) of the female psyche if one, more or all of those presently attended to are false representations... born and bred by cultural misunderstanding and usage of such falsified forms? No less, are archetypes and the idea of a singular female psyche distinct from the male psyche misleading labels?

Horses were once viewed having human thoughts and emotions?
Why no bottom half human and top half horse?
The infamous Minotaur of Greek Mythology
Why no bull bottom and human top?
Are some human and animal hybrids an actual fact of life sometimes in some places?
A modern view of a female mermaid
A modernized rendition of the Mermaid lore.
A supposed Siren of Greek Mythology
Greek Mythological Siren
Pacu fish with human teeth
The Pacu Fish with human teeth
Ancient Egyptian gods with animal heads and human male bodies
Three divisions of gods. (What, no gods with human heads and animal bodies?)
A Trinity of common Bipedal Aliens
Present day portrayal of commonly occurring Aliens, are all humanistically bipedal.
(What, no one, three, four, six, eight or more-legged, eyed, headed, etc... aliens?)

Is the purported polytheism of ancient cultures to be interpreted as a singular religion with many gods or as a representative model of present day perceptions that have collated the presence of many gods into a singular unifying theory that is itself not a religion nor should it be viewed as if ancient peoples collectively grouped a large number of ideas into a singular set since the counting systems of early peoples frequently consisted of only a few number words such as the frequently cited three-patterned phrase of "One-Two-Many". In other words, it is doubtful that ancient peoples believed in a singular system of multiple gods when they couldn't count that high. It is more likely that later interpretations counted the existence of numerous gods and beliefs which were then collated and rendered with a unification compliant with the intellectual standards of a later age. Whereas it is interesting to think that early peoples used a large quantities of god as some sort of substitute system of currency with which to barter with in social discussions to give the impression of wealth, the daily lives of primitive peoples can not honestly be viewed as exhibiting much complexity and therefore needing elaborated forms of communication in describing their dreams, interests or affairs. Most were not on the intellectual level of some philosopher during their time who was the exception and not the rule-of-thumb by which to measure the bulk of the civilization's mental acumen.

It is of some value to let the reader know, if they aren't already aware of it, that the idea of "Archetypal Man" attributed to the Kabbalah, is an idea we can find having fostered ideas reflected in Jungian ideology:

...Finally, Jung’s last great work, Mysterium Coniunctionis, completed in his 80th year in 1954, though ostensibly a treatise on alchemy, is filled with discussions of such kabbalistic symbols as Adam Kadmon (Primordial Man), the Sefirot (the archetypesof creation), and "the union of the Holy One and his Shekhinah (his feminine aspect or spiritual bride)" (Jung, 1963/1955–6). These Jewish symbols (which in some but not all instances were mediated for Jung through the Christian Kabbalah) became important pivots around which Jung constructed his final interpretations of such notions as the archetypes and the collective unconscious, and his theory of the ultimate psychological purpose of man.

Source: Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice: Jung’s Kabbalistic Visions (pp. 36-37)

Let us finish this prologue with some references to identities/personalities attributed to the "Archetypal Woman": (Note that some of the examples are duplicated when they occur with a listing of one or more alternatives).

  1. The Amazon/ The Crusader
  2. Crone/Wise Woman
  3. Sage
  4. The Sage/The Truth Seeker/The Librarian
  5. The Father’s Daughter/ The Librarian/ The Spinster
  6. Mystic
  7. The Mystic/ The Free Spirit/ The Quirky Misfit
  8. The Magician/ The Free Spirit
  9. Lover
  10. The Lover/The Seductress
  11. The Seductress/ The Femme Fatale
  12. Maiden
  13. Maiden/Virgin
  14. Mother
  15. The Caregiver/The Nurturer
  16. The Creator
  17. The Innocent
  18. The Hero
  19. Huntress
  20. The Rebel
  21. The Explorer
  22. The Survivor
  23. The Orphan (or regular girl)
  24. Queen
  25. The Ruler/The Boss
  26. 4 Ego types
  27. 4 Soul types
  28. 4 Self types
  29. Goddess
  30. Destroyer
  31. Priestess
  32. Shaman (should be: "Shamaness"?)
  33. Empress
  34. Fairy
  35. Muse
  36. Daughter (mother's and/or father's?... not specified)
  37. Cosmic woman – Goddess
  38. Priestess - Vestal- Started
  39. Empress- High Priestess- Centralizer
  40. Prophetess - Sensitive - Shaman
  41. Fairy - Princess - Romantic Lover
  42. Great Mother - Matron- Protector
  43. Inspirational Muse - Artist
  44. Integrated Grownup
  45. Maiden - Daughter
  46. Amazon - Warrior - Women managers
  47. Fatal Woman - Seductress - Manipulator
  48. Destructive - Materialistic
  49. Damsel in Distress
  50. Rescuer
  51. Peacemaker
  52. Gossiper
  53. Mother Hen
  54. Enchantress/Wild Woman
  55. The Boss/ The Matriarch/ The Queen Bee
  56. The Spunky Kid/ The Plucky Girl/ The Girl Next Door
  57. The Jester/The Spunky Kid
  58. The Maiden/ The Troubled Teen/ The Waif/ The Damsel in Distress/ The Princess/ The Victim
  59. The Nurturer/ The Good Wife/ The Martyr

4 archetypes
6 (workplace) archetypes
7 archetypes
9 archetypes
12 archetypes (grouped as such)
12 archetypes (grouped into 3 categories)
12 archetypes
12 archetypes
12 (marketing) archetypes

Some archetypes (behavioral characteristics produced by an imposing patriarchy?) that are known but not necessarily incorporated into the typical repertoire of those engaging in an effort to entice women to embrace a given view so as to eventually sell them something:

  1. The virtuous suffering women
  2. The virgin birth (mother of humanity's Saviour, or a doctor, etc...)
  3. Sacrificial lamb (implies martyrdom)
  4. Unrepentant evility (not just a run-of-the-mill evil witch or evil sorceress)
  5. Enterprising Criminal
  6. Participator in illicit activity (perhaps immoral but not necessarily criminal)
  7. Psychologically better suited for a previous era or a different place in the present
  8. Psychologically better suited for a future era

(I created the above short list of eight after finding the first one in the following article:

Women's appropriation of female archetypes that are charged with centuries of societal ambivalence.

3-part distinctions related to the "seven sisters" (the Pleiades):

  1. Maia the Midwife - Root Chakra
  2. Alcyone the Queen - Belly Chakra
  3. Electra the Activator - Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Celaeno the Oracle - Heart Chakra
  5. Taygeta the Storyteller - Throat Chakra
  6. Asterope the Visionary - Third Eye Chakra
  7. Merope the Priestess - Crown Chakra

7 archetypes (categorized into a pattern-of-three)

  1. Earth Mama
  2. Wild Woman
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Love Goddess
  5. Story Teller
  6. Wise Woman
  7. Enlightened Mystic

Various characteristics and descriptors;

  • Shadow
  • Excess
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Fear
  • Challenges
  • Powers (feminine and masculine)
  • Energetic Expression
  • Therapies

7 archetypes (with characteristics)

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